Friday Catch-up: Yahoo Redesigns its Search Results and Netflix becomes a Global Internet Phenomena

Howdy… looks like its Friday once again, so step right up, because we’ve got information galore. We’ll bring you up to speed with deep-behind-the-scenes news of what’s hot and happening in the elusive world of cyberspace. From Search engines to mobile case studies, what you will find here is all related to things that any entrepreneur, freelancer or successful businessman would appreciate discovering, so avoid at your own peril!


Yahoo Redesigns Its Search Results:


In a bid to compete with its rivals, Yahoo has reengineered its search results. The search engine seems to be planning a huge make over by adding images to the mix. Visitors who use the Yahoo will now be able to view large images on the right hand side of the page. Since the new design is still in its testing stage, for the time being, the images will only appear for some queries.

For more on this, you can log on to

Tweet It On: Twitter Unveils New Time-Line Feature

The micro-blogger recently introduced a new tool to its IPO dubbed “Custom Timelines.” The feature is the first significant service being provided by Twitter, as the company takes aim for another player who is already offering a similar service (Storify). The intention of the new Custom Timelines feature is to allow Twitter users to set up their own timeline that contains topics, hashtags and more from Tweetdeck on events that they want to share with the public.

Read all about it on

Google Now Rolls Out Waze Traffic Reports and RSS Style Cards

This past week Google made a major announcement for its Android users on its Google+ page. Google Now update pack tweaks your search options with some neat new Cards, which adds real time Waze traffic reports and reader like website updates and web topics on the things you care about. And that’s not all, Android users can now track their packages with a handy feature that gives them alerts when their packages are in store and ready for pick up. If you’re jonesing for more stuff to dive into, log on for more information at


High Quality Freebies: Payment Icon Set


This week Speckyboy is giving away a huge collection of some of the most popular payment service icons in its Payment system icon set.” The  icon set contains fifty absolutely free vector glyphs for most of the popular payment methods, all exclusively designed by Russian designer Artem Ottoson, which come in transparent PNG, JPG and editable PSD formats.

To learn more about it log on to



20 Cool and Inspirational Twitter Wallpapers

Take a quick look at your Twitter background wallpaper. Do you feel inspired? If not then you should copy one of these twenty inspirational Twitter wallpapers from the businesses that have got it right. Whether it’s a pithy quote, cute kittens or a breathtaking landscape, you can use your Twitter background to market your brand to others without making it look too obvious. You can read more about it on

Russia: The Land of Original Entrepreneurship


With a population of roughly 144 million, the startup scene in Russia has brought about some pretty impressive figures for the Russian economy. Out of all their SMEs, twenty of these startups stand out, because they are pretty successful while the others are getting there. With a large market and eager investors, Russia has transformed itself into the largest internet market in Europe. You can read all about these 20 Russian startups from cities such as, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk by logging on to

Getting a Cyber Monday Retail Makeover


Just so you know, Cyber Monday, falls on December 2, and in case you haven’t been keeping count, that’s about two weeks away. Since this is one of the busiest times of the year for ecommerce websites, having a robust Cyber Monday marketing campaign is just what you will need to drive more visibility to your website. From mobile and technical considerations to wrapping your head around popular queries, focusing on an aggressive Cyber Monday marketing plan is what you need to do. For more information on how you can get this Cyber Monday right, log on to

Is Link Building Officially Dead?

It’s no secret that the conventional methods of link building are no more. With directory links no longer having an application, Press releases slapping a no follow rule and paid links just being too risky, the controversial question often arises, is link building officially dead? You have probably heard the adage, don’t build links, build relationships. In other words, link building is not done for, it has just grown up. You can learn all about link…I mean relationship building on

Tapping in to Interesting Marketing Opportunities

Different cultures have different festivals and traditions that are celebrated with enthusiasm throughout the year. While some of the more famous festivals that stand out when it comes to marketing potential is of course Christmas, which is recognized globally. There are other traditions, national holidays and events that could also offer opportunities for businesses to push their products and effectively engage their audience. Some of those customs and celebrations are given in the following link

The Best Selection of Mobile Best Practice Posts

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a great mobile app? Or what are the ingredients of a great mobile strategy? Then the guy down at just made your life a whole lot easier. To help you out they have compiled a list of some of the best mobile posts and reports of this year along with useful tips, stats and reviews that will be enough to transform a small army of clueless entrepreneurs into scary-good monsters of profit. To read all 75 of them, log on to

Improving Your On-Site Search Results

A web page is a crucial piece of the customer’s search experience. Many businesses fill their retail websites with so much information that it gets difficult for the potential buyer to sift through, eventually leading to them clicking away to another website. Because sorting through product information becomes such an arduous task sometimes, to prevent customer frustration, it is much better to have a simple summary of the most important details of your product. For more information on how you can improve the usability of your retail website log on to

New Feature Rolls Out on Twitter’s Tweetdeck

We don’t mean to spook you buy featuring this news piece twice, but the new “Custom Timelines” button on Twitter’s Tweetdeck is a big deal and we think you’ll like having it in your tool kit. The new feature simply allows you to grab tweets and put them into the timeline with the help of directional arrows at the bottom right hand corner.  The only caveat here is that it hasn’t officially been rolled out for all Twitter users yet. For more on how you can use this new feature to embed or create your own feed log on to

Is Hummingbird a People Pleaser?

There is a simple explanation for why Google rolled out Hummingbird, and that is, because Google’s new algorithm interprets the way people search. Remember the time when searchers would type in a sentence and hope that the search engine would take us to the right place instead of us having to go through a wild goose chase. Well, Google’s recent Hummingbird update gives websites a fair chance in making it up the ranking page with decent SEO and original content (can’t stress that one enough!). For more information log on to


Netflix: A Global Internet Phenomena


A latest report carried out by Sandvine shows that Netflix accounts for nearly thirty-one percent of all streaming video activity during peak times in America, while YouTube takes eighteen percent of video activity. The report also suggests that most of the viewing is done on mobile devices, which goes to show that the popularity of streaming videos on mobile devices has only increased. For more about it log on to

The Tactics that Drive Email List Growth

One of the things that keeps marketers up at night is finding effective means of acquiring new customers. If you happen to be an online marketer who is scoping the net and print media for ways in which you can fill up your customer/subscriber list then a recent report carried out by ExactTarget should give you inside information on some of the most effective tactics and persuasive voodoo that will help you acquire email subscribers and bring in the big bucks. To read all about it visit

Utilizing Mobile Phones in Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Most mornings look like this, we wake up with the alarm and sleepily grasp for our smart phone to scroll through the latest news and updates. According to analysts, by the year 2015 most people will be accessing the web via their mobile devices than their desktops. But according to a recent study carried out by Usablenet, only  thirty percent of American shoppers actually use their Smartphones for shopping.  To read all about it log on to


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Friday Catch-up: Yahoo Redesigns its Search Results and Netflix becomes a Global Internet Phenomena

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