Friday Catch-up: Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week (12)

friday catch upThe most anticipated day of the week is finally here! And with it, as usual, is our Friday Catch-UP. This week we’ve got news from Google and YouTube among others. Let’s go over some of the most important events of the week in greater detail.

News and Events

Google+ Unveils New Features in Bid to Consolidate Position

Google+ is considered a leading social network but it somehow lacks the allure of Facebook and Twitter. This is why there is not much buzz about it even when the number of users is increasing. Recently, Google+ unveiled five new features that point towards attracting more people and getting them to sign up. Overall, the aim is to improve user experience people get through Google+ so that retention becomes easier. Read more at eConsultancy.

Schema.Org: Tell Google Where Your Logo Is

Google has introduced a new markup organizations can use to tell the search schema.orgengine where their favorite logo is to be found. It is a concrete step taken by Google towards making branding easier for companies in particular. They can now easily associate their organization with a memorable and visually appealing image. Read more at Google Webmaster Central.

Ad Videos on Newsfeed plus Other Exciting Developments

Facebook has made ad videos available on the newsfeed. Brands will be able to display 15-second videos, probably in the sidebar that are on autoplay. The videos are expected to run on mute with users getting the option of turning the sound on. YouTube has rolled out premium subscription channels that will offer content to people willing to pay for it. This comes in the wake of Google updating YouTube video trends in real time giving advertisers more control over what works. Read more at Hubspot.

New Layout and Automatic Hashtags on Google+

The changes to Google+ seem to be coming thick and fast with the team also changing the layout of the social network significantly. Now, the display will show content across different columns to the user. Depending on the size of the screen being used, users will be able to see one, two or three columns. The increased span is expected to cover the entire width of the screen. Google+ also announced that automatic hashtags will be added to any content posted by users on the website, making it easier to find. Read more at Marketing Land.

Useful Posts worth Reading and Bookmarking

Will Google Catch Up to Guest Blogging?

The Penguin update last year caught a lot of websites off guard and hurt their SEO considerably. As a result, webmasters had to find alternative methods of link building. Among the most popular ones is guest blogging. Yet, there is a genuine concern that Google may be up to the task once again. It remains to be seen whether Google actually pursues guest blogging like it did unnatural links. Read more at eConsultancy.

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Matt Cutts Teaches You How To Use Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. On his website, Google’s Matt Cutts recently shared a long list of tips you can follow to improve your experience of using the browser. The list has been in circulation since 2008 with Cutts adding to it on a regular basis. Given his reputation, there is little doubt that the tips are indeed useful and helpful. Read more at Matt Cutts’ official website.

Optimizing 6 Key Marketing Metrics

As a marketer, your focus will be on using the best tactics for promoting a business. Yet, there are some key marketing metrics you might ignore which your CEO pays a lot of attention to. You have to work towards improving them if you are to keep your CEO happy. They are most based around the amount of money you have to spend on acquiring a customer. Read more at Hubspot.

Getting on Top of Disavow

Google hates spam and anyone who engages in spam. There was a time when most marketers and SEO experts were using backhand techniques to get the job done and Google is still trying to counter them. One of the ways in which Google ensures this is through the disavow tool. Yet, there are some question marks about how it works and whether it is of any use at all. This is why you need to understand the concept behind it so you can get on top of it. Read more at SEOmoz.

Shun the Standard Carousel

The carousel no doubt remains a favorite of eCommerce websites and most of them are using it. However, the conversion rate you can achieve through the standard carousel isn’t mindboggling or of a level which would make you feel confident about it. Therefore, you are better off trying to find alternative ways to get the conversions you are looking for. You will see the difference for yourself. Read more at eConsultancy.

Marketing on YouTube in 2013

The fact that a company making blenders is able to get over 200 million views on its video is astounding to say the least. It is a foregone conclusion that the company is doing something right to be able to get such a huge following on the video sharing website. Fortunately for you, there are some simple steps you can follow for marketing your business on YouTube in 2013. Stick to the plan and you will be able to market your business in the best way possible. Read more at Kissmetrics.

