The Friday Catch-Up: Twitter and Google Never Seem to Quit!

1Hello Everyone! It’s Friday again and we are back with yet another amazing edition of our weekly dose of all the latest happenings and events of the World Wide Web. Firstly, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and support that has been helping us bring you the news for more than 100 editions of The Friday Catch-Up. We love you guys! Keeping an eye out for all the internet news to bring you updates from the internet has been a privilege. Now before we start sobbing uncontrollably and have the urge to start a massive group hug, let’s dive into the news and see what’s happening in the world of internet, shall we?

News & Updates

Google Announces New Feature Available on Webmaster!

2Google Webmaster Tools was tweaked up previously this week; a new feature for tracking mobile usability concerns is now available in Webmaster Tools that reports usability issues. This new feature called Mobile Usability reports might be a sign that this is coming to Google as a proper ranking signal.

John Mueller, a part of the trends analyst team at Google Webmaster said, “We strongly recommend you take a look at these issues in Webmaster Tools.” Check out the new Mobile Usability Reports Tool here: Search Engine Land

Twitter Makes Efforts to Use Social Data for Enterprise Solutions

IBM and Twitter joined hands for a joint venture to find ways to increase enterprise efficiency. The two companies legally formed a noteworthy partnership that allows IBM to use the social data and analytics of Twitter to create enterprise solutions. But unlike Twitter’s other partners, they are determined to build an exclusive compilation of enterprise solutions that companies can incorporate in their systems. Way to go Twitter! We’re impressed! Read more here: Tech Crunch

Semrush Adds a New Feature to Its Toolset

The Semrush intelligence toolset has been geared up with a brand new feature called Product Listing Ads Research (PLA). The data will be incorporated into the tool itself in phases. Sounds elaborate? Semrush plans to add more updates to this exciting new tool and has invited all its users to contact them for any issues they might face with their data. To see how you can avail of all the perks of using this feature.

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Useful Reading

Google Analytics is Not Your Only Option.

3Analytics help measure and boost your impact on the internet or any other platform. Although Google rules the game, there are several other platforms that you can turn to for specialized insight on how well you are doing online. Websites are offering options that let you keep track of your audience, or in other cases, to search keywords that your audience has frequently used. Follow the link to see an extensive list of Google Analytics alternatives and find a place suitable for your needs: Practical Ecommerce

Penguin 3.0: The Highs and the Lows

4Since the Penguin 3.0 has been launched, a lot of things have changed except for the alarm that surrounds all Google Updates. There has been an in-flow of large amounts of data and they have been able to assess it since the last Penguin update. They have also eliminated the anecdotes and the misinformation to form a clear and precise update on what is actually going on with Penguin, supported by realistic data. If you’d like to know more, take a look: Micro Site Masters

Test your landing Page with These Simple Conversion Psychology Principles!

5If you would like an insight on the mentality of your prospects, learn how to create an engaging and converting landing page for your website. Conversion Psychology Principles are all about the wizardry that goes into creating a higher-converting landing page, and when it comes to these pages there are numerous ways to align yourself with your audience and see where you stand. Continue reading for great tips: Unbounce

Finally a Solution for Chaotic Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

6When you embark upon your conversion rate journey, you need to organize the regular processes before you can generate accurate results. Most of us go about it chaotically. This results in poor outcome and longer cycles. In order to avoid this error, people need good basic guidance on the methodology so that they can make their way through crucial twists and turns. Learn how to run a CRO program efficiently here: Online-Behavior

How to Make E-mail Marketing Work for You

With so many online messages these days it can be tricky to get your e-mail to stand out and reach its targeted audience. But there is always a way out, with a few simple tricks you can get your data to be noticed by its target market without hassle. Learn how to cut through the mess and create personalized campaigns that reach – and even excite – the prospects that you are trying to reach by adopting new technologies and generating relevant data here: MarketProfs


Best Tools to Use Videos for Your Content Marketing

7Most of us have noticed that certain demographics have a higher rate of viewing videos used for marketing. It has become extremely easy to create videos with a number of editing software and more and more companies are indulging in focusing on videos for their content marketing. In a range of different available options, these online tools help you diversify your content with extensive styles and genres that you could use. Learn more about these online video editing software here: Internet Marketing Ninjas

New Study Reveals Consumers Are Now Better Informed than Ever!

Google ran a research study with Sterling Brands and Ipsos MediaCT to determine how the consumers these days are different. The study looked to bust some major myths about consumer behavior and it confirmed that users these days are interested in getting all the information before opting for a product and they often do research through their smartphones. Find out if your smartphones really are an enemy of In-store purchasing by following this link: Adwords

Roles an Influencer Needs to Play in Your Content Marketing Strategy

8Marketers these days have firmly grasped the concept that the content they share should be impressive and engaging (much like The Friday Catch-up). Still, some marketers (unlike The Friday Catch-up) are far from evolving enough to generate an overall positive response. Influencers are capable of elevating a brand’s content strategy to a certain level and they can easily help improve your content quality and reach.

We have been looking for an extensive piece of writing that explains how influencers can play a vital role in revolutionizing a content marketing strategy and here is what we found: Relevance

Ecommerce Businesses Need Event Tracking

Event-Tracking is a vital action that every Ecommerce business needs to perform. You can collect data on various things like Search Engine Content, website actions and other things that are not being tracked by Standard Google Analytics Code already. You need to stay informed about the things like errors your customers face on your online store, or how your check-out forms can be improved. Here is guide that will help you understand Event Tracking for Ecommerce: 2xmedia


Essential Tools Modern Marketers Can’t Go Without

Contemporary Marketers have to inscribe, revise, generate, map, calculate, study, take note of, verbalize, and practically extract miracles out of their back pockets very often. For this extensive task, we need tools that can help organize this chaotic process and produce cleaner work more efficiently. Follow this link to find out Forty-Three Tools for Contemporary Marketers: Portent


The Amazing Infographics of 2014

10Infographics are a creative way to communicate information to the audience in a way that is easy to digest. They present all the information precisely and clearly, and keep the reader engaged. With the perfect mix of content and images, infographics prove highly effective when communication statistical information. Viewing successful infographics can give you an insight on what works and what doesn’t, because there is no defined set of rules for this.

In 2014, a huge trend of static, animated, interactive, or responsive infographics swept the internet away with some compelling designs that got viral. Take a look: Hubspot


Facebook is the Plug-in Used for 58% of All Social Log-ins

Facebook is the world’s most frequently used third-party plug-in that provides access to many social websites, turning it into a whole instrument for social penetration. A latest report by Gigya shows that Facebook continues to expand in becoming the internet’s most used third-part personality provider. The research also studies how consumers use the facility of a social log-in on the web and their smartphones by demographics. Take a look at the infographic for an over-view: Inside Facebook

How to Market Your Content Campaign for SMB

11Digital marketing is evolving by leaps and bounds; according to the CMI Survey B2B market companies are now investing a great deal in their content marketing strategies. Small-Medium Business Owners (SMBs) can now compete with the giants in a fast-evolving online market. But the real question is how these business owners implement these tactics effectively to harvest the benefits and accomplish their business goals. This infographic is a detailed guide that provides you with step-by-step guidance on how to make the most out of your content: Digital Marketing Philippines

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The Friday Catch-Up: Twitter and Google Never Seem to Quit!

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