The Friday Catch-Up: Line up here for Unwarranted Advertising

Friday Catch Up PromodoHello my fellow Friday enthusiasts! Yet another weekend is nigh and we have our party hats at the ready (honestly, we had them on since Monday, but don’t tell the boss). Our Fridays seem to be getting shorter and shorter but we do still have your gorgeous presence to look forward to.

So without further ado, let’s get started on the usual. We have just heard tell of awesome new feature of software that allows you to harness the power of backlinks. Google just reminded us that we have signed over our souls to them in the Terms & Agreements, and Google Glass just entered the US market. There are so many cliffhangers here that we are starting to get nauseous.


Backlinks Galore

Majestic SEO new featureMajestic SEO, which has already been providing us with some great tools, recently announced the arrival of their immensely useful new feature that allows you to compare URLs side by side for their current performance. The new feature can be used in-browser or be downloaded with their new version and allows you to compare up to 100,000 links. In addition, you can also compare the backlinks on the sites. Read more at Majestic SEO.

Google to Display Names and Faces

Google just updated its terms of service allowing your name and face to be used around the web to recommend products to your friends based on your preferences. This move is similar to the one made by Facebook a while ago and was met with several lawsuits by users. While there is an opt-out option available, your personal information will still be used if you neglect to take that action. Read more at Gizmodo.

Google Glass Hits the US market

Google Glass on US marketIt may look like the cybermen are finally taking over but it is in fact just the innocuous (it’s probably cybermen) Google glass which has just been made available for purchase in US markets. This device is available to anyone who can foot the $1500 bill. Details on the number of Glasses that will be sold and whether any further production is scheduled are still unclear (Now we’re sure it’s cybermen). Read more at The Guardian.


SEO and Universal Analysis Integration

Universal Analytics integratonJoshi over at Tatvic revealed how SEO data can be used with Dimension widening features to increase opportunities. When implementing USE-CASE, however, it is important to keep a few points in mind. The page title length should be under 55 characters whereas the Meta description should not increase 155 characters. In addition, the h1 tags should compare well-ranked keywords. Read more at Tatvic.

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Google Accounts for 50% of Online Sales

Google mobile salesYou can hate on Google all you want about other things but you just can’t deny how effective it is. In the love hate relationship between marketers and Google, we finally understand why marketers haven’t filed for divorce yet. Studies have revealed that about 50% of mobile users visit stores through Google searches and act quickly on their purchases. Read these very interesting numbers at Search Engine Watch.

Custom Home Pages for International Users

When it comes to Global marketing, you need to tread the fine line that separates culture and preferences in order to make a sale. As a marketer, it is imperative that your content is geared towards your market. This is why it is extremely important to have separate home pages for international users. Google suggests keeping global content available a click away while delivering locally optimized information. (My, we do have a lot of Google going on in this Friday Catch up. Someone has been busy.) Read more at Google Webmaster.

Making Some Visual Magic with Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables tutorialA free web service by Google (we’re sorry, we can’t help it.) Fusion Tables has been around since 2009 but wasn’t quite able to gain traction like the IT giant’s other services. This amazing service, however, is the underdog that always wins the race. With Fusion Tables, you will have the ability to upload data sets, manipulate them to create diverse maps, and embed them into your website. If you’re a cartography enthusiast, you will absolutely love this. Read more at Built Visible.

The Art of Marketing to Millenials

Millenials how to marketThe term millenials has popped up around the internet for a couple of years now and it’s just as annoying as it sounds. Nomenclature aside, one thing is for sure; the current generation thinks very differently from the baby boomer generation born before the 1980s. Marketers need to understand how to reach out to the ‘always online’ generation. One interesting thing to note is that millenials are always looking for savings whereas baby boomers focus more on lifestyle. If you ask us, it’s because millenials are usually broke. Read more interesting details at Social Fresh.

We’re talking about Site Speed Again

How site speed heps ecommerce sitesIf you met us 5 years ago, we’d tell you about the importance of site speed. If you meet us today, we’ll say the same and we’re quite sure these are the very first words our children will spout from their mouths. Improve. Site. Speed.

