The Friday Catch Up: The Pay Day Loan Algorithm 2.0 Makes an Ominous Return

hello-fridayHello my faithful Friday companions. Here we are yet again on the very edge of another weekend and we get to share this moment with you. Now that we are here, I guess there isn’t much else to do than to simply dive into our weekly ritual and make the most of the happenings over the internet.

This week we have Facebook going all Big Brother on us yet again as Google is being unusually nice (we call shenanigans!).


Google’s New Addition to Maps

Google maps newsGoogle is like that annoying teacher who wants to turn everything fun into a learning experience. This is just what Google is doing through the addition of quick facts. While we can be pouty children all we want, it cannot be ignored that this is some excellent news for procrastinators around the world who can get some extra information of the location that they’re viewing without cracking open another tab in their window. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

Facebook Unveils Audio Recognition

Audio recognition FacebookWe know what you’re doing Facebook and we have our eye on you. Facebook just revealed the addition of a new feature, which will now be able to listen to content playing on your device and tag it in posts. While we have to admit that this is an amazing addition, which will connect more than 200 million people in 30 different languages, we do kind of resent the automatic tagging. (BRB. Deleting our Nickelback playlist.) Read more at Tech Crunch.

Google Updates its Payday Loan Algorithm: Marketers Collectively Freak Out

It’s a Panda, It’s a Penguin. No it’s Payday Loan! Marketers around the world collectively clutched their chest and braced themselves for dramatic fainting when Google announced an update to their Payday loan application. The update was meant to target ‘very spammy queries’ (yes, that’s a technical term. Why do you ask?). The update, however, wasn’t one that marketers were completely unprepared for as Google hinted at its unveiling over the weekend. Read more at Search Engine Land.


EBay Loses 80% of its Organic Rankings

The loss of organic rankings for EBay this week was very similar to watching an explosion in slow motion. You feel sorry for all the destruction caused but you just cannot look away. It’s like the Panda 4.0 and the Payday loan 2.0 updates caught EBay in a back alley and beat it senseless. In addition to this catastrophe, they had to appeal to all users to change their passwords after a hack of their database. Thou truly art heartless Google! Read more at Word Stream.

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Winning the Internet: Some Tricks to Put Up Your Sleeve

MozWriters are always looking for ways to tame the mighty beast that is the internet. According to Chris Kolmar however, there may be much more to writing for the internet than just having creative skills. He shows us how to make the most of sleight of hand. This incredibly interesting read tells us the importance of working on titles, the reason behind the explosion, the success of listicles over the internet, and the importance of optimizing images and Meta Details. Read more at Moz.

Website Audit Parameters: Getting through the Velvet Ropes

website seo audit best practicesThe first thing a professional SEO does when presented with a clients website is to audit it. This unavoidable step requires them to detox the site and purge it of redundancies. Some of the best SEO experts from around the internet revealed just what factors they take into consideration when auditing a site. This list included Larry Kim, Jeff Bullas, Michael Kim, Aaron Wall, and many others. The most prevalent factors included Google’s Site index, underperforming pages, design, usability, and growth metrics. Read more at Blurbpoint.

 Eliminating the Barriers to the Flow of Money

how to make customers give you moneyEveryone loves money, and they would always keep their doors wide open for them. Nathaliee Lussier, however, reveals that we may be unknowingly creating barriers to the flow of our favorite green papers.

Nathalie Lussier describes how many businesses make the mistake of creating their own barriers to the flow of money into their business. She stresses the importance of creating functional pathways to customers who serve as catalysts for returns directed back towards you. Another point to take into consideration is not only offering goods up for sale but rather creating marketing funnels, which ensures that customers select you over others. She stresses on the need to offer a product with a clear price, scope, and simple way of acquiring it. Read more at Nathalie Lussier.

Finding Free Images on the Internet

free image stocksEveryone knows the importance of images within blog posts but not all of us have free, unlimited access to relevant ones. If you’re a blogger or posing on social media, then you may not have the money to shell out on purchasing image rights. This is why Courtney Seiter is our favorite person on the internet today. We absolutely love links to great tools and Seiter just provided us with the holy grail of image sites. The list of more than 53 free image sharing sites includes Dreamstime, Free Photos bank, IM Free, and Morguefile. View the rest at the Buffer App Blog.

