Friday Catch-up! Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week

We’re here again on Friday Catch-up with some fresh and interesting news for our SEO and Search Engine Marketing followers. There’s a bit of everything for everyone here. So, let’s go over the various news feeds we have for you today and see which ones are having the greatest impact.


Google’s Large Thumbnails Being Tested on Tablet Search Results

Google has been running some tests on their tablets. They’ve been testing larger thumbnails and so have their customers. While it’s way too early to judge the outcome, if you run a search on your device, you’ll probably still see the small thumbnails. There could be an endless number of issues that prevent the intended results from showing up. Perhaps a few tweaks within the settings might resolve this. You can read more about this at Search Engine Land.

Fresh Designs to Be Introduced for Yahoo’s Search Page

With things changing almost daily in the online world, keeping your content fresh and relevant really matters. This is why Yahoo is changing the design and layout of its search page. A fresh design is always appreciated as long as it’s pleasing to the human eye and serves everyone’s purpose. If the design integrates features that add to a user’s ease, it will be widely appreciated. You can learn more about this at Search Engine Roundtable.

Images to be Added to Google’s Adwords

Google is now advancing its Adwords tool by allowing users to add images in their advertisements. This is expected to please users because they would have an additional advantage. Placing an image with each advertisement would be more attractive and would provide advertisers more leverage. With this additional control in your hands, you are bound to benefit significantly. Read more about this at Search Engine Roundtable.


Awesome Tips from Experts to Get Your Startups Running

Experts have provided their input for you to take advantage of. Through their experience, you can learn about small but significant points that can help you improve your business. Whether it’s related to developing strategic partnerships, expanding your social outreach or developing refined content, you can improve your business by adhering to expert advice. It just takes some knowledge to get you somewhere, but you must be willing to believe in and follow that knowledge in order to gain something positive out of it. Read more about these tips at Mashable.

Design Reviews Play their Part in Facilitating Internet Marketing

Most things that you see on the internet have aesthetic elements. This is what is used for attracting customer attention. There are certain colors, shapes and designs that are known to carry desired messages, and if these are used properly, they can comprise designs that help an Internet marketing campaign. Therefore, design is of central importance for every web page being launched today. Read what experts have to say about this at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

The Merits of Publishing Content with Entertainment Value

Here’s an interesting take on web content. Experts look into the value of creating content for the web just to amuse readers. Well, this certainly is one way of engaging readers and developing a fan base. You can also weave handy advice into such messages. This means that you will benefit in at least two ways. You can simply expand your fan base by entertaining them, and you can also pass industry and company-related information on in this way. Read more about this at Hubspot.

Your Social Outreach and Search Ranking are Increasingly Governed by Good Content

With every update that Google makes to its algorithm, greater emphasis is on content quality. Google does not need you to do too many other things. The focus is on content, and if you do this right, you are sure to move up the search ranking ladder. There is a reason why Content is King. It drives customers to your products and services and gives them real information about it. Marketing your brand any other way does not match the way that content markets your brand. For a more detailed view of this, read what the experts have to say on Search Engine Land.

Giveaways are Still Capturing Leads and Increasing Conversions

Internet marketing experts say that giveaways are effective when you want to grab leads. These leads automatically mean more conversions, and so they claim that giveaways result in an increase in conversions. Customers still find giveaways appealing, which is a positive sign. It tells us that people are using the internet and internet marketers are not wasting their time. You can read more about this at Unbounce.

Your Authority Website Must be Well Focused on Content

With Penguin’s recent update, websites have again been penalized for violating previously mentioned guidelines. Content is the focus now, and your website must have fresh and up-to-date content that speaks volumes for your business. It is pointless to go for all those previously practiced tricks in SEO when Google has been telling you time and again to focus on creating worthy content. Read more about Penguin 2.0 here at Econsultancy.

Great Tips for Choosing WordPress Plugins and Themes

The best themes to go for in WordPress are those that can be customized easily. All you want is complete control and this is true for the plugins you install. You will need to study all these before you make your decision. Although you may always switch themes at a later time, it can still cause you issues. Therefore, it’s best for you to be entirely sure of what you want to go for. You can read more about this at Jeff Bullas.

Tumblr’s Role in Marketing Your Brand

Tumblr is definitely one of the most active social media sites around. It has to be on your social media strategy apart from Facebook and G+. It has special features such as a younger fan following as well as other attributes such as a look and feel that is user friendly. Top brands are using Tumblr prolifically in order to spread their content around. Read more about why you should use Tumblr at Practical Ecommerce.

Turning Your Website into a Cash Cow

There are certain techniques that are used by expert internet marketers that actually turn websites into money-generating machines. These techniques can be passed on and they are not secrets. Applying them is a matter of common sense, and you will realize this once you read through the strategies implemented. You may have tried for a long time to become someone who has benefitted from being online, but now is the time to correct your approach so that you can earn well. To learn more about these methods, you can read about the tips posted at Kiss Metrics.

Here’s How You Can Build a Lucrative Adwords Campaign

Contrary to common perception about setting up and running a Google Adwords account, it is quite easy to understand. All you need to know is what your customers demand and some knowledge of your competitors and a little 4th grade level math. With these in your armory, and some common sense, you can go a long way with your Adwords Campaign. Adwords has become more complex recently, and while this has happened, it has become an even bigger earning opportunity than it was before. Read more about this at Kiss Metrics.



A Comprehensive Look at Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads are helpful for users who want detailed information in an attractive manner. This is not complex for marketers to follow, but there are many details that need to be looked at and considered for a product. There are now entire white papers being written on this subject area, as people are certainly in need of more relevant information. You can read more about Infographics at Marketing Profs.

Content is Being Widely Recognized Now as the Main Feature in Marketing

If you really want to make sure you have a website that ranks well against your competitors, you need to focus on your content. There are a few other technical aspects that you need to get right, such as your page tags, but the bulk of the focus is now on your content. Many have tried to avoid this inevitable focus, but it’s already in their faces. There is no way of denying this reality, as Google proves this point with every update to its algorithm. Read more about how important content is for your website at Unbounce.

Work Your Way to the Top with a Marketing Flywheel

Learn about the marketing flywheel and understand its importance in marketing your business online. There are tons of things that are really very simple, but we tend to overlook them just because we have our focus elsewhere. We have a wealth of information made available to us thanks to experts in online business marketing. There are numerous points they provide and an abundance of information that new and upcoming web marketers can learn from. You can learn more about the marketing flywheel here at Moz.

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Friday Catch-up! Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week

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