The Friday Catch Up: Twitter Unveils New Visualization Tool

Hey there! T497dd6f1626fa00c88b213d04dcc2312his week we lost a little bit of the magic we have in our lives as we said goodbye to Robin Williams. As we try to cope with this tragic news, a bit of internet gossip should be enough to distract us for a while.

Facebook seems to be adding to its shopping updates as they provide additional data to marketers, Google’s HTTPS algorithm continues to be a slowly unveiling mystery, and Twitter just unveiled a data visualization tool.


Measuring Ad Purchases Across Devices

Facebook ad reports puchases across devicesFacebook will now be delivering new data to its advertisers regarding purchases triggered across devices as a result of Facebook advertising. This cross device conversion data will be gathered using the Facebook Conversion Pixel which will track activity across mobile applications and sites which are using the Facebook SDK. This data will be provided in light of a study which revealed that about 32% of users that viewed an advertisement on mobile, later converted on desktop. Read more at TechCrunch.

Unraveling HTTPS

The recent announcement by Google that HTTPS will now become a ranking factor has webmasters all around the world in a tizzy. As they frantically try to peel off the layers of this onion, they’ll find that it’s not as complicated as they make it out to be. In fact, the HTTPS algorithm is completely different from the Panda and is run in real time. The algorithm isn’t implemented site wide and is run on per-URL basis. Read more at SERoundtable.

The New Twitter Visualization Tool

New Twitter visualiztion toolBrands and advertisers in the UK rejoiced as Twitter unveiled the new visualization tool which will allow them to gather data regarding the everyday conversation topics that are prevalent on the social network. Twitter has even rolled out 80 presets to begin with to make things easier on advertisers. Trends how that fast food tweets become much more common on the weekends as traffic complaints are much more prevalent in the mornings. Read more at The Next Web.


20 Years of Online Shopping

Who knew we’d be celebrating internet history so soon? In fact, for those who haven’t been keeping track, 11th August marks the 20th anniversary of the very first secure internet transaction. It was a Sting Album which cost about $12.48 plus shipping. From that point on, everything we knew about shopping, in-store and online, changed. The occasion calls us to take a look at just how dramatically everything has changed since then and how empowered users have become as a result of mobile devices and limitless options. Read more at Peerius.

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Turning Shoppers into Buyers

How to turn shoppers into buyers Shopify blogOnline store owners are always looking for ways to increase their traffic and sales. Online marketing, however, can be trickier than one would think. Some marketing tactics have guaranteed results. These include setting up an automated email campaign that sends regular marketing messages to customers. An email popup can also go a long way in increasing sales and the power of a great call to action cannot be overlooked. Read more at Shopify.

Creating Graphics with Phone Apps

Phone applications for creating visualsVisual is the way to go today but all of that comes at a price. There is a lot of imaging software that cost a pretty penny to obtain. In addition, the complex interface may require you to hire a graphic designer. This problem is easily solved by some amazing phone apps which allow you to create graphics and memes on the go. These include Word Swag for $2.99 which allows you to set a background and overlay text on it. Instalogo is another great app which allows you to make logo creations out of a few essentials in their library. Other notable apps include Phonto and Rhona. Read more at Kimgarst.

The Challenge that is Content Auditing

Everett Sizemore just brought the entire content audit process of Inflow and it is a beast to behold. With a million little things to take care of, we are surprised how he managed to deliver it all in one article. The amazing guide shows all the steps from the beginning to the end that go into a complete and efficient content audit. Be it Keyword research, keyword metrics, prune tabs or imported data; nothing escapes their watchful eye. Site scans and scenarios also need to be looked at thoroughly. Read the entire mammoth article at Moz.

Google Domains to Help Small Businesses

Google Domains help small businessesGoogle just morphed into the fairy godmother of small business owners everywhere after the new Domains rollout announced its rates. With only $12 per year for domains, even private ones, Google Domains stands to be the cheapest domain service on the market. This move was perhaps made in light of studies that reveal most business owners don’t have a dedicated website. In fact, add-ons which would typically cost much more such as forwarding and email aliases will also be provided for free. You go Glenn Coco! Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Google Testing Paid Local Ad Search

Google tests local paid search adsWe all get a little flustered and wait impatiently as Google starts prodding through its algorithms. This time, this common feeling is being shared among local search ads which are being tested. This move, right after the withdrawal of snippets and authorships, is enough to worry most local marketers involved in paid search. In fact, some of the wilder theories even attribute these mysterious disappearances and reappearances to the inevitable departure of Google +. Read more at WordStream.

