The Friday Catch-Up: Google is Your Knight in Shining Armor

c0eae0428c7231a7b0447eb5c7e98093So here we are again. Yet another Friday; yet another round of gossip from the internet. In all fairness, if the internet big wigs could spend one week without stirring up scandal or conspiracy, we wouldn’t be able to run this thing.

This week, Google gives a little more power to publishers and starts using HTTPS encryption as a ranking signal. The most interesting update this week however, is that facebook just became your new banking companion (if you’re in Japan).


Publishers Finally Have a Say in Indexing

Publishers in Europe have long been voicing their opinions against Google News. The reproach however isn’t falling on deaf ears as the Google News Publisher Center was unveiled to address their concerns. This means that Publishers now have much more of a say in what the Google bots will be able to see on new sites. Up until now, the structure of websites was simply discerned by the bot, which often led to inaccurate reporting. This problem will be rectified by applying labels to content directly through the Publisher Center. Read more at Tech Crunch.

HTTPS Now a Ranking Signal

https is now a ranking signal Google Webmaster newsSecurity is of the utmost priority on the internet and has recently become one of the primary concerns of users. This is why Google gradually started making their sites such as Drive, Gmail, and Search secure through HTTPS encryption. In an effort to get other webmasters to shift focus towards user security, HTTPS encryption will now become a ranking factor. This decision was made after the Internet Giant ran several tests to see how websites fared in search algorithms.

Making Payments through Facebook

Japan company makes it possible to pay via FacebookThe customers of Rakuten bank are a very lucky group as they become the first ever to try out the new facebook payment method where money can be transferred without knowing the customers bank, account number, or branch. The movement of money will be done entirely through email address. The only currency that can currently be transferred is yen and the one-click process is confirmed through a Facebook private message. Read more at Pymnts


Start-Ups Succeeding at Content Marketing

The most successful in content marketing startupsWe love happy stories about Start-ups. It’s as close to a fairytale you can get these days. Some start-ups are doing so well when it comes to content marketing that some of the bigger names might do well to learn a thing or two from them. Buffer is currently running one of the best blogs today. What has made them successful is the delivery of original content backed by valid research. Groove, on the other hand, has a bare-all attitude towards their content marketing. This way they get to deliver a personalized view to their customers. Other great examples include AppSumo, Helpscout and Uberflip. Read more at LinkedIn.

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The Power of the Profile Picture

The power of profile pictureWe would all like to think that personal appearances are secondary and that we care more for the personality of an individual. In the online world however, we are inundated with profile pictures and identities where we are so far removed from the original person, that we barely have any other metrics to judge them by. Not only are appealing profile pictures strong indicators of success on dating sites like OKCupid but also hold the same value on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. In fact, they play a giant role in the recruitment process in terms of dominance, approachability, and attractiveness. The entire decision is subconsciously made in a matter of milliseconds. Read more at Washington post.

Trolling Google

How to make Google index and cache its own search resultsNot everyone has what it takes to confuse Google but Jim Munro did just that as he spotted an anomaly in the search results. He promptly started running tests and structuring queries to see if they would become indexed. This experiment revealed that Google indexed and cached its own search results and delivered alerts. Read more at DejanSEO.

Search Engine Marketing Statistics

Shocking internet marketing statisticsSearch Engine Marketing is crucial to the marketing strategy of any business and there’s good reason why. Recent statistics revealed SEM to be the most effective customer acquisition tactic whereas 70% of agencies plan on increasing SEO budgets. Most of this growth has been spurred by a surge in the use of Smartphones. Not only is this behavior limited to traditional search engines such as Google but is also spreading towards social search such as Facebook. Read more at CMO.

