Friday Catch-up: Foursquare Loves Small Businesses; Constant Contact is Figuring it Out


Hello Promodians. This past week has been nothing short of…..I can’t even find the word to explain it. Anyway, I hope you are ready for this. Today’s edition of quick hits will include news from Foursquare, YouTube and the crazy (but fun) people at Google and maybe even a monkey, so keep on reading.



Foursquare Flexes their Creative Muscles to Stay Inspired

Foursquare recently announced that it is going to open its Ads platform to all businesses large and small. Foursquare CEO and founder, Dennis Crowley, said that after the injection of nearly $40 million by investors earlier this year blew wind up Foursquare, they have decided that now is the right time for Foursquare to open up its services for advertisers of all sizes, targeting their 40 million users worldwide.

For more on this read

Google’s New Shared Endorsements

For those of you that have been wondering what that blue bar popping up on Google Chrome’s search bar really means, this is for you. Over the weekend, the guys at Google decided that, well, it can now use “YOUR” name and photo for advertising…wait, what? Google is also sending an update (read first line) to all its Chrome users, of its terms of service that outlines how it might use its users’ content in advertisements across its network. At Google, it is business as usual, and they’re here. For more about it read

Google Enables You to Share Channel Grouping

Everyone rejoice, for the days of guessing a visitor’s interest in your website has passed. Google now allows its users to find out just how much of an impact referrals and previous searches have had on their sales and conversions via its multi-channel funnel reports in Google Analytics. This feature will no doubt shape our way of thinking when it comes to traffic quality. For more about it, read


YouTube Presents: “The Internet Marketer’s Toolbox”

One killer idea x Free tools and resources = Awesomeness!! If you are looking to fire up a product video or sharpen the edges of a video that is already uploaded on YouTube, then you will need certain tools to enhance your product videos even more, (That’s the Old Spice Guy, by the way!). YouTube offers not 1 but 14 different free tools that can be used to make your videos shine on YouTube. Read all about it on

YouTube Finds the Void…and Fills it

The YouTube keyword tool can be used to randomly find some interesting terms that can then be used in your PPC campaigns via Google AdWords. This gives you a great way of filling a void in the SERPs without having to compete against any of the mammoths in your industry. For even more outreach targets, try putting popular YouTube video URLs into Open Site Explorer to view the websites that are linking to those videos. For more on this, read

Visualize Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps marketers attract, and convert visitors into customers. If you happen to be a marketer who is looking for images that are full of holiday cheer, here are over two hundred free stock photos which you can use whenever and wherever in your online marketing campaign. For more, click on

Mobile Videos Enjoys Higher Engagement: Stats

One thing’s for sure, the modern ‘digi’ girl and boy has a lot to learn. Latest figures show rapid growth of mobile videos as compared to those being viewed on desktop PC’s. Overall, mobile ad spending in the UK grew to £429.2m in the first half of 2013. Mobile users are showing a three times higher engagement in videos than desktop users, which is demonstrating the success of mobile videos in the past few months. Read all about it on

How Effective are Your Content Marketing Efforts?

Content link values can be valued by web server logs, Google Webmaster tools, SEO rankings, email alerts, etc. The quality of your links is still considered crucial to getting a high rank in the SERPs. It is without a doubt that the quality of the content that comes out of your fingertips will determine how it will reach the first page of the search engine.

Read all about it on

Managing Duplicate Content

Duplicate content negatively impacts a web page’s performance on the search engine results page (You don’t say!). And if left unfixed, can seriously damage the sales of any online business. If your sales seem to be slowly eroding, then chances are you are being plagued with duplicate, thin or too much content on your ecommerce website.

To fix this problem read

The Importance of Google’s Hostname Reports

Google Analytics Hostname report provides users with short but significant information about their web pages. It is important to point out that it is ok to ignore some of the domains in the hostname report, like a translation domain, for instance. That being said, there are sometimes unusual domains that you do not expect, and it is essential to check them out to see why they are being mentioned in the data of your account. For more on the subject, go to

Demystifying the Keyword…without Google

Geeks have evolved. They’ve moved out of the broom cupboard and here’s why. Remember when getting started with keywords meant that you just had to use the Google Keyword Tool? I get it, keywords are a big deal, especially when it comes to websites climbing the SERPs to glory, but nowadays, there are other cool cats in the business. To find out more about those characters, read

Use Pinterest to Tap into a Wider Audience

“You can use any social media channel for B2B, doo be, doo be, doo be.” This is what Erica Ayotte, Constant Contact’s social media marketing manager had to say this past week, and she should know since her team has successfully grown 18,000 Pinterest followers in just two years. There’s success for ya!

I guess what they are really trying to say is, just as people need to build their fitness and muscle over time, being in “Constant Contact” with clients via social media outlets, such as Pinterest will help your business grow. Read all about it on

Google’s Hummingbird Changes the Game of SEO

It seems as though everything in the online world is advancing so quickly and so deeply that we often find ourselves in a state of not knowing what we’re doing again, but it’s exciting anyway. The under the radar release of Google’s hummingbird search algorithm heralded in the new age of e-commerce, and we are getting a glimpse of where the power really lies when it comes to e-commerce in the future. This ain’t no hummingbird, but you get the picture.

Long story short, Google’s Hummingbird apparently impacts 90 percent of all search queries. Yes, you heard it just fine, ninety percent of all search queries. Want to dig deeper? Read


The Folks at MOZ have Done it Again

This time around, Moz has come up with a pretty darn neat anatomy of Google’s Dynamic Search Results Page. In its Dynamic Search Results Page, Google shows related topics to help a searcher in narrowing down the type of information that will be displayed. This infographic breaks down the different parts that make up a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a location based search. To view the infographic and read more about it, visit

Google Says: “Thou Shalt not Spam Any More…in Future”

There aren’t many online videos on spamming worth watching, but I thought this one was particularly worth it.

The digital world is evolving overnight, beyond all recognition as we speak. It’s collaborative, open and accessible, and it’s not being governed by the likes of Google and their breed. So, if a guy named Matt Cutts (Google’s Head of search spam) says that it will keep getting harder for “those people” to take short cuts or spam Google, there is a good chance that he isn’t kidding.

Google along with others in the online arena are working hard to curb the activities of spammers and reward honest and hardworking webmasters. Read all about it on

How is Social Media Treating You?

The lines between traditional and modern ways of marketing are blurring fast. Social Media Marketing’s ROI (Return on Investment) has been frequently discussed on websites, in blogs and comments, so we thought why not share our two cents worth on this while we’re at it. After taking a closer look, it seems that industries that benefit and are making the most Benjamin’s from social media tend to be offering products and services that the consumers are passionate about. If you are interested in knowing how to increase your ROI, read all about it on


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Friday Catch-up: Foursquare Loves Small Businesses; Constant Contact is Figuring it Out

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