Friday Catch-Up: Maniacal Laughter Echoing From the Facebook Lair

Friday Catch Up Promodo JulyGreetings to all, and a very happy Independence Day to those joining us from USA. Today will be an amazing mix of delicious barbeques, breathtaking fireworks, and red, white, and blue billowing in the wind. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Let’s make sure that this long weekend is one to remember.

Before we can get started with the festivities, we must take a peek at everything that occurred this week. There is quite a controversy stirring over at the Facebook HQ and Twitters’ chirps are now too loud for anyone to ignore.


Facebook conducting Experiments on Its Users

Facebook conducting experiments on its usersNot quite the experiments that you may have in mind, but the evil geniuses over at their big blue lair did admit to manipulating content on the social network to study changes in emotional responses. The public outcry was immediately triggered when the results of this study were released. This experiment was conducted over more than 600,000 people who many have now referred to as involuntary ‘Lab Rats’. I think that HAL 9000 was finally able to overthrow Zuckerberg and will now be using this data to prepare a cyborg army against humans. (Probably not.) Read more of this outrageous story at Entrepreneur.

Twitter Introduces Mobile App Promotion

Twitter introduces mobile app promotionAnd now for something completely different. A recent announcement by Twitter revealed that selected advertisers would now be able to drive engagement and app installations on twitter. This will be done through keyword targeting. Marketers will be able to set targets based on gender, location, language, and device. Data on the app can even be pulled straight from Google and users will be able to access it directly through twitter. Read more at the Twitter Blog.

Google Beta Testing International Targeting

Webmaster Tool International SEO reportsGoogle is currently testing out international targeting with their Webmaster tools. This move was made in order to cater to marketers who were catering to an international market. This new feature will allow them to identify errors and troubleshoot them and set custom languages across their international sites. Read more at Search Engine Land.


Let the SEO Wars Begin!

search engine that brings the most engaged visitorsAyaz Nanji just brought us answers to questions that everyone was wondering. While we all knew about the effectiveness of the search engine behemoth that is Google, the rivalries among the rest of the engines are also quite strong. In this study, the focus wasn’t on quantity of visitors but rather quality. In terms of engagement, it was found that was leading while Bing and Yahoo! were second and third. Google unfortunately was at 4, just ahead of AOL. Read more at Marketing Profs.

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Responding to Negative Comments

how to respond to negative commentsNegative reviews are much like the Sarlacc Pit and you need to navigate yourself like a pro if you want to survive the ordeal. Andrew Pressault tells us how we can tackle negative comments and reviews on social media without panicking. One example that always fits in perfectly here is Amy’s bakery and everyone should have a good read through it to see what marketers should definitely NOT do on social pages. The very first suggestion is to keep your temper in control, no matter how unreasonable the comment is. Other suggestions included continuing the conversation in another place and replying with an apology and suggestion in mind. Read more at Hoot Suite.

Call Based Conversions Entering the Market

call conversions new types of conversionsWhile mobile marketing has been focused on for quite a while now, marketers are still looking for ways that this platform could provide them with trackable ROI rather than the vague data derived from mobile marketing. To make this happen however, there is a need for the monitoring and crayon of quality of calls through an IVR. The measurable metrics will also change in this regard with hold and call times being focused on. In addition, call outcomes will also have to be focused on. Read more at Search Engine Land.


Here’s a statistic to make you feel old. Robots.txt was first rolled out 20 years ago. While it has been around for 2 decades now, some individuals continue to implement it like we’re still in the 90s. In those 20 years, we were able to experiment with different scenarios to reach conclusions. This way we were able to identify the mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. These include the implementation of a robots.txt file, forgetting to disallow 24 hours before hand, and disallowing non-existent content from the site so it doesn’t show up in results. Read more at Beussery.

Meets SEO’s Little Brother; Google Bot Optimization

Google Bot optimizationSearch Engine optimization has already been discussed to death now. What experts need to focus on now is Googlebot optimization. Contrary to the misconception, Googlebot optimization isn’t the same thing as SEO. This method is more focused on how the crawl bot access your site. Some suggestions are to keep it simple and don’t make it too fancy with flash elements, JavaScript and Ajax since the bot doesn’t go through them. Robots.txt will also need to be used effectively to make sure the Google Bot doesn’t wander into territory that you’ve cordoned off. The last but perhaps the most important suggestion is to keep creating new and unique content. Read more at Kissmetrics.