The Customer Purchase Cycle and How It Can Help You

Understanding the customer purchase cycle is one of the most important things for marketers. They need to understand where they need to catch customers in the cycle and market to them. Every customer goes through the same motions when making a purchase whether these moves have been made consciously or unconsciously. This cycle entails identifying a need for a product, researching purchase options, making a decision to buy, and then retaining the customer. Read more about the steps at Portent.

Making the Most of Gmail

internet marketing with gmailGmail has always primarily targeted its users much to the chagrin of marketers. Edward Touwe, however, tells marketers how they can shed their tunnel vision and really see beyond the filters that serve as barriers for them. The first benefit to marketers is placing the Call to Action in the subject line. Another rather amazing feature to take into consideration is the promotions tab, which offers a grid view of images to your target audience. Read more at Marketing Profs.

Where Do Travelers Get Their Info?

how travellers look for information onlineThere are those of us who are nomads, finding their ways across borders and oceans, and deciding our next destination through search engines. Kenshoo revealed that 60% of leisure traveler’s first use search engine to gain more information for their plans. This is in contrast with business travelers, 60% of whom search hotel websites first. Both are then followed by Airline websites, online travel agents, and map sites. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

 The Best Ecommerce Blogs to Keep an Eye On

best ecommerce blogs for small businessCustomer Sure just unveiled a list of their favorite ecommerce blogs on the internet and we have to say that we agree with most of their picks. Some notable mentions include The Buffer Blog, A Better Lemonade Stand, 60 Second Marketer, and Being Peter Kim. Each of these blogs has something unique to offer and if you’re looking to increase your online knowledge of ecommerce, then you should definitely make your way towards them. Read more examples at Customer Sure.

Facebook Success Factors That Have Been Proven Effective

Being the cynics that we are, we crave statistical sources to claims made on the internet. John Clark on the other hand brings us some of the best Facebook success factors and brings the evidence to back his claim. Facebook marketing is so diverse that we have marketers running in all directions claiming their way is the best. How do you sift the effective ones from the tin foil hats? According to Clark, holding a competition on Facebook is one of the best ways to attract customers followed by the presentation of relevant news and those that share human interest stories. Read more at Convince and Convert.


Earned, Owned, and Paid Media: Understanding the Marketing Trifecta

how to succeed on FacebookWhen creating a marketing plan, you need to understand just what these three terms mean for you. Earned media refers to shares, mentions, and reviews, which you have managed to generate through interaction with your audience. Paid media refers to advertisement that you have paid for such as Pay per Clicks, Display ads, social media ads, and so on. Owned media on the other hand refers to the web properties owned by your brand name including the mobile site, website, and social media channels. Read more at titan SEO.

How Much Wood Would A Matt Cutts Cut?

How much wood would matt cutts cutWe can honestly say that this question is one that had not occurred to us before and we were blissfully unaware of Matt Cutts wood chopping abilities. This amusing Google Webmaster video was a nice break from the ‘all work and no play’ videos that we review every week. Kudos to Mr. Cutts for taking a joke and making it a part of his video, although he did steer it towards the elimination of spammy wood. I guess you really can’t win them all. View the video on YouTube.

Classic Mistakes that Content Marketers Make

classic mistakes of content marketing rand fishkinWe didn’t think this would happen but it did. Rand Fishkin’s moustache actually made an entire presentation telling us about all the incorrect ways we are handling content marketing. We knew that thing had a mind of its own. Jokes aside, the presentation is a veritable treasure trove of information that highlights the classic ways in which content marketers fail. The first mistake is creating content and expecting immediate returns when it is more about creating trust within a community and waiting for it to virally spread on its own. View the slideshow at SlideShare.

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The Friday Catch Up: The Pay Day Loan Algorithm 2.0 Makes an Ominous Return

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