Google & Authorship Credit

google authorship mark upAuthorship is one of the major concerns for Google at present. The search engine has been trying to filter out spun and low value content and for this purpose it has been rewarding people who come up with fresh and originally content that is geared towards SEO. The Authorship credit is one of the ways in which you can enhance your credibility in the eyes of Google, yet Google itself keeps tweaking the guidelines available for Authorship. What is known though is that Google is looking to improve it. Read more at Search Engine Land.

How to Create Killer Vines

Believe it or not, it has been 100 days since Vine was first launched. Still, there are people who are yet to master the art of using vines to their advantage. It is for this people that a guide must be provided for creating killer vines. From defining the purpose to being creative, there are different steps you have to complete along the way to creating killer videos. Read more at eConsultancy.

Things to Learn About Marketing Automation

Online marketing is a tough and tedious job. You need to put in a lot of effort to get the results you are looking for. This is the reason why some marketers automate the marketing process. Even though they find it more convenient, there are some missteps they face along the way. So, it is better for them to be familiar with the potential pitfalls so that they can avoid them from the outset. Read more at Hubspot.

Plane Crash Safer Than Banner Ad

You would not believe it but stats clearly show that people have a better chance of making it out alive after a plane crash than they have of surviving an atrocious banner ad. One can’t help but feel sorry for the people who are creating banner ads that are used widely across the internet. Native ads are a much better option and offer some great advantages as well. Read more at Unbounce.

Making the Most of Google Suggest

Google Suggest is one of the most polarizing features of the search engine. It shows make the most of google suggestirrelevant things about your search query even as you start typing. What you might not know is that you can use Google Suggest to improve your content marketing skills. The key is to understand the basic tips and tricks you should follow. Read more at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Writing Awesome Headlines

The headline may not get the most attention but it is the catalyst for your success. Most of the time, people decide whether or not to read the rest of the content based on the headline. This is why there is no option for you but to learn how to create awesome headlines. There are some great tips and tricks you can use for this purpose. Read more at Unbounce.

Making Email Mobile-Friendly

The day is not far when at least half of the internet users will be accessing their emails through mobile devices. The conventional emails cannot be viewed properly on the condensed screen therefore marketers have to make their emails mobile-friendly. Else, they could end up losing potential customers. Read more at Marketing Land.

How eCommerce Site Can Build Links

Google has become stricter than ever when it comes to link building. The tactics you would have been using a year ago are no longer effective. You need to think out of the box and come up with innovative ways to build links for your eCommerce website. The first thing you need to do is to make your mind regarding the potential of link building for eCommerce websites so that you don’t have second thoughts later on. Read more at Search Engine Journal.

Videos and Infographics of the Week

Online Shopping in China

China may very well be on its way to becoming the largest nation in terms of online shopping. The Chinese are expected to spend £177 billion on online shopping this year alone. An infographic details the trends and statistics about China’s growing demand for online retail and how it compares to other nations. View the infographic at eConsultancy.

Google Search Throws Out Black Hat and Link Spammers

Matt Cutts recently revealed in a video that Google Search has had enough of black hat SEO techniques and link spam. After the summer, you would be hard pressed to find search results featuring any website that uses black hat SEO or has spam links. He revealed not one but ten different points regarding SEO. Watch the video at Search Engine Land.

Being Proactive in Terms of SEO

SEO is a constantly evolving art. The trends and techniques keep changing from time to time. Keeping pace with them is difficult but necessary. Therefore, you need to start preparing for the expected future changes in SEO to avoid getting caught like a deer in the headlights. You can learn more about it through this week’s Whiteboard Friday video. Watch the video or read the transcription at SEOmoz.

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Friday Catch-up: Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week (12)

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