The Friday Catch-Up: YouTube Set to Launch Music Service

Friday Catch Up Promodo Round UpThe fiery hands of summer have been holding on to us and just can’t seem to let go. After making the most of the sand and sun, we’re stuck here contemplating what to do with the sunburns and sweat that accompany those days. This sure does feel like our infinity within infinity and we cannot wait for the summer to end.

Luckily, we can distract ourselves momentarily by turning to what we love best; Gossip! Yandex; the Russian Search engine has been upping its security while Facebook’s Slingshot is still suffering from a critical identity crisis.


Yandex Increases Security by Encrypting All Queries

Yandex makes search queries not providedThe EBay fiasco followed by the more Dominos data theft one is sure to keep all corporations with personal information on their toes. While this change to encrypted queries is great news for Yandex users, the marketers find themselves in a bind as keyword data is often left unprovided. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Facebook Slingshot: Time for a Hat Trick?

Facebook SlingshotSlingshot has come and gone so many times, we are starting to get whiplash. The ironic twist of fate that has governed this interestingly titles service by facebook first came to our attention when the product was accidentally launched and then withdrawn. The creators behind the app however are not ones to lose faith and keep attempting to gain success from this Snap Chat competitor. Considering this three shot miss along with a worthy contender in the market, the chances of Slingshot’s taking over the market seem quite dim. Read more at TechCrunch.

YouTube to Launch New Music Service

You Tube to launch music serviceWhen we first heard this news, we could barely hold onto the edge of our seats. No matter what we feel about Google, YouTube is the one undisputed product we absolutely love. This video sharing giant will now be moving into rather obvious territory that was just there for the taking. While Google Music had already been on the market, this YouTube based music service will be paid. Google has already partnered with several music labels. We must be mistaken but we do remember a certain company named Apple making a similar move in the past few weeks with their acquisition of Beats Audio *Cue ‘Anything you can do, I can do better*. Read more at Reuters.


Why Content Strategy is Your Best Friend

why content strategy is the best friendIf we got a penny for every time we heard about the importance of content strategy, we would be able to afford that mansion on the hill, we always daydream about. One thing however is for sure. To start implementing content strategy effectively, we need to understand what it is first. According to Kristina Halverson of Brain traffic it is “Planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content”. The importance of content strategy is reiterated so many times because it is the one thing that help eliminate redundancy and stagnation in content. Read more on how to build your content strategy at Distilled.

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Write Less to Write Better

Writing is that unwieldy beast that most of us on the internet are trying to tame. There is no telling where that pen (keys?) will lead you as you put your literary journey onto paper. As important as quality is, the fast paced nature of the internet always has readers screaming “moar” before the day I over and you haven’t even started on your next project yet. This is when you make the decision of whether you want to write better or if you want to churn out as much as you can. (Hint: It’s the first one). The faster you write the more generic your content is going to be. Remember that unique content will take you a much longer way even if your posts aren’t as frequent as those of others. Read more at Authority Labs.

Fixing Common SEO Issues

SEO is full of surprises. Just when you think you’ve finally gotten a grip on this dragon’s neck, it pops out another head to bite at your ankles. Lucky for us, Alan Bleiweiss tells us how to avoid advanced SEO issues and troubleshoot them. According to him, the SEO world is getting harