Friday Catch-Up: Happy Birthday Facebook!

Aren’t you an absolutely gorgeous bunch! I can see the twinkle in your eye that can only be accompanied by the arrival of a Friday. I’ve got a feeling about this weekend so I took the liberty of peeking into my crystal ball and found out that it’s going to be awesome. So without further ado, let’s gear up for the best of the internet that has occurred this week.

Nothing makes you feel old like realizing Facebook is 10 years old now. We have some very spicy gossip as Facebook hints at a full rollout for graph search for mobile and Google announces 1000 new categories for places.


Facebook announces Graph Search for Mobile

Facebook’s graph search which was a success when it came to desktops is now being modified for use on mobile devices. Graph search is a method of helping people share what others are sharing about certain topics. Some users have already seen the changes which were made over the weekend while a permanent roll out is expected in the near future. Read more at The Next Web.

New Tools for Google Adwords

It’s time to pop the bubbly because Google just announced another tool for Adwords. Known as the ‘Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool’, this tool allows developers to assign values to keywords, campaigns, and ad groups based on five models. These models include the last click, the first click, linear, time decay, and position based models. This tool will help determine how customers can be reached earlier in order to drive conversions. Read more at SE Roundtable.

1000 new categories for Google Places

The virtual world just got a 1000 times bigger! In a move that is very unlike them, Google made a decision based on merchant feedback. They found that languages were becoming a barrier when it came to categorization for international businesses. In order to simplify the search terms, Google added 1000 new categories which can be used to represent businesses. These new categories on the Places Dashboard will be internationally available and can be translated to every language supported by Google (Spoiler: this actually does mean every language). Read more at Google Groups.

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SEO Increases Export Sales

While it is globally acknowledged that SEO can help boost export sales, clients may have a little trouble understanding the concept. This is because they still have their traditional goggles on which tell them that Export is expensive and difficult to carry out. Ken Mcgaffin, however, shares some tools which can help facilitate SEO on an international scale by localizing content for specific countries and placing keywords relevant to location. Some of the tools include Lingo24, JED Alliance and Planning Pod. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

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Increasing Engagement in the Multi-Device World

The statistics in our multi-device world are now bordering on the unbelievable. This year there will be 1.75 billion or more smartphone consumers. As on-the-go devices become more and more popular, advertisers need to rethink their strategies when it comes to mobile marketing. Customers are showing an increasing willingness to engage with brand and products on their mobile devices and advertisers need to start increasing this engagement through social advertisements. Read more on how to increase customer engagement on mobile devices on Search Engine Watch.

Quantifying Leads for Marketing

Quantifying leads from various marketing channels can be a bit of a challenge for every marketer. Advertisers need to understand which leads offer them the lowest costs and increased prospects when selecting the leads to focus on. This can be done through the implementation of the correct sales technology, organization of lead data, tracking engagement and connecting outcomes and activities. Lead sources may be categorized as online and offline including blogging, organic search, email marketing, sponsorships and affiliate programs. Read a more in-depth report at The Marketing Score.

UX Tips for Registration Forms

In the impatient world that we live in, registration forms are facing a roadblock when it comes to information gathering. People are not only skeptical of the information that they are being asked to provide, calling into question the credibility of the site, but also the redundancy of the information being demanded. When making registration forms for your site, it’s best to only ask for a piece of information once, with highlighted fields in terms of importance and not making email confirmation a roadblock for use. Read more tips at Designmodo.

The Top Social Media Blogs of 2014

Cindy King of Social Media Examiner brings us a list of all the best social media blogs that are worth reading on the internet. With over 600 nominations, they were able to filter out a list of the top 10 blogs which included Jon Loomer’s Blog followed by Razor Social, Social Mouths, Post Planner and See more of them at Social Media Examiner.

Twitter Search and Growing Businesses

Twitter search has very quickly become a favorite of business professionals who consider it as one of the best tools for marketing insight. This comes as no surprise when you consider that almost 3 billion queries are made on twitter every day. Advanced search operators can; however, be more functional when trying to generate relevant results. These include operators such as lang:eng for results in the English language, “xx” (speech marks) for exact phrases and # for hashtags. Read more of them at Businesses Grow.

Starting an Ecommerce Business

When starting an Ecommerce business, the first thing that you should know is what product you’re going to sell. The choice of product may be the determining factor between success and failure of your online business. Armando Roggio brings us 5 suggestions that are absolutely fool proof for online success. His suggestions include an automotive website, jewelry and apparel, toys, games, hard to find items, and consumer electronics. Read a more in-depth article at Practical Ecommerce.

Facebook Celebrates 10 Years

Recently, Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday, and we simply can’t believe that the mammoth social media network is now a decade old. It seems only yesterday when it took its first awkward steps in that college dormitory. Today, the social network boasts a total of 1.23 billion users. Jemima Kiss details its tumultuous story in the midst of lawsuits, the Winkelvoss brothers, security issues, and the protection of user identity. Read the entire page turner (or window scroller) at The Guardian.

Pinterest Tools to Keep a Lookout For

Ian Cleary brings us some of the best tools to begin marketing on the emerging Social media network. With a higher likelihood of generating conversions as compared to other social media networks, the visual social network requires the use of different strategies. Tools such as Virtual tag, which help schedule your pins, Pin Alerts which delivers pins straight to your inbox, and Tailwind which helps analyze results of marketing efforts can help boost conversions on Pinterest. Read more at Razor Social.

Using Scripts on Adwords

Scripts on Adwords accounts are essential for increased accuracy, easy reporting and time saving. Scripts which can be found in the Bulk operations Menu can be used to report broken links on the URL generate performance summary reports, out of stock items and sales countdown. Copies of all these scripts can be found in the amazing list compiled by Laura Philips at Koozai.


Tools to Create Stunning Infographics

Visual is everything in 2014 and these 14 tools by Buffer offer just the right abilities to create infographics and images. Results have shown that the use of images is substantially more effective than text only updates on twitter, Facebook, and Google +. For social media networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, visual marketing is the only way to go. In fact retweets increase by 150% when associated with images. Useful tools for images include Pic Monkey, Social Image Resizer, and Timeline Slicer. Read more at the Buffer App Blog.

Building Trust Online to Increase Sales

Trust is a key driving factor when it comes to online marketing, and every point of contact should work towards its establishment. The interesting infographic over at KissMetrics shows the road map towards building trust at these contact points. On the home page, it’s important to add reviews, testimonials, and images that will show that you have done business with other customers before successfully, and will help increase your credibility. Adding an SSL on the URL and mentioning contact information on the checkout cart is another important factor. Read the entire thing at KissMetrics.

Understanding the Smartphone Shopper

The smartphone is the most essential tool for reaching customers today. In fact, statistics show that 4 out of 5 users are in contact with their smartphones for about 22 hours a day. The infographics over at Visually reveal that the smartphone shopper is always informed with 70% using it to check product prices followed by checking deals on items (53%), reading product reviews (50%) and using apps for product deals (40%). It was also found that Amazon remains unrivalled in its dominion over online retail. View the infographic over at Visually.

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Friday Catch-Up: Happy Birthday Facebook!

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