Friday Catch-Up: Changes to Facebook & Google Acquisitions

Well hello there! We never understand why Fridays play so hard to get. Slowly but surely, they always arrive just in time. This week had us moving in slow motion but what got us through was the gossip from around the web. Google is starting to make splashes again. We were wondering when the Google we love to hate will start making headlines again. The Facebook commandments seem to be modified as well.


Facebook Promotion Guidelines Modified

Facebook seems to be loosening the reins on page owners when it comes to promotions. Recent changes to their guidelines now allow more breathing space to marketers who want to promote their product on the social media network. When it comes to the bigwigs like Facebook or Google, its best to play by the rules. Some of the previous guidelines which were dropped include the need of administration by 3rd party applications for promotions and the use of Facebook features for voting or promotion. Read more at Social Media Today.

Google Gets A Little Generous

Don’t worry; you’re not the only ones in shock. We pinched ourselves a few times and can confirm that this is in fact, still reality. Google recently rolled out what is perhaps one of the most useful filters when it comes to image search. The new option will allow you to filter by “usage rights” allowing you to select images which are safe for reuse. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Google Entering Your Homes

We thought Google’s entry into the real world would involve a little more fanfare, some bangs and crashes and some riots. Its actual entry however was a little more discreet and in rather unlikely places. Google recently acquired Nest which is a home hardware technology company which is currently making fire detectors and thermostats. This move is seen as an addition to its current policy of trying and testing in the hardware world. Read more at Wired.

align=”center”>TIPS & TRICKS

Conferences Of The Year 2014

If you were in the mood for some conferencing this year, State of Digital has got you covered. Samantha Noble just shared a list of all global conferences to be held in the year 2014. This snowballing post will be updated as many more events come along, but for now it is a goldmine for people looking to create an early schedule. Head on over and see for yourself.

The Best Sweepstakes Sites on the Internet

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Sweepstakes and contests are a great way of promoting your product online and increases web presence. This method of promotion is especially effective for small businesses looking to make a mark on the online community. Sara Mincher of Social Media today recently made a list of sweepstakes websites which allow you to submit your contest and enhance the number of entries. Some of the top names included ‘Contest Bee’, ‘Sweepstakes Lovers’ and ‘Contest Girl’. View more of them at Social Media Today.

The Best Twitter Apps So Far

This one’s for all the tweetaholics out there. Ann Smarty shared her opinions on what she considers to be the best twitter applications that have been released so far in the New Year. These applications allow you to sort and organize tweets, monitor retweets, create fiends lists and much more. Her suggestions include Tweetbits, TWChat, TweetsPie and Tweetcaster. Head over to Internet Marketing Ninjas to read more about them.

Designing Employee Team pages

Speckyboy once again brings to us some great design tips. As user experience and visual content keep rising in popularity, we are starting to appreciate them more and more. This week they give us much needed advice on how to design compelling employee pages. These pages are usually overlooked and the layouts are tragically outdated. Jake Rocheleau created a list of those companies that have managed to do it right. Tone Agency, Demand media and Metalab lead the names. Look for yourself at Specky Boy.

Getting more Retweets

Retweets are the currency we deal in when it comes to twitter, and marketers are always looking for new ways to make sure they get the most. A study by TrackMaven revealed that tweeting on off hours or off days is the most effective for obtaining retweets. Additionally politeness is always rewarded while literally mentioning the word retweet will get you more of them. Read a more detailed report at Marketing Profs.

What Is Your Coupon Code Strategy?

The coupon code box on your ecommerce site may be costing you more than you can imagine. If implemented correctly, it may lead to an increment in sales but ineffective use of the feature may lead to cart abandonment. This may be because your customers will now be expecting a coupon or discount each time they visit the site. Read more at KissMetrics.

Social Marketplaces To Look Out For

An online social marketplace is a great way for Ecommerce merchants to sell their products. These marketplaces make use of social sharing in order to provide its users with reviews and ratings of products. Marketers can use these platforms in order to create a presence on these sites and allow users to connect with them socially. Some examples of social marketplaces include Threadless, Ebay, Trendabl and Deb. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Ecommerce Done Right

Setting up an Ecommerce is a hit or miss kind of thing. In order to understand what makes an Ecommerce site effective, Graham Charlton of Econsultancy created a list of those sites which seem to have uncovered the Ecommerce secret. Some of the money makers include Fallen Hero, ASOS and Bellroy. Read more on Econsultancy.

Creating a Google Analytics Spreadsheet: Easy as 1, 2, 3

When using analytics in order to analyze visitor browsing behavior, there is a need for cohesion in display and organization. While the interface itself is useful, a better way of keeping your data organized is by setting up a spreadsheet. While this is easier said than done, Spreadsheet Pro gives some great tips on how to generate a spreadsheet in just 3 steps; adding the Google apps scripts, activating access to Analytics and then making a query configuration. Read the steps at Spreadsheet Pro.

Gender and Pinterest Usage

The Instagram and gender debate seems to be the most discussed on the internet today. While the fact that Pinterest is mostly female driven isn’t exactly news, it’s interesting to note just how the demographics are scattered over the world. Thailand was the most women centric with 65% followed by Russia and South East Asia. Top Brands were followed slightly more by women at 53% while the top accounts were mostly held by men. Read more at Social Media Today.

Facebook the Network of Choice for Marketers

A recent study revealed that retailers prefer Facebook in order to increase traffic and sales. While there were many contenders for the frontrunner such as YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Vine, Facebook managed to inch ahead of them all. Surveys showed that Facebook was also the best platform to share details about new products. Read more Search Engine Watch.


The Evolution of Social Media

Social media has morphed somewhat like the Hydra. Remove one head and you end up with two more. As social media has spread all over the internet the good folks over at All Things SIC revealed just how the entire process took place. While the more electronic version of social media in the infographic starts with the email in 1966, the infographics goes as far back as 1792 to include the telegraph France and ends in 2013 with Snapchat. View the infographic at All Things SIC.

Understanding B2B Buyer Behavior

There is a need for companies to better understand buyer behavior when it comes to B2B marketing. Current research by Software Advice shows that leads should be called within 5 seconds while Tuesdays to Thursdays were the best time to reach out to buyers. While the holidays wouldn’t seem like an optimal time for B2B, the study surprisingly revealed that it was in fact good for conversion rates. Read more at Software Advice.

Does Position Affect Google Algorithm?

In his most recent video, Matt Cutts was asked whether Google made use of the same algorithm in order to rank results in different positions. He explained that the same algorithm is used for all positions in the search results and that they are sorted according to relevancy and reputation. View the video on YouTube.


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Friday Catch-Up: Changes to Facebook & Google Acquisitions

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