The Friday Catch Up: Twitter Analytics Get a Makeover

Friday Catch Up PromodoIs it just us or are the weeks just getting longer every day? Mondays especially seem to be holding a personal grudge against us. Clichés aside, this Friday just could not have come soon enough or we may just have pulled a Milton.

This week we have Google making some very Facebook like changes whereas Twitter makes some changes that will definitely appeal to marketers. Looks like it’s time to venture forward into those treacherous lands and get the news straight from the horse’s mouth. Onwards faithful steed!


Google Tests the Timeline Format in Knowledge Graph

Google tests timelne in Knowledge graphThe very nifty knowledge graph just got a revamp in looks and style as Google introduced the new timeline interface. This interactive new feature will allow users to look at the development of the called upon data over the years. Hovering your mouse over the timeline will deliver tidbits of information directly on the screen. Clicking on a certain event however, will provide you with a much more in-depth look. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Twitter Analytics to Include Organic Posts

Twitter Analytics will include oranic postsAnalytics have long been a tool to be added to the arsenal of many a marketer. The dashboard provides some much needed insight into customer demographics, behaviors and patterns. Perhaps this is why Twitter just updated the feature to include organic posts. Data which was previously only allowed for promoted tweets, accounts and Twitter cards will now also be provided for its organic posts. This is great news for marketers. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Product Ratings on Listings to Be Displayed

Product Ratings on Listings to Be DisplayedGoogle recently announced changes to PLAs (Product Listing Ads) in which they will be differentiating the ads as they appear according to merchants. The current months, which have been described as the ‘Grace Period’ by Google, will be used to show product ratings throughout all advertisements. Beyond October however, ratings will only be shown for merchants that choose to share review data with Google. Read more atSearch Engine Watch.

Tips & Tricks

Oktopost Helps Optimize Scheduled Posts on LinkedIn

Oktopost Helps Optimize Scheduled Posts on LinkedInSharing content to multiple groups on LinkedIn and measuring their performance has been a challenge for many who are still trying to understand this professional network. Oktopost makes it easy to do just that by eliminating redundant steps in between. A lot like Hootsuite, the tool allows users to easily schedule and share content across multiple social networks it also provides some very important information about post performance across multiple LinkedIn groups. Read more at Social Media Examiner.

Optimizing Ecommerce Images

Optimizing Ecommerce ImagesImages and load times have always had a strained relationship. With marketers wanting both speed and image quality, there is always a trade off to reach a balance that works on both ends. Luckily, there are tools that can be used to help overcome this problem., PuppyPNG and ImageOptim are some amazing free tools that can be implemented to do just that, whereas some paid options include Kraken, Jpeg Mini and Riot. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Understanding Twitter Cards

Gone are the days when organic traffic was the only savior of marketers. There is now a need for the creation of multiple streams of traffic in order to stay ahead in the game. Algorithmic updates by Google continue to lay some perilous paths ahead of marketers and it is now up to them to make sure they don’t fall when changes are made. This is why Twitter cards are such effective tools. Not only do they help introduce new products, offer resources to customers, and use current events and share videos, they also help with lead generation. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

What better way to gain Ecommerce advice than from the experts? John Lawson of 3rd Power Outlet states that broadening your range in the initial stages may be helpful to test out all areas until you find your product niche. Elizabeth Hitchens on the other hand stresses on the need of choosing the right kind of software to work professionally. Matthew Ogborne takes it one step forward and talks about the need to move forward as new software comes along and there is a need for an upgrade. Read more at Web Retailer.

When Technology Meets Fashion

When Technology Meets FashionAs technology progresses, marketers are looking to promote their products in new and exciting ways. This is where fashion comes in. As most tech accessories are also transitioning into fashion accessories; tech companies are working to bridge the gap between the two. Clothes Horse does so by helping shoppers get items of the right size with an easy interactive online experience. The Nineteenth Amendment on the other hand, initiated a crowd funded interactive experience for designers to showcase their work. Read more at Entrepreneur.

Now Is the Time for Personalized Products

Now Is the Time for Personalized ProductsAs marketing is becoming more and more personalized, the question of delivering personalized products still remains. To achieve this, marketers and manufactures will have to take into account not only the changes that have taken place in the customer’s lifestyle but also those that are bound to be made in the future. This includes an understanding of where, how and through what technology, data will be received, when and where it will be processed, and the manner in which customers will respond to it. Read more at First Round.

Rechristening SEO

SEO will now stand for a new acronym; String Entity Optimization. This new term, which will be the future of traditional SEO, focuses on the need for the creation of machine recognizable entities that will answer narrowed queries. This new revelation comes into light with the introduction and update of the Knowledge Graph by Google which has also been described as an entity graph. As other brands and names serve as Entities on Google, marketers will need to shift their efforts towards ranking entities rather than keywords. Read more at Search Engine Land.

ScheduGram: The New Instagram Tool on the Block

ScheduGram The New Instagram Tool on the BlockThis new tool is a godsend for marketers focusing on the visual network today. Schedugram allows its users to easily manage multiple accounts for clients and brands. Including features such as scheduling, uploading and managing multiple accounts, Schedugram will also allow you to access the tool from multiple devices and even share the same content on Facebook and twitter. Read more at Socially Sorted.

Marketing Tools you’ve Never Heard Of

Marketing Tools you’ve Never Heard OfThere are so many marketing tools out there that it can be difficult to sift the good from the bad. Unfortunately, some of them tend to slip through the cracks. Some overlooked tools that can help boost your marketing efforts include Mail Charts which allows you to take a look into the behavior of your competitors and track their email marketing efforts; whereas Riffle is a Chrome plug-in which allows you to tweet in a more effective way. Another tool to look out for is Circular which is an open source version of Buffer. Read more at Mobilized.

Bot & Spider Filtering Now on Analytics

A new addition to Google Analytics will now help optimize cleaner traffic activity on your websites. This can be done immediately by accessing the Settings under the Admin panel. The new feature will help eliminate known bots and identify real visitors that visit the site. Read more at Marketing Land.


Web Design Trends for 2014

Web Design Trends for 2014Web design has undergone notable changes in recent years as it becomes more and more visual. The minimalist movement has also been on the rise as redundant graphics and features have been eliminated. What we have today is a cleaner, flatter design, featuring large images, which focuses on user experience. Other features that are part of the trends are parallax scrolling sites, typographic elements and responsive design that works for multiple devices. View the entire slideshow at SlideShare.

Using Science to Influence your Customer

Using Science to Influence your CustomerMarketers have long wanted to take a wrench and tinker with the inner workings of the customers mind. Luckily, we can rest assured that this scenario won’t come to take place as the amazing infographic by Ever Reach defines what makes customer’s say yes. Studies show that increased special attention such as an additional mint help increase tips by 23%. Credibility also goes a long way in increasing customer loyalty whereas scarcity plays a major role in increasing demand. View the entire Infographic here.

Running SEO Tests on Your Website

Running SEO Tests on Your Website Moz Whiteboard FridayThis week’s Whiteboard Friday sees the return of our favorite person on the internet; Rand Fishkin. He talks about how websites can run SEO tests on their websites and provides ideas on experiments that can be done. The sheer number of components that become part of an SEO test pose an issue when it comes to running them on sites. The first thing he suggests is the set up of a control group and comparing multiple groups with modules being tested. He also stresses the need for consistent testing run multiple times. He also states that rankings should not be considered the only part of the test. Other points of focus include user Performance, Traffic performance and rankings performance. View the video at Moz.

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The Friday Catch Up: Twitter Analytics Get a Makeover

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