Friday Catch-Up: Full Screen Comes to Town

Not all Fridays are built the same. Some are good, some are great and some are downright awesome. Today my friends, is the rare occasion that our Friday is awesome. Although it’s still a little too early in the day to make assumptions, our gut tells us that this weekend is going to be amazing. Before we embark on our weekend quests, let us dish on the latest gossip from around the crazy web that we work in. This week’s Friday catch-up just adds to our extremely unhealthy obsession with Google (we can’t seem to stop. Yes, we have been seeking help.) and the introduction of some new kids on the block.


Fullscreen helps Marketers

Ok, so we lied. The new kid on the block is not exactly new new, but old new. In fact, it’s much more of a Benjamin Button-esque situation we’re dealing with here. As more and more marketers are finding their way towards YouTube, they seem to be at a loss regarding the way in which they can advertise on the video sharing site and how to measure their success. FullScreen is now making its Channel + service available to marketers allowing them to use their engagement and analytic tools with a dedicated team. What was simply a limited feature available for the last two years is now turning into a complete business dedicated to helping marketers reach new viewers and increase subscribers. Read more at Tech Crunch.

Google Increases Search Locations

While we had our back turned, Google just travelled the entire world. Within the span of 10 months from October 2012 to July 2013, Google increased location search requests from 200 to 1400. Not only that, the number of ISPs also shot up from 100 to 850. Looks like Google has something big up its sleeve. We’re going to go grab our riot gear. Read more at Search Engine Journal.

Google+, Hangouts and Photos get a Boost

Seems like Google finally gave some much needed attention to Google+, Hangouts and Photos. In their highly publicized announcement, Google unveiled some statistics regarding the current situation and the improvements that will be made to the three facets of the Google world. Hangouts will now offer location sharing and SMS along with Animated GIFs.  Photos and Videos now has the ability to edit your pictures on the go and enhance it within the album with the introduction of the new filter HDR scape. Read about many more updates at SEORoundTable.


Obama’s Reelection Campaign and A/B Testing

Things are getting a little political this Friday catch-up. Obama’s reelection campaign managed to raise up to $500 million in funds. This success was due to the email campaigns that were run and the A/B testing that was being done on the side. The results of the A/B testing that was conducted revealed some very important lessons. The need for flexibility and not completely relying on best practices was stressed. Making appealing designs of the emails that were seen were also stressed upon along with the internal circulation of search results. Read more of what they learnt at EConsultancy.

YouTube Tools for all Seasons

Ann Smarty of Internet Marketing Ninjas brought to light some very important often overlooked YouTube tools for marketers which included the YouTube Reputation Tool, Keyword suggestions and Video Alerts. These tools allow you to check your reputation on YouTube which is vital information for a marketer, connect you to new videos relevant to your content and provide keyword suggestions.

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Understanding Psychographics

We’ve heard all the hullabaloo of paying attention to demographics when focusing on target markets, but what is this new fad that everyone’s taking about? Maggie Hibma at Hubspot sheds some much needed light on Psychographics. Although not a very new concept, psychographics deals with whom your buyer is based on their behaviors, attitudes, lifestyle and persona. Customer service teams, surveys and social media are great ways of collecting psychographic data. Read a more in-depth discussion of this issue at HubSpot.

Learning more than math at the Khan Academy

The Khan Academy which is the mathematic savior of kids and parents around the world makes use of some features that marketers can learn to incorporate into their own website. These include offering small rewards on sign-up, earning trust before demanding information and offering valuable information through links and resources.  While Khan Academy has a gentler approach since it’s geared towards children, some of these practices were also pretty spot-on for adults with a few modifications Read a more detailed description at Search Engine Watch.

Smarter Checkout Pages

Irrespective of how well your page is ranked, what products you offer, how much traffic you manage to attract to your eStore; focusing on making Checkout and Login pages user-friendly is of unequivocal importance. ECounsultancy, in a recent blog, explain the fundamentals of a great Checkout page and mistakes to avoid with samples from notable e-tailers. Make sure you go through the blog to find out if your page is doing things right.

Enhancing Google Campaigns with Adwords

You may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to Google campaign tips. Although most of the keyword related suggestions that we have gotten so far from the internet work along the same lines, it’s astonishing just how much experimentation and testing can get you. A few tweaks here and there and you are at the top of the Google Search Results. Crystal Santos suggests optimizing results for mobile using responsive designs in your site, mobile bidding at keyword levels, enhanced site links and opt-outs. Monitoring traffic and gradual reduction of mobile keyword bids can help you assess which situation is working best for you. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

Online Design trends

Design seems to be the new chant of webmasters and online marketers alike. Just as regular design and fashion movements move, so do design trends on the web. Blogs and online articles have been observed moving away from text heavy home pages and towards obscure image based pages. The home page typically contains links to featured articles with appealing thumbnails. The colors are usually are bright and placed within clean environments. Even footers have been getting attention with relevant information. See more of these trends at Specky boy.

Increase Site Linkability

Links and backlinks are what make the internet go round. If you’re running a website ad want to increase the traffic on your site, you will need to show some brotherly love and provide links to others in hopes of obtaining some from them. How does one improve their linkability on the internet, especially from relevant websites? Don’t underestimate the power of the business card. Hand it out whenever you get the chance. You can even email and ask for a backlink. Reduce the bounce rates on your site. Find out which links are fairing the worst and what the factors behind them are. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

How Ecommerce Sites use Urgency

Urgency has long been seen as a great marketing tactic in the marketing world whether it is real or virtual. If you are low on stock on an item and notify your customers, you are more likely to get a purchase. This makes sure that customers don’t delay their purchases or second guess themselves. Ecommerce sites that have used this to their advantage are Modcloth, Bottica and Amazon. Not only do they feature red messages next to items which are low in stock, they also send reminder messages and emails to subscribers informing them of items which may be gone soon. Read more at Econsultancy.

Image Compression to increase Site Speed

Speed of a site is a very important factor which contributes to the user experience. If your site is slow or laggy, the user will most likely not have the patience to wait for it to load and will move on to the next site. When you couple this problem with the need for more image based design on the web, you are faced with a deadly combination. High resolution images take time to load. If you focus on speed, you have to reduce the quality of images. What seems like a win-lose situation can be solved by use of some excellent image compression software available on the internet. These include JpegMini, RIOT, PNG Gauntlet and Shrink Pictures. Read the entire list of 30 compression software at Mashable.


Selling to Marketers

How do you sell to someone who knows all the selling techniques that are present under the sun? The extremely captivating infographic at MarketingProfs shows just which factors work when selling to marketers. The results showed that while marketers were not very responsive to phone calls, they did respond well to lead generation with a 31% response rate. Tuesdays were deemed an excellent day to sell to marketers while Friday was the worst. The infographic also showed that Email was the best way to reach marketers with a 20% response rate.

Matt Cutts’ new video

Google’s Matt Cutts revealed in his YouTube video that adding more pages to your website does not have a direct effect on the search rankings. In fact, he said that having more pages may be a bit of a setback. This challenges the view that more pages on a website translates into more links and an opportunity to add more diverse keyword phrases driving traffic towards your site. Read more and view the video at SEORoundtable.

Improving Brand Reputation

Brand reputation, specifically online, is something that companies have been aggressively working on for the past few years. In an interview with’s Zac Johnson, Search Engine Journal found that reaching out to the top 10 people in the industry, boosting good publicity when faced by negative feedback and reaching out to people to write on their sites as guests were good strategies for building brand reputations.


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Friday Catch-Up: Full Screen Comes to Town

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