Friday Catch-Up: Facebook Pandas Up & Shopify has Big Dreams

Hey there my gorgeous readers! Looks like we’ve had quite a week on our hands and the next few weeks seem absolutely irresistible to us because we have the early Christmas fever. We can almost hear the sleigh bells already on their way (it is kind of a long commute from the North Pole). Until then we’re going to need the latest gossip from around the web to help us through. Majestic is stirring up a rebellion with their search engine while Facebook shakes hands with the Panda algorithm.


Ranking Factors in Majestic SEO

Majestic released their very own search engine in October which seems to play to the sympathies of the marketers. Their latest step would definitely appeal to the SEO community, showing them why a certain search tool ranks at a particular number. This insight would help SEOs understand the steps they will need to take in order to improve their rankings. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Facebook and Panda: A Match Made In Heaven or Hell?

Facebook has been making some very sudden changes to the algorithm of the newsfeed in an attempt to deliver better content to its users. Although not quite panda, the new algorithm hits quite close to panda’s ideology. The move is to focus on the quality of content being delivered to the user in terms of freshness, relevance and peer interest. Read more along with a cheeky little comment from Matt Cutts at SEO Roundtable.

Back to Offline Commerce: Shopify raises a $100 million

After 7 years of being online, Shopify is now expanding towards offline marketing. This move will be funded by the $100 million that they were able to raise. According to Harley Finkelstein the future of retail isn’t a battle between online and offline, and efforts are being made to become a complete commerce company. Read more about this big move at Mashable.

align=”center”>TIPS & TRICKS

Facebook’s top games for 2013

We are all guilty of wasting our time on Facebook games. These addictive applications have us in a complete frenzy comparing scores with our friends and aiming for that top score. With the rise in social media gaming, Facebook just released a list of the games that were most popular in the year 2013. Bake Shop Drop, Jelly Splash, Kitchen Scramble, Vikings Gone Wild and Farm Heroes Saga were some of those that made the list but the one that won the title of best game of 2013 was Criminal Case. So what level of Candy Crush have you reached? Read more at Venture Beat.

Embedding Testimonials for Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of the mouth marketing is a really powerful tool and it is always great for your product if people are touting its benefits on social media. Whatever a customer said on a Monday morning however becomes old news by dinner time. Embedded posts are a great way of making sure that positive customer testimonials stay within sight. Twitter is the best place for embedded posts followed by Facebook. Other places where embedded testimonials might work include Vine, Instagram and Google+. Read how on Kissmetrics.

Using Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are the new currency of the internet. In fact, they’re as effective as keywords in making sure that you engage with the right people, get exposure on social media, and get in touch with influencers. Twitter trends are defined through hashtags and can be viewed on the home page. The hidden away ‘explore’ section of G + also lets you take a look at what keywords are trending by location while the same can be done for Vine. Read more at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Analyzing the competition in 60 seconds

Auditing competitor’s sites to understand where and why they’re ahead of you can take hours if not days. Although this is an extremely monotonous and time consuming method, it is a necessary evil for your success. Neil Patel recently launched a website which will now show the differences between the right and wrong practices through the view of SEO and social media. This info will be derived by his ‘Website Analyzer’ which will crawl your site and tell you how your website is doing. The website is pretty easy on the eyes too with clean design elements and easy to navigate pages. Read more at Quick Sprout.

2 kinds of bread crumbs that Ecommerce Sites need

Bread Crumbs are important on an ecommerce site to help the user navigate through a smorgasbord of products on the site. Baymard found that the breadcrumbs however needed to be a little smarter than they presently are by offering two kinds based on hierarchy and history. This means that not only will users be able to navigate easily between similar products, but will also be able to return to the particular category and view other products. They also found that 68% of ecommerce sites were using breadcrumbs ineffectively.

International Marketing Trends

As cultures vary across the world, so do search and internet marketing habits. Pete Whitmarsh collected all the different internet marketing trends from around the world to understand global marketing as a whole. He found that the French did not favor mobile marketing while ecommerce was booming in Mexico. The Russians on the other hand prefer mobile to desktop and Baidu seems to losing popularity in China. Read more interesting tidbits at Econsultancy.

Instagram Ads are now a thing

It is astonishing just how well marketers have made use of Instagram and there’s no stopping them. Instagram has become some of the best marketing tools on the internet with the visual aspect playing heavily in their favor. Social Media Today brings you some of the best Instagram advertisements and shows just how much you can do to succeed at Instagram marketing. Lexus, Levi’s and Michael Kors were contenders but Ben & Jerry’s was the one that took the cake (or should we say ice cream?)

Making the Most of Email Newsletters

Although Ecommerce sites and bigger brands have been making great success through their email lists and newsletters, smaller businesses are having trouble swimming in the same waters. Marian Pinera of Marketing Profs brings some great tips for small business owners about how they can start converting those email subscribers into paying customers. She suggested that emphasis should be put on the textual content within the email along with the addition of some additional value to the email which cannot be received at other locations. Keep your trigger-happy fingers away from the send button and don’t flood user inboxes.

Amping up the Website Speed

The speed of your website can be a deciding factor of whether a user will stay or leave. In fact, a speedy website can even increase their conversion rate by 7%. Kathryn Aragon suggests that diminished HTTP requests, compression caching and lesser plug-ins can increase the speed of the site without reducing its quality. View more methods at Crazy Egg.

The Content Marketing Superstars of 2013

As December is coming to an end, we were bound to see a surge in ‘End of Year’ lists. Econsultancy brings us some of the content marketing campaigns of the year. Chipotle, Brew Dog, British airways, Williams Sonoma and Charmin were some of those that did well but Volvo was the one that won it all by getting Jean-Claude Van Damme to do splits between two moving trucks.


Mobile Marketing Not As Shiny As We Thought It Was

A survey by Survey Monkey recently found that users were not really using their smartphones to make purchases. This is a bit of a letdown for marketers who have been gearing up for m-commerce with enthusiasm. While mcommerce capabilities are present in smartphones, it was found that 31% of users use them to compare product prices whereas 30% use it to look for coupons or offers. Other uses included peer opinions, viewing product images, and scanning codes. Although the future of mobile commerce is still promising, it looks like it’s going to take a while for it to become mainstream. Read more at Marketing Land.

Always On But Hard To Reach

As users have their devices on at all time, they also have constant connectivity. The small screen size however only delivers fragmented posts which greatly diminishes its life. This has made it difficult for marketers to stay within sight. Emarketer however has made some projections for 2014 unveiling that marketers will find methods to effectively engage multi-taskers in social media. Ad spending is expected to increase by 11.4% in North America, 9.1% in Latin America and 7.6% in Western Europe. Read more at Emarketer.

Overused Buzzwords and Clichés on LinkedIn

Yet another end of the year list is in our midst. The folks over at LinkedIn compiled a list of Buzzwords that users use to describe themselves in their profiles. At the top of these overused buzzwords was ‘Responsible’ which was used twice as much as any other buzzword. This was followed by ‘Strategic, Creative, Effective and Patient’. LinkedIn also mentioned some tips for users suggesting that they should let other vouch for them and make use of active language. View the infographic at the LinkedIn Blog.


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Friday Catch-Up: Facebook Pandas Up & Shopify has Big Dreams

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