The Friday Catch-Up — LinkedIn goes Paternalistic as Google Vies for Star Trek Computing

Friday Catch Up PromodoHello Friday! Our savior and the bringer of awesome days. It’s the last day of the week. Therefore, we catch-up with all the latest happening on the internet today, get excited, make a mental note of using them to boost our efforts, and get some crazy ideas of our own too. Let us warn you before hand — there is enough information and excitement overload today to recreate full-fledged dreams for a new campaign!


Google Now To Alert Your Desires

Google-Now.jpgImagine walking through the streets when an alert pops up. It’s from Google Now, and its telling you that if you were to take a right turn, one block from now, you will end up in front of a store and bask in its glory, because it has that latest gig you’ve been researching so fondly about for the past two hours!

Let’s face it, people at Google can’t get a good night’s sleep unless they are sure that they have left none of our search queries out of their advert algorithms. Read more about Google Now Alerts at Mashable.

#Twitter, #Amazon, #HashtagShopping, #SoCool!

AmazonCartAmazon has sent Twitter a friend request, turning the friend in need for all those who want to read and get their message across in under a few lines into an online window-shopping gala. Online surfers can link their Amazon accounts with Twitter and send anything of interest to their cart with a simple #AmazonCart tweet. Though Amazon is not the first one to have done that, it is the first to do it on such a grand scale. If this takes off, Amazon will definitely turn twitter into a window-shopping platform and prevent other social platforms from turning into a market hub and challenge Amazon. Read how hashtags are rocking the carts at Amazon at TechCrunch!

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features — Reminds Companies How to Market Content

Linkedin targeted postsInbound marketers at many major companies, until now, seemed not to get the message “Send us content relevant to our locality and in our preferred language!”

A few months ago, we could still see company page feeds telling them about what the company has been doing in Australia, Middle East, and Europe. But that’s an old story, because LinkedIn has gone paternalistic on its 300 million user base.

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The giant professional social platform just rolled two new features -they allow users to select their preferred language of content, and advanced page feed settings that let filter content according to their locality, company size, specialties, and more.

Don’t miss reading how LinkedIn is teaching and forcing companies how to exchange relevant information with their customers at TheNextWeb!


Lessons in Personalized Marketing

Cart-Abandonment-1Stumbling upon different items, how good does it feel when this includes sending out personalized emails, reminding the customers if they have items in their cart, or give them the options that other people have been looking at or personalized recommendation engines and stuff.

Read how you can make your marketing tactics more personalized at ConversionXL

SEO guide for Real Estate

seo for real estateReal Estate agents are finding it the hard way that billboard signs and ads alone are no longer enough to get them listed. Buyers are spending more time searching the internet and like any other internet user they tend to bounce off the website as soon as possible.

Real Estate agents must understand that they are losing significant amount of traffic and number of leads. Read how you can boost your SEO efforts at BruceClay.

Marketing Trends in 2015

marketing trends in 2015Too early and too ahead?

Think again! The fiscal year’s about to end in summer and if you hope to prepare yourself for the next, now is the high time when all the market reports and analysis are going to come charging in.

It will be best if you start following them, jump at them, or just bite their tails and grab on to them now, for the next 6 months.

The highlights include a shift in focus from just creating engaging content to customer empathic content — content that truly touches upon their problems in an empathic way and not just for direct conversions.

Read the 21 trends foretold by experts at TopRankBlog

Real -Time Marketing

People consume content faster than oxygen, well no, but you get the point. They want impromptu content for whatever is happening around them, and tools like SnapChat have just made it easier for people to simply share and communicate their experiences in real time.

If normal people can do it, and can garner millions of hits for their simple work, why can’t the companies? There is no excuse and businesses now have to come to terms with this emerging trend and try to recreate their marketing strategies to meet this growing challenge and exploit the market opportunity.

Read how real time marketing is affecting content consumption and why businesses need to turn their attention towards it at HootSuite.

Build Links with Brand Mentions

build links with brand mentionsGoogle has placed authority building on the front foot again. The giant hopes to weed out black hat link-building practices as well as rank proper links with its latest patent for a Panda update. The catch is to build yourself a brand and build relationships with other brands through content curation and brand mentions.

