Friday Catch-Up: The Internet Runs the Test of Time

1Hey everyone! Before we even say anything about the updates, let’s just close our eyes and think happy thoughts. That’s it, let all the accumulated stress and disgust of the work week dissolve, clear up your head, and bring out that wine bottle, because once you open your eyes, you’re going to need to see something worth setting eyes on.

If wine doesn’t quite do it for you (yeah right!), you could always visit our blog and have all the spicy updates of the Friday Catch-Up to get you intoxicated with a different kind of thrill. This week’s news and updates, after a long time, will thankfully not only comprise of what Google is doing, but also what has been happening with other Mac-daddies of the internet world. So, let’s get started before its Monday again!

News & Updates

Facebook Teams up with Shopify


Today is a historical day, because from now on, Facebook will be as much of a shopping destination as any place else. Shopify and Facebook are combining their unique talents and uniting to launch the “BUY’ button on the social media networking platform. This new advancement will now enable all users to purchase items right from their News Feeds, and without leaving the platform. Twitter did something very similar with the Buyable Pins from Pinterest a little while ago, and Facebook has caught up with the plan. Read more for the juicy details and keep your eyes peeled to computer screens – one look away and you might miss a wonderful purchasing opportunity! Search Engine Journal

Google Now Navigating Seamlessly

3The Google Now enigma is transforming, and from the looks of it, much can be said about its functionality. You know how monkeys are just more efficient in travelling by swinging from branch to branch? Imagine a platform that swings from app to app, if you will, what we have in the end is what Google Now on Tap is capable of. The navigation is very seamless and on Tap, Google Now will generate additional information about all kinds of content in applications. Intrigued? Us too! Read more here: Shared Story by Search Engine Land & Nuzzle

Google Redefining Mobile Search Results

4Google has been testing brand new way of showing large images in mobile search results and the new interface looks promising. It looks very similar to the images that we saw were being tested in December 2014, and now they are slightly larger in size and being placed on the left side of the snippet. This actually opens up a lot of doors for the Mobile search space and some very fine examples can be viewed here: Search Engine Land

Useful posts

Mobile vs. Responsive Websites

5Google changed the algorithms this year, and as we all know, the games of the internet have changed. It is becoming increasingly important for every website to have a mobile-friendly version, but responsive design is also an integral part of website design that has to be considered.  Some businesses are now creating a mobile version of their website, and others are creating entirely separate versions for their mobile sites. Read this post to understand the pros, cons and the importance of both kinds, to determine which one is right for your business: Semrush

The Future of Barcodes


The barcode came into existence back in the 70s and they surely have come a very long way since. There is barely any product available in the market today that doesn’t have a barcode printed in the back. And what do we get as results? Well, we have a number of processes that are eased like inventory control and cash registering for manufacturers and retailers alike. Additionally, it also enables data tracking that can help us understand the purchasing processes of the customers even better, but now, barcodes are changing and becoming more helpful with a little help from Google. Check out how: Capterra

Best Practices for Link Building

7Search Engine Optimization probably has more serious and controversial subjects that we have to deal with than Link Building, but that doesn’t suggest it isn’t important. Page Rank – the original innovation by Google – has made it a necessity for webmasters to acquire external links to enjoy certain advantage sand privileges in the search results. This led all major search engines to refine their methods of identification for artificial link building progressively and you can read more about it to find out what the best practices are: Search Engine Land

How Brand Marketers can help Your Brand – Case Study

8The brand marketers today, and their targeted section of the audiences, love case studies more often than not. This is because of two equally important reasons; case studies can be very compelling since they are a form of storytelling, and the when readers read cases, they automatically gain a feeling of a highly vicarious product trial. This can mean a lot of things, and it brand marketers the satisfaction of the product being effective, even when they haven’t tried it themselves and are only relying on another customer’s experience. Read more: Shobha Ponappa

Identifying Leaks and Loopholes in your Sales Funnel

9Click… Click, Redirect.

That’s what it’s like when an ideally potential customer leaves your website to find another provider, and if your conversion rate was a funnel, the water in the bucket will represent all your customers, drop by drop. This funnel can have a few leaks and loopholes that can cause a very significant amount of loss over a long duration of time and if the leaks are big enough, your business may suffer a lot. Read more to identify how and why leaks occur and what you need to do to fix the: Crazy Egg


Building Micro Communities with Blogging

10The whole conventional success of blogging and its growth only elaborates on how blogging can help monetize on the conversions and traffic on your website. Usually, it will take any blog from a website to start showing big results, and with a little more aggressive marketing, they can even shorten this period to almost six months. Building a community with blogging isn’t easy per se, but it’s easier than going without it. Read more here:

Recovering From a Negative Social Media Update


Often, it happens that a team member posts something inaccurate or totally inappropriate on your social media, and you can’t really stop them from doing it. What you can do is have a well-versed recovery plan that helps you when someone decides to wreck havoc on your account. There can be a lot of ways to go about your recovery plan, and it really depends on the post in question to determine the right route to take. Read more and find out how you can recover from a bad post, as if it never even happened: Social Media Examiner

Home Improvement Store Creates Something that Tweets

12The ‘bird’ has often been associated with Twitter as an analogy, for justified reasons, for different kinds of brand promotions. The purpose behind this highly creative and attention grabbing Swedish Do-It-Yourself stunt is quite admirable, and we love how the approach works so seamlessly. Read more here: Marketing Land

Awe-Inspiring Public Domain Images

13When you use bad quality, crappy images for marketing, your brand image eventually suffers for lacking originality. The images that you use can either provide an effective user experience, or a very bad one, and they are known to cheapen the value, destroy the conversions and leads and the value of your business drops. Finding high-quality images is another dreary task, and it requires a lot of time. Someone somewhere understood this urgency, and created spaces to curb this impending need of good quality images. Here are some of the best public domain images that are now available at marketers’ disposal. Read more: Shea Baxter

Great Gmail Plug-Ins that Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore

14When email was new, it was great, and every single message used to be so intriguing. Now, we get a hundred messages each day and unfortunately, it’s not that exciting anymore. The entertainment value may have declined substantially, but email still remains very important today fro business purposes. Out of all the email options, Gmail seems to have quite a huge following and it actually has everything you will need, if you know where to look. Check out this post as it spills some Gmail beans: Quick Sprout

Presentations & Videos

The Ten Monumental Slides for Every Startup Pitch

2015-06-12_17-48_jpgWe all aspire to be entrepreneurs in our relative fields and it may be a big dream for most, but some actually manage to make the cut and gain some exposure in the corporate world. Although, before you start a startup, you need investors that you will pitch your idea to. This is the one defining stage that can clearly depict whether your startup has potential, and the only information you will need to understand how to pitch your startup perfectly is available right here: Inc.

Increase your Ecommerce Revenues by Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

2015-06-12_17-49_jpgThe concept of cross-selling and up-selling aren’t relatively new; in fact, they are quite common tactics for resale used by conventional retailers. This technique can be effectively used to increase you revenues and keep your customers coming back to your products. Checkout this great infographic to see how these techniques can be used to help your revenues: Brain Sins


Putting the Smartwatch Adoption in Perspective

17Wearable devices are slowly becoming a norm, and they certainly have all the elements of igniting an entire technological revolution. The industry is up, consumer rates are high, but we still haven’t looked at the innovation objectively. Check out this post to see how the Smartwatch enigma can be put in to perspective: EMarketer

Once you’re done with all these amazing posts, reconsider opening the wine bottle maybe and have a ball this weekend till we return with more scoop next week.


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Friday Catch-Up: The Internet Runs the Test of Time

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