Friday Catch-Up: Unlikely Partnerships & Christmas Surprises

Hello my darlings. We’ve been together for a while now huh? In fact we’ve been so close that we wouldn’t mind if you saw us without our makeup on.

Forgive us for being a little emotional this week but the Christmas spirit does silly things to us and we can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Twitter and Google seem to be in the same spirit as they roll out some early Christmas gifts for us as Buffer and Mention partner up.


Conversion Tracking Goes Global

Twitter just announced that its conversion tracking capabilities will go global in order to allow advertisers get better insights into how well their twitter ads are doing in terms of conversion rate. It will provide valuable data not only on users that interacted with promoted tweets but also those that viewed them. This information should be vital to marketers looking to modify their twitter marketing strategies. Read more at Marketing Land.

Buffer and Mention partner up

We love it when two crazy kids realize their potential and get together. That’s just what Mention and Buffer did. Mentions media monitoring capabilities along with Buffers social sharing has it set up to become the most powerful platform for receiving alerts for mentions.

This partnership allows mentions to be shared on social media accounts and can be activated through selecting ‘Social Accounts on the Mention Dashboard. Read more at Social News Daily.

Debugging Support Comes to Google

Google unveils some great news for those that have been using structured data markup on their websites. The new addition of debugging support in the Webmaster tools dashboard will now tell you about any errors in the structured data as your website is crawled. Still in the beta testing phase, the tool will support rich snippet markups for people, product, services, recipes, music and events. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

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align=”center”>TIPS & TRICKS

Link Building in 2013

Looks like we’re not the only ones nostalgic at this time of year. Everhart of Search Engine Land looks back at the year 2013 as it was for link building. 2013 was a confusing year for link building as it died earlier in the year only to be resurrected by content marketing. In fact, its new found life was even rechristened as ‘Link Earning’. As the love-hate relationship with Google went through many ups and downs, public relations, and media outreach were added to the mix. To us it seems Link building is more confused than Schrödinger’s cat. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Simplification in redesign = Increased Conversions

Yeah, the math seems a little off to us too, but the people over at Crazy Egg say otherwise. Keeping in line with the ‘less is more strategy’ they found that beautiful design doesn’t necessarily mean increased conversion rates. Just because it looks nice doesn’t mean it’ll sell. In fact, removing product detail information and redundant images had a positive rather than negative impact. They found that providing too many options to customers leads to a longer decision making process which may lead them to reconsider the purchase. Read more at Crazy Egg.

Using Tailored Audiences to your advantage

Twitters tailored audiences were welcomed with open arms by marketers when they first arrived on the scene. This meant that Twitter was finally giving some attention to marketers by letting them target specific users according to their accounts. Ben Plomion of Convince and Convert shows us some great examples of how the new feature can be used. Suggestions include use of old content, creation of new ones, and even targeting those that have been searching for a product similar to yours.

Ecommerce Challenges for the Year to come

Ecommerce is that treacherous territory that only the daring seem to attempt. As new perils unfold every few months, Practical Ecommerce takes a look into its crystal ball to tell us just what pitfalls await us in 2014. The first problem was cited as ‘Free, 2 day shipping’ as Amazon has upped their game. Mobile design and mobile marketing will also be challenges to finally tackle and conquer. Seamless selling along multiple devices and platforms is another issue to take into consideration. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

The Best Looking Ecommerce Sites of the Year

It’s all about the looks for some people. People have always been skeptical of purchasing things online. The difficulty in navigation is what contributes to the issue keeping in mind that online shopping once promised convenience. Smashing Magazine has just compiled a list of those that have been able to go that extra mile and gained success with users. Some notable examples include Bonobos, Indigo, Banana Café and Madeforfun. See the beautiful examples at their site.

Instagram Direct for Ecommerce Marketing

Instagram’s new direct messaging feature has opened up a smorgasbord of opportunities and we can hardly hold onto our excitement. Imagine the possibilities! It can however be very easy to get carried away with our thoughts this is why Chaney of Practical Ecommerce brings us some guidelines to follow for the best results. He suggests the introduction of a photo contest, the announcement of a new product, special promotions or our special favorite; a group chat Q&A.

EBooks that teach you about EBook Marketing

This is more Meta than we can handle. EBooks are great linkable assets and serve as something that will keep you connected with your users even when offline. Marketing an EBook however has its own unique challenges. Ann Smarty of Search Engine People brings us the definitive list of EBooks that teach us the best methods of EBook marketing. Those that were part of this EBook-ception include “Publish On Amazon Kindle With Kindle Direct Publishing”, “Building Your Book For Kindle” and “Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book”. Read more at Search Engine People.

Email Newsletters We adore!

Newsletters are a rite of passage for those that have visited the vast plains of email marketing. Making a newsletter however is more complicated than it looks and is much more than just compiling an entire list of products to sell. Ginny Soskey creates a list of the most stunning newsletters that she came across and explains why they’ve been succeeding at their newsletters. Reasons for their success included relevant information, beautiful graphics and that X factor that’s missing from others. These included NoshOn.It, The Skimm and Litmus. See more of them at Hubspot.

What we know about Nofollow

It seems that Google has been playing mind games with us when it comes to Nofollows. Marketers have been in a frenzy trying to decipher the cryptic messages being thrown at them. Ginny Soskey ran a few tests to determine just how nofollow works. She found that Google’s algorithm was smart enough to leak link juice even if content was nofollowed and not to leak link juice when faced with comments. She also found that nofollows did not affect Google Authorship. Read more at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

PR Driven Link Building

Link building has always been a little complicated to implement effectively. Jess Champion at Moz tells us the 8 steps that helped her integrate PR and link building for effective results. She stated that the very first thing was to have a story. In case there wasn’t a story, then you’d have to create one. This story creation would be based on the going-ons of the company but in case nothing is happening, running a survey would be a great way to make something happen. Read more of her suggestions at Moz.

align=”center”>INFOGRAPHICS & MEDIA

The Best Online Brands of 2013

Nielsen just unveiled a list of the best of 2013 showcasing the best web, video and smartphone brands of the year. They reported that smartphone usage had increased to 65% which were divided 52% and 41% between Android and Apple. The top 3 web brands of 2013 in the USA turned out to be Google, Facebook & Yahoo! whereas the top 3 video brands were YouTube, Vevo and Yahoo. Brands leading the smartphone game were Facebook, Google Search and Google Play. Read more at Nielsen.

Noone Likes a Bragger

Retweeting favorable comments about you or your product is a great way of showcasing feedback but will definitely backfire if done in excess. Gary Vaynerchuk’s SlideShare gives us some impressive insight about how important it is to maintain a human identity on Twitter. This human aspect means that users will also treat you the same as any other. When you continue to brag about how well others think of you, it is sure to become tedious, leading to a negative view of your brand. View the rest at SlideShare.

Separate IP Address for Country-specific sites

Matt Cutts provides us with answers again. This week’s question asked whether it was okay to have one IP address for multiple country specific websites operating under separate Top Level Domains. Although matt cuts stated that it would be preferable to have multiple IP addresses for country specific sites, it was not a requirement. This is because Google is able to distinguish between IP addresses as long as they have different top level domains. View the full video on YouTube.

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Friday Catch-Up: Unlikely Partnerships & Christmas Surprises

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