Read the extensive analysis of this elusive and (until now) the agonizing process of building links and establishing authority at Moz!

Boost Productivity with Less Work

1 4iq1xLcfZCYkcDGLFiFEyQWhat if the answer to all your productivity problems could be answered in the adage “stop working, it decreases your productivity.”

Well, well, well… we’re in luck, because that’s almost exactly what the experts in the field are telling us to do, “reduce your working hours!” This in no way means that reduced work means reduced workload, rather it means working together as a community — involving other people to bring in newer ideas, and letting go of a lot of habits. Read more about the habits you have to let go at Medium!

Use Google Tag Manager to Reduce Bounce Rates

Google Analytics has not been tracking your bounce rates fairly. What if someone visits your blog, reads the whole post but does not interact with any other features because she/he is so excited to try out the new thing. Well Analytics can’t see that, and perhaps we can’t really blame the million lines of code, but still! The visit gets counted as a bounce! No fair!

But it turns out that most people haven’t been using the Google Tag Manager right. Any wonder the bounce rates might be standing as high as 60%? By setting the GTM’s Listener to the right setting, you can significantly reduce the bounce count. Read how simply setting the GTM Listener to proper settings a bounce rate of 70% was brought to a whopping 16% at MarketingLand!

Free Twitter Lead Generation Cards

535564d427f8f5.22977593OMG! We wrote the forbidden marketing F-word, but we couldn’t help it, not when the possibility of adding a complete advertorial banner underneath your tweet. Furthermore, it allows your followers to directly send their contact information with a single click. Plus, it’s for free! So why has it been hidden from most of us for so long? Read and find out at Moz!

Tips for Optimizing Content

What happens when the president of Vertical Measures, Arnie Kuenn asks for tips for optimizing content, and the people that reply include?:

  • Search Engine Land and Marketing Lands’ Audience Engagement Director Monica Wright
  • Moz’s Marketing Scientist Dr. Pete Meyers
  • Wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin
  • SEO audit consultant Alan Bleiweiss, and
  • Notable CEOs as diverse as Melissa Fach, Mat Siltala, Eric Enge, AJ Kohn, and David Wallace.

Pure, content optimization ecstasy!

Read the exciting answers to the question “How do we optimize content?” at MarketingLand!

Plugins that Grow Your Email List

email-list-plugins-300x300Admittedly, seeing a long email list gives us marketers puppy-dog-eyes. Then again, thinking of having to grow a new email list almost sends us scuttling towards the darkest corners.

It’s kind of a love–whimper relationship that has been with us for over a decade. But it is something that no sane marketer would want to avoid. Growing and managing an email list is a boon to new and old marketers alike. It is also one of the best methods of creating a long-term relationship with your readers and customers.

What if there were basic plugins that could easily engage our readers and make them subscribe to our emailing lists? Sounds fantastic right? Find out what these [spoiler alert!] six plugins are at BoostBlogTraffic!


Matt Cutts: Star Trek—the Future of Computing

Matt CuttsGoogle’s Matt Cutts shares his views about how Google is trying to bring about a Start Trek like computing revolution and make it easier for the search engine to rank the backlinks based on their content quality and how closely they match with the search query.

Listen to his thoughts about latest developments at WebMasters.

White Board Friday: What Google Knows and Why it Matters

White Bpard FridayGoogle likes to spend an incredible amount of time and effort, trying to figure out administrative relationships between websites. Though our friends at Google webmasters are trying to help us, they do end up shocking us with a discounted link here and a sudden drop in ranking there.

Hence, it is essential that webmasters understand how Google keeps track of the activities of the webmasters. Learn more by listening to this addition of White Board Friday

The Regular Expressions of Google Analytics

Screenshot 2014-05-09 13.38.29Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools to measure and evaluate websites. But it’s still too complicated for the normal webmasters and makes using it an eerie experience (like you’ve plunged yourself into a virtual hi-tech lab).

Enter the GA team that has worked hard to make it easier and more intuitive than ever before. However, you may still feel that you are limited by the Google Analytics out-of-the box functionality. If so, it’s time for you to learn about Regular Expressions and how GA uses them.

Learn more about Regular Expressions in this awesome guide.

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The Friday Catch-Up — LinkedIn goes Paternalistic as Google Vies for Star Trek Computing

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