Foursquare Returns from the Jaws of Death

How Foursquare returnedA while ago, the demise of Foursquare seemed imminent. One gamble to split the company into two services however, recently paid off, and Foursquare was able to steer themselves away from the pit of doom they were staring into. Swarm and Foursquare for both iOS and Android have now gained success focusing on different areas. Read more at venture Beat.

The Share a Coke Campaign enjoys global Success

New Share a Coke campaignThis guerilla marketing campaign by Coke is one of the best we’ve seen in years, and as it enters the USA, Coke is poised for success in the West as well. The campaign involves sharing cokes with names written on them. In addition to Cokes being distributed with generic names, customers also have the choice of getting custom names made on cans and bottles. The only risk that Coca-Cola is facing at this point is getting rid of the logo that usually takes its place. This risky move however, wouldn’t take away much because of the notable font in addition to the recognition that the company has managed to gather over the years. Read more at Creative Guerilla Marketing.

Visual Social Media Secrets

19 Social Media Visual SecretsAs visual keeps taking over the internet, marketers are looking for more effective ways to embrace it. This is easier said than done though. Luckily, some of the gurus around the net came together to tell us just how visual can be implemented to increase engagement. Melanie Perkins of Canva suggested that authenticity and value were crucial to visual success. Ben Wong of WordSwag on the other hand, stated that visual quotes were the way to go. Other suggestions include the need for consistency in graphics with branding and the need for scalable content. Read more at Socially Sorted.

Using Stock levels to Denote Urgency

Using Stock level to denote urgencyOne great marketing tool of Ecommerce sites that has been gaining traction is creating buyer urgency. One way of doing so is by telling customers how many pieces are available in stock when they are ordering online. The number is usually displayed when it goes below a certain threshold. In addition, statements like ‘Limited Stock Available’ or ‘Limited Edition’ makes customers feel that the products will not be available should they change their mind about purchasing it. Some companies that succeed at doing so include House of Fraser, John Lewis, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, and J. Crew. Read more at Econsultancy.


Building an Event Budget

How to build an event budget infographicsBefore you can even start taking any actions, the first thing you need to do is plan for the budget. Whatever finances you have set aside for the occasion, will need to be allocated to various areas for use in multiple situations. This amazing Infographic on Planning Pod shows all the steps that go into budget creation. It suggests the creation of four categories and allocating finances to it. These include 21% for catering, 16% for the venue, 25% for entertainment, and 15% for rentals. When setting up the budget, the best thing to do is to create a rough outline of the estimated costs and then move them to a budgeting tool. One important thing to do when creating a plan is to obtain quotes from most of the vendors that will be involved in the venture. Read more here.

Creating Content that Sells

Creating content that sells presentationContent has long been the bane of many a marketer and we seem to mention it at least 3 times in an article. The ultimate goal of every marketer that creates content is to create something that sells. In that endeavor, they have already jumped through multiple fiery hoops. The very first enemy of creating content that sells is to not do anything. Immobility is what is going to take the content and the rest of the site down with it. Another issue is that of change. Innovation is in demand and sticking to your previous methods is eventually going to stop paying off. View the amazing slideshow at Hubspot.

Being a Productive Entrepreneur

How to be a productive entrepreneurProductive and Entrepreneur tends to sound like an oxymoron at this point but it isn’t quite as hopeless as one would think. Time and management is everything, and you need to figure out how to become more efficient in light of all the distractions around us. The trick is to simplify your life, wake up early, and start the day on a positive note. Two aspects that take a much longer time however are working and thinking faster. The more you get done, the more you can plan ahead. Read more at Entrepreneur.

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The Friday Catch Up: Twitter Unveils New Visualization Tool

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