Hidden Meanings in Corporate Logos

Hidden meanings in corporate logosSometimes companies are too clever for their own good. We’ve become quite familiar with quite a few famous logos today but failed to notice the subliminal messages that are hiding behind them. Turns out the I and O at the end of the Vaio was meant to represent binary code whereas  the Cisco logo not only shows digital signals but also emulates the Golden Gate Bridge. The most interesting one, however, is Picasa which makes the most of its Hybrid name with Casa meaning home. If you look closely you would be able to see a house encased in the negative spaces of the shutter. View more logos at Entrepreneur.

Choosing the Right Schema Markup

Schema indicates to search engines what the content placed onto your site is. SEOs state that schema may in fact help with the organic rankings and increase visibility. The best place to use Schema would be on NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) and should be placed on every page of the site. Finding the right schema for your category can be tricky. If you can’t find the right one for your business, then you’ll have to make do with an umbrella term or connect a URI with Productontolgy with the Wiki page. Read more at Local Visibility System.

Snackable Visual Content

snackable visual contentMaking sharable content that is visible on social mediums is becoming difficult by the day. The velocity of the Newsfeed has increased so much that posts can often get buried underneath within a few hours. In light of his situation, there is a need to create visual content which conveys information in small digestible pieces. This strategy differs from Infographics and only works towards the illustration of a key point rather than multiple aspects. Photos with text overlays are popular and effective in this regard. Read more at Socially Sorted.

Neuroscience Used To Influence Purchase Decisions

how neurosciense is used in salesWe all know about the way colors are used to trigger certain emotions to influence purchase decisions. The true back-story, however, is much more complex. Elmwood which first experimented with the use of biomotive triggers found that certain graphic elements would trigger different responses from buyers. Curves were found to represent softness and comfort whereas shark fins and sharp edges conveyed fear. This new marketing strategy has been gaining momentum as marketers continue to derive results. Consumers on the other hand are reluctant to accept the idea. Read more at Adweek.

Viral Content and Its Effect on Your Brain

viral content and its effect on your brainAfter all the digging marketers have done around their customers’ minds, it’s no surprise that the crystal ball they have with themselves can predict what users will be clicking on next. Virality, however, has been an elusive topic for marketers…until now. To  figure just what made a piece of content go viral, marketers opened up their Psychology books and found that Synaptic play and the increase in synaptic responses in the rain would lead towards virality. In addition, an element of curiosity would also drive popularity and that emotions were the primary factors which governed any response. Read more at Hubspot.


Google+ Communities Social Media Experts Must Visit!

best google plus communities for social media expertsIf you’re a marketer, then Google+ is the place to be. The creation of a Google+ account isn’t just to make the most of Google Authorship or increased rankings. Once there, you’ll find that the communities at the social network provide some amazing value and connect you to other interesting individuals. The very first one that you should visit is Social Media Professionals which is a great starting point for beginners looking to learn from those who have been in the industry for a while. Another one that you should visit is Social media marketing by Social Fresh. Other notable communities include Social Media mentors, Creative Social Media, and B2B Social media. Read more at UpCity.

Books That CMOs are Reading

books that cmos are readingMarketers are often big readers and those that weren’t in the beginning; find themselves becoming so as it comes with the territory. Amy Gesenhues asked some CMOs about the books that they were reading this year. Tracy Hansen of Tealium suggested ‘Audience’ whereas John Dragoon suggestedthe Steve Jobs Biography. Other notable mentions included the classics Lean in and the First 90 Days. Read more at Marketing Land.

Understanding Pinterest Users

Pinterest users image infographicsA recent study by Adweek revealed that Pinterest users earn 9% more than the rest of the population and are more likely to make purchases. Marketing to these individuals is a challenge since traditional marketing methods don’t work on them. The visual social network also consists of 43% of mothers who made purchases after seeing something on Pinterest. Another great statistic is that 75% of Pinterest users are on mobile. Brands that have been doing well on the site are those that add to the arts and crafty feel of the site. These include Etsy, Crayola, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, and Starbucks. Check out a great visual presentation of Pinterest users behaviour at

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Friday Catch-Up: Maniacal Laughter Echoing From the Facebook Lair

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