Friday Catch-Up: Tête-à-tête with Google

There are very few joys in the world that compare to that of a coming weekend and no plans whatsoever. This is exactly what we’re going to do this weekend! Time to snuggle in a giant quilt, grab a cup of coffee, read our favorite books, and binge watch our favorite shows until we’re required by the man to extricate ourselves from our cocoon of happiness and walk into the office on the dreaded Monday.

Before we set off to hibernate, we’re going to need our weekly fix of internet gossip to see just what those crazy kids have been up to. So let’s head on over to the far recesses of the internet and dig up some clues gang!


Google Adds Voice Dictation to Docs

Better late than never is something to remember when considering the new dictation feature for Google docs. A discreet little mic button in the Google Doc window will now let you talk to the computer and see it type out everything you say. What remains to be seen is the number of languages that the service will accept and whether it has the ability to understand different accents. While this button has suddenly popped up on the window and has everyone excited, Google is still strangely silent on the addition, read more at SeoRoundTable.

The Facebook Crack Down

Facebook has started policing its commercial pages much more than usual not only on the social network but also on Instagram. While advertising for products such as illegal drugs, weapons, and other similar items was already prohibited on the social network, it has started to change the way that it defines commercial posts. The new regulations will also take into consideration Facebook posts on private pages, which may be promoting or selling items. Most of the focus; however, will be on posts discussing the trade of firearms or illegal drugs. Read more at The Facebook Newsroom.

Shopping Campaign Goes Global

Google has been rather busy this week. After the Voice activation of Google Docs, they have just made Shopping Campaigns global. Shopping Campaigns which was rolled out the previous year to limited advertisers was announced in order to help them organize inventory and optimize traffics. Looks like Google is finally trying to get rid of the accumulated animosity between them and advertisers. Read more at BlogSpot.


Human Emotions and Marketing

If you think you’re immune to the tricks of advertisers, think again. Marketers have been using emotional voodoo on us for years and have been succeeding at it. Not all marketers, however, have mastered the subtle art of using emotions and end up triggering the wrong one. In order to use emotional marketing effectively, marketers often refer to Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotion. He states that there are 10 ‘mother’ emotions that everyone goes through which include amusement, interest, joy, affection, delight, and pleasure. Oh the feels! Read more at BufferApp Blog.

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The Elusive Art of Tweeting

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools on the internet but there’s only so much information you can cram into a 140 character tweet. Some of us are born with Tweeting expertise, some achieve it, and some have tweeting expertise thrust upon them. If you fall into the third category, then you will surely take you time to get used to the platform. Luckily, Pam Moore provides us with some tips that will give us a head start. She suggests simplicity above everything and not overcomplicating the tweet. She also stresses on the need for the human element in tweeting and to focus on quality not quantity. Read more at Pam Marketing Nut.

The Definitive Checklist for Mobile Site Audits

Anyone that asks whether they need a mobile site should be sent back to 2005 when that question was still relevant. Today, it’s more about making your mobile site bigger and better, and making sure there are no glitches in it. In order to make the best mobile site that technology can deliver, Kristina Kledzik brings us the holy grail of checklists. It covers all aspects of a mobile site such as redirects, errors, and site speed so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the important stuff. Head on over to Moz and take a look for yourself.

Learning from the Neighbors

Some Canadian websites are just winning at Facebook marketing and it’s about time that we forgive them for Beiber and try to pick up a trick or two eh? Some of the most notable restaurants include Black Betty Burger Joint, Bearfoot Bistro, and Kawaii Crepe. What makes them stand out is the great use of images in connecting Facebook covers and profile images along with a strong call to action on the cover. Read more at Post Planner.

The Visual Power of Words

Typography has become a powerful visual tool in recent years and designers are using it in new and creative ways to showcase their products and provide appealing details. Carrie Cousins brings us some example of the best uses of Typography around the internet in order to create a hierarchy on WebPages. Visual hierarchy is important because it allows the users to learn from visual cues and understand the direction in which they must proceed. When used accurately, it may even help lead them to the shopping cart. View some of the most stunning uses of typography at Design Shack.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

What is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. When it comes to domain apparently, there is a whole lot when it comes to names. As new domain names keep popping up every week, businesses are faced with the challenge of choosing one which might work for them. Studies show that customers are more likely to deem a site trustworthy if they have an associating domain name going along with them such as “.edu” for educational institutions. For financial institutions, using the domain “.bank” may be effective whereas health and lifestyle organizations can go for “.yoga” or “.diet”. Read more at The Next Web.

The New Structure of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook seems to have taken a leaf out of Google’s book and won’t stop fiddling with its interfaces and algorithms. Nowadays marketers need to look out for each other and Francisco Rosales has done us all a favor by simplifying the new Facebook ad campaign methods. The new structure consists of three levels with the entire campaign at the top, followed by ad sets and then individual ads. The entire campaign responds to one particular objective whereas the ad set have allocated budgets. Read more at Social Mouths.

The Best Minds on the Internet

In 2014, it’s time to learn from some of the greatest minds on the internet. With the introduction of social media it seems that everyone has a small nugget of advice to provide. The trick to getting some of the best information is to find out who you need to pay attention to and who to ignore. Forbes recently revealed a list of 10 people that you should be keeping an eye out for if you want to know the best way to go about internet marketing. The list includes our favorite Matt Cutts, Neil Patel, and Michael Hyatt. Read more at Forbes.

Latin America and Technological Progress

In the dynamic technological industry of Latin America, there is always news to serve. This month, they’ve been busy with expansions and acquisitions. BoaCompra was recently expanded to Peru and Colombia while Stack overflow just released a Portuguese version. Xoom Corporation just acquired Blue Kite for $ 15 million in equity and cash. For more on what’s going on in the tech world of Latin America, head over to The Next Web.

Segments performance Analysis for PPC Optimization

When optimizing PPC efforts its best to divide your campaigns into segments. These segments need to be created after ample research based on your account. Some recommended segments include Branded-Generic; Branded-Specific, Non-Branded, etc. Read more about segmentation for PPC optimization at Search Engine Watch.


What Powers The Internet?

In a world where we are running on wireless, it’s natural to have a double take when you look at this image. Something that looks like it came out of a sci-fi novel or a Bruce Willis movie, the image shows the intricate undersea cables that bring data to all corners of the world. It’s almost astonishing to thin that fiber optic cables buried deep along the ocean sand have the capabilities of running the most powerful data and information exchange tool on the planet. Read more at CNN.

Whipping Up a Batch of PPC Marketing

We absolutely love any analogy that has to do with food but this baking guide to PPC marketing has left us informed and hungry at the same time. The first step is to gather your ingredients or the keywords and then set the oven. Setting the oven is equivalent to changing the default settings on the Ad campaign and then adding some delicious ‘Call to action’ icing on top. Please excuse us while we go get a cupcake. Read the rest of the recipe at Unbounce.

The Meet-Cute for Marketers

If you haven’t been there already, you need to drop everything and go on over to How I got my first three customers. The marketer’s equivalent of ‘How I met your mother’ this blog gets in touch with some of smartest entrepreneurs on the planet and asks them to share the story of how they started off. These intriguing stories are sure to be an inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs. You can even give in your own story so it can be displayed on the blog.

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Friday Catch-Up: Tête-à-tête with Google

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