Friday Catch-up: New Ways to Plumb Google’s Depths & the Skinny on China’s Cyber Czar

Well folks, today is the big day—Friday. And believe it or not, we have all the technology posts that matter most, (for this past week, atleast!). If you haven’t noticed, technology surrounds us, it penetrates us and even binds our world together. Some of it is not necessary any more like, land-line telephones, Amazon and desktop computers, etc., but let’s talk about the ones that are, like these, for instance:



Google’s New Card Interface Finally Goes Live:


This week we learned a lot about Google’s new offering. After months of Google having its finger on the pulse of its latest card interface, Google finally rolled out their new search engine display for mobile and table devices. Google had announced earlier that the new unified design will offer its users the answers they are searching for in a cleaner and simpler format.

For more info on Google’s new boxed look, check out


Google Says: Access, Empower and Act


At the recently held Google Analytics Summit-2013, Google announced the launch of (wait for it) no less than fourteen new features that will be rolled out gradually this year. The new features will help connect the right data to the right people, all the while giving its users the ability to analyze data and make decisions more accurately. Read all about it on


China Flexes its Fire-Walled Muscles Once Again


If you’re in China, this is going to be shocking news. Luckily you will be sitting down when you read and not half way up a ladder or a banyan tree.  Chinese media regulators have recently threatened to shut down mobile apps that didn’t comply with government guidelines. China, who has had a long history of blocking out news websites (ask CNN), said in a statement, that the censorship was necessary as many Chinese youngsters were using mobile apps to download pornography and obscene information. NO! BAD!

You can




Google makes it Easy to Expand Your Reach…Efficiently


With all the new products and news coming out of Google these days, it is easy to think that the minds at Google have more ideas than vision. This past week, the web search engine gave away great news for those who want the highest possible number of clicks in the form of six quick tips that can maximize the filtering process.

For more about it, read


Google Launches Cross-Diversion Conversions in AdWords


These days, businesses often own and operate multiple websites and consequently, multiple Adwords accounts, Google knows that. That’s why it has recently announced a few updates, namely the cross account conversion tracking and search funnel, that are aimed to help advertisers better understand how the keywords and ads across all their accounts can work together to lead to more conversions. Read all about it on


Because Your Email Address Matters


Do we realize what impression our email address is making on people? Probably not as much as we should be, says the article “Why the Email Address Matters”. If you are running a business, it is a must for your email to sound professional. To read all about it log on to


S.O.C.I.A.L: Why People Un-Follow You on Twitter?


Making the decision to follow someone or not on the social media site Twitter takes a matter of minutes and it’s basically all about how much the person is impressed with your Twitter profile and what you have to say. So, if you find that your tally on tweets is dropping, then it’s time you got on the monkey bars and shook up your Twitter strategy a bit. If you are looking for information on how you can do that, log on to


Facebook’s New Conversion Tracking Tool


For many people who are running a business, using Facebook to market their brand is nothing new. But there is one area that business owners usually complain about and that is the ability of tracking down the popularity of their adverts. If you want to find the true figure on ROI (Return on Investment) while using Facebook for marketing purposes, then you should probably use the Conversion Tracking Tool of Facebook to keep track on the all the good, the bad and the cloudy ads you place on Facebook.

For more information, log on to

Unruly Media Tries to Bring Sanity to Sharing


Just for grins, ask your grandpa how proud he was to use an LP back in the day. For today’s generation, even the thought of not being able to get their hands on audio and video content and pass it on to their friends via the many social media outlets is considered as blasphemous. Having over a hundred hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, no one understands the importance of understanding the alchemy of boredom better than a business trying to get their voice heard. Thankfully, Unruly Media has pledged to minimize the suffering by introducing their ShareRank metric.

Read all about it on


SEO Woes: Setting Expectations


Out of all the difficulties search engine optimization throws our way, nothing is more difficult than setting expectations, UGH! In SEO, quality does matter, but so does setting a business’s expectations in the proper way, especially when it comes to a changing world like that of SEO. If you happen to be searching for legit tactics to help you in online marketing, read on at


Taking Advantage of Second-Screen Usage


I’m only human, born to make mistakes. I think that’s how the song goes. But with almost every person owning a Smart phone, iPad or some other hand held device, it is crazy for businesses not to try and penetrate that area every single chance they get. According to a somewhat dubious report, nearly eighty percent of people admitted that they use another device while watching TV at home. So, the question arises, can brands take advantage of this opportunity? Of course they can, read all about it on


Using Expired Domains for Link Building


Many people simply search for high PageRank domains, register and 301 redirects the domain to their existing website. Marketers often use domain tools to check for dropped/expired or expiring domains that they can use for link building purposes. You ready to hear the details? Good, then read all about it on


Introducing the Smart List Cleaner Tool


And how cool is this? List cleaning just got a whole lot easier with the Smart List Cleaner Tool. The tool proves to be handy in a number of processes such as link auditing, merging lists from various domains and cleaning up site-wide links, etc.

For more information, log on to




When is the Best Time to Upload Photos to Instagram?


Effectual Instagramming is, first and foremost, about quality. That being said, it is also about posting the right photographs at the right time, and if you happen to be doing it to promote your business, then that need increases two-fold. Worthy subject and good composition a side, read the following link to learn about more on how you can get the goods while uploading photos on Instagram.


Mobile Websites and the Importance of Responsive Design


Whether we like it or not, responsive design is the next level for mobile optimization mainly because it represents a truly multi-platform experience which will enable people to have the best experience when it comes to surfing the net, no matter what device they are using. This is the main reason why more and more businesses are using mobile optimized websites for their businesses. Read more at


Measuring Up Your Value: Smart Thinking…Pass it on!


Content creating and content management is growing up, and with it are the ways in which you can stay ahead of the curve. But, it’s important that you know where the curve is, right? In an effort to fulfill an oft-forgotten part of the American dream, (that is, finding out if your company deserves a gold star or not), have a look at this on

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Friday Catch-up: New Ways to Plumb Google’s Depths & the Skinny on China’s Cyber Czar

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