Studies reveal that more than 50% of sites today are slower than required. Most have load speeds of about 8 seconds with only a few loading in 5. While 5 is preferable over 8, there is still much to be done in that direction. Read more at Portent.

SEO Terms and What They Mean

main seo terms definitionIt’s time to dust off the internet dictionary and go back to the basics. The terms used within the search industry are often misinterpreted leading to ineffective use.

(Robots.txt; “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”) When it comes to the Robots.txt file, most people believe that it’s used to block search engine content whereas its original use is to prevent a large part of a site from being crawled. On the other hand, when it comes to Panda and Penguin, site owners think that the two programs charge penalties whereas penalties can only be implemented through deliberate manual actions by Google itself. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

Keeping up with Google

Backlink GoogleGoogle is like the real life version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Keep within their rules and they will shower you with customers and increase your conversion rate. Stray away from the line and you will be cast into the fiery pits of the internet where soulless dwellers don’t make any purchases. So how do we make sure that we are free from the wrath of Google? Many times, you wouldn’t even know about the whooping your search rankings have been taking as a result of Panda or Penguin. Identify the signs using intelligent software, find out where the problem is, and correct it. However, when it comes to manual penalties, you need to make sure that you collect reliable and relevant back link data. Read more at UK Linkology.

Social Media Tools to Bookmark

Best social media toolsWhen it comes to social media, we can use all the help we can get. With the plethora of tools and applications available on the internet, it can be a task of gargantuan proportions to sift through them and find the ones that actually work. Luckily, Kristi Hines has taken one for the team and made a definitive list of social media tools that work. Her list includes ‘Post Planner’ for Facebook, which allows you to schedule posts. Another tool worthy of mention is ‘Social Bro’ for Twitter, which allows you to find the best tweet time and analyze insights. Read the rest of the suggestions at Link Assistant.

Email Marketing Resources for Increased Conversion Rates

top sources about email marketingEmail marketing is by far one of the most effective ways of increasing conversion rates. We absolutely love any resources that come along to improve email marketing simply because of the consistency it provides. Email is our tried and trusted friend who never leaves our side.

This is why what Jimmy Daily has done for us has almost left us tearful with joy. Not only does he bring a list of 54 resources, he categorizes them according to need. His list includes links to some well known resources such as Dropbox and Gmail labels but then you’ll also find some amazing nuggets such as templates, eBooks, and guides for beginners. Mr. Daily really has everything covered, and if you’re new to email, this is a must see spot. (We suggest Jimmy Daily for the post of king of the internet.) Read more at Get Vero.


Case Studies that Convert

how to write case studies that convertWho really enjoys case studies? Honestly? Even if it’s a case study of a dancing monkey who can sing the cucaracha, we’ll have trouble staying awake. The case study in B2B marketing, however, is one of the most effective tools of increasing conversion rates. The trick is to know how to write an engaging case study that provides value to the reader. The factors to consider when writing a case study are to focus on the format, the customer, the solution that you have to deliver, and the benefits derived from the solution. Read more at Zapier.

Improving Blog Readership

how to promote blog Friday Bpard MozEveryone and their grandmother run a blog now, which means you have to work extra hard so granny doesn’t wipe the floor with you. This week’s Whiteboard Friday has been all about increasing readership on the blog. Rand Fishkin suggests that we increase participation and engage readers in conversations. This is followed by creating personal relationships with these participants. One thing he is quite adamant about is to not use a sub-domain but to own your own to increase credibility. Lastly, content is what is going to ultimately bring the people to your house and you need to deliver it in every post. View this edition of Whiteboard Friday at Moz.

Essential Twitter Chats to follow

The Twitter chats are where the cool kids hang out now and you need to find these places to join this prestigious clique. Ann Smarty brings us a list of all the best Twitter chats once again along with sage advice to not over participate eagerly and maintaining a balance so your Twitter stream doesn’t start asking for forgiveness. Some of her suggestions include #EcomChat, #SEOTalk and #PoCChat. View the entire list at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Line up here for Unwarranted Advertising

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