Snippets No More

Video search results without image snippetsVideo snippets that used to show up in Google Search Results are no longer showing up in the same manner as they used to. Video search got more exclusive as no snippets other than those of big brands will be showing up in search results. Fortunately, unlike what many video uploaders believe, this is not yet the end. Video snippets were part of Google’s experimental and testing strategies and their farewell has very little to do with SEO and how your content is ranked. While they did provide more exposure to the content, they are not instrumental in increasing clicks. In order to do so, you will need to refresh your video strategy with YouTube as the central hub. Read more at Wistia.

Authorship and Video Snippets Removed: The Aftermath

authorship and video search results removed MozAuthorship and snippets were perhaps the most beloved of all updates made by Google to search results. The recent pull back of the change however has resulted in an uproar in the hopes that they will return. As authorship and snippets kept delivering substantial results and click-throughs, marketers continued to work towards them.

In order to see the reason behind the sudden removal of authorship and snippets, Cyrus Shepard of Moz started investigating previous data. The results showed that there was no substantial difference between authored and non-authored content. Ultimately it all boils down to SEO. Read more at Moz.

Site Structures for SEO

optimal site structure for SEO Kissmetrics postStructure is often overlooked when it comes to the SEO of a website. In fact, this underdog is one of the primary factors that affect a site’s SEO. As the focus on user experience is stressed, there is no bigger contributor to it than Site structure. A great site structure will also provide you with site links that will automatically be displayed within the search results. In order to reap the benefits of site structure, there is a need to keep the number of categories under 7 and to maintain a logical hierarchy. Read more at Kissmetrics.

Making the Perfect How-to Video

how to make a perfect how to videoHow-to videos are great additions to your internet marketing strategy. They help your customer understand the ways in which your product can be used, engage users, encourage social sharing and provide value. Creating one however, can be quite a challenge. The first thing you need to do is find some inspiration. Head on to Google and type ‘How to’. This will provide you with a list of suggestions including what people mostly search for on the internet. This is your cue. Start answering those questions in a way that is conducive to your product. You can do the same on YouTube and look for already uploaded content. Read more on Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Email Marketing Tips with a Twist

email marketing tipsEmail marketing has endured over the ages and continues to be a stable part of marketing strategies today. In order to maximize the potential of its medium, there is a need to focus more on understanding how customers respond to certain tactics, observe them, and implement them correctly. Another great way of increasing effectiveness is to conduct surveys and obtain information regarding user interests and needs. Read more at CopyBlogger.

Tencent Leading the Gaming Industry

Tencent, which quickly become the largest gaming company on Earth, managed to do so by investing heavily into the industry and expanding their global reach. Dean Takahashi recently sat down with Bo Wang of Tencent to understand what their approach towards gaming was. Being a fairly large corporation independent of games, he stressed that there was a need to search for innovative investment opportunities. He also stated that part of their success was due to identifying developments in their early stages and working to make them marketable. He also states that their current motive is to shift their focus towards mobile and create custom games for those platforms. Read more at Venture Beat.


What Makes A Company Happy?

Happy employees lead to successful companies. In order to understand what makes a company happy, Carl-Axel Dahlin takes a look inside some of the biggest corporations in the world today to see what keeps a smile on their employees’ faces. Some names include Google, Zappos, Patagonia, and SAS. The factors which contribute to a happy environment at the workplace is the provision of innovative benefits such as free food, napping pods, death benefits. The architecture of the place and themed rooms also go a long way in framing the environment. Read more at SlideShare.

Facebook Pages at the Top

A recent study revealed the top 25 pages that are getting the most traffic on the social media giant. Ultimately, the trends are similar to that of the previous years as footballers continue to enjoy a monopoly over Facebook follows. Some of the most popular pages include Facebook for every phone, Facebook, Shakira, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eminem. Read the entire list at Inside Facebook.

Analytics in Real Life

Google Analytics video Landing Page Optimization in real lifeThis amusing video by Google Analytics on YouTube is a great visual representation of how data is delivered. The video is a not-so-subtle jibe at how online shopping is currently done. The major theme of the video aims at the personalization of content that is suggested to users. Have a look at the video on YouTube.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google is Your Knight in Shining Armor

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