Friday Catch-Up: Updates from Telegram, Facebook, and Google

During the first week of October, the Promodo team was discussing the news from Telegram; numerous updates from Facebook, including launching a “Messenger Day,” sharing stats, and introducing Marketplace; and travel trends from micro-moments.

Besides, our experts visited Ukrainian E-Commerce Congress 2016 in Kiev, gave a speech at Kazakhstan Media Summit 2016 in Almaty, attended the Second Big Conference for marketing agencies organized by Yandex in Moscow, and networked during Social Media Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali. Now, they are full of creative ideas and equipped with new tools.


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Ru.Net: 2016 Key Stats

This week Promodo experts think over the facts presented in the newest “Economics of” report. Some of them require your closer attention if you’re working with websites:

• Index of using digital technologies by companies – 80%.
• Index of using digital technologies by individuals – 59%.
• Index of using digital technologies by government – 50%.
• Сontextual advertising market in Russia earned about RUB 80 billion, which is 15% more as compared to 2015.
• Content marketing earned about RUB 20 billion (-1.5% as compared to 2015).
• The context market is divided between the two major players – Yandex and Google; the other players are extremely narrow and niche companies.
• Every third active user on the Web pays for online content.

Great News from Telegram

If you’re a gamer, you should be glad to welcome a bot-powered Gaming Platform on Telegram. It doesn’t require disk space and doesn’t increase the size of the application. The Company developed a solution to allow the users of the app to play in chats. Although the graphic design looks simplistic, the sound makes the gaming experience quite interesting.

Telegram Gaming Platform

There are about 30 games ready to be played on Telegram now and hundreds of them are to be released soon. It’s possible to play with your friends or with a bot, e.g. type “@gamee” on a chat and start the fun.

Another great thing is that you too can build a game for Telegram, so check the API. Some games available took only a few hours to build, so think about choosing among puzzles, arcades, real-time strategy games, and multiplayer 3D-shooters.

Facebook Goes Global in 2016

Another interesting topic that caught the attention of our experts was a cross-border business handbook issued by Facebook. It contains a brief information about countries where the company operates, including e-commerce size, Internet population, digital shoppers, smartphone users, digital travel sales, and other data.

Facebook report 2016

Let us share some amazing facts about the United Kingdom:

• E-commerce size is USD 110 billion in 2016 (projected).
• 2x more time spent on Facebook than YouTube.
• 17% of Brits planned to purchase more online.
• Top categories discovered on Facebook were entertainment, cosmetics, and tech (26% of total).
• Facebook could reach 4 times more people than national newspapers in the UK combined.

Facebook Introduces Marketplace

With the data provided above in mind, it isn’t surprising that Facebook introduces Marketplace where people can buy and sell things with each other in their communities. Individuals have been trading and advertising goods and services on social for years and now they have a convenient place to discover what is on sale nearby, get advice from the seller, buy something useful, and get rid of the stuff they don’t need.

An interesting fact about this application is that it opens with pictures of items sold near you. The popular categories include Household, Electronics, and Apparel. You can also filter your search results by location, category, or price.

The app aims to help a buyer and seller make a contact and negotiate deal details. Facebook doesn’t facilitate the payment or delivery of goods in Marketplace. A useful feature added by the developers is a possibility to save the item to find it later. Each one has a brief product description, the name, and profile photo of the seller.

Now the app is available in the U.S., U.K., Austalia, and New Zealand. New countries will be added to the list in the coming months. Meanwhile, find out how it works in the video below.

Another great new thing is a shop section for a Facebook page, which lets you sell physical products to your clients right from your page. This section was created with a focus on small companies and therefore supports manual loading of each item separately. The bulk upload is not supported at the moment.

This section is still in beta testing, so it’s available to a narrow circle of pages administrators, yet this option looks promising.

Travel Trends 2016: Micro-Moments Provide More Insights

More travelers turn to Google and YouTube in micro-moments, so marketers and business analytics can learn more about who their potential clients are, what they want to visit, and how they make decisions. Thinkwithgoogle platform presents some useful data to consider:

• Top 5 fastest rising cities in 2016 are Reykjavik, Havana, Toronto, Mexico City, and Tokyo.
• Travelers search online to find ideas for a trip and also to get their journey right, e.g. interest in travel hack videos on YouTube x16 in 4 years.
• Customers are researching travel on mobile, but book and purchase on desktop.
• Smartphones become on-the-ground research tools that allow people to be spontaneous, e.g. about 85% of leisure travelers decide on what to do and where to have a dinner only after having actually arrived at the destination.

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Friday Catch-Up: Updates from Telegram, Facebook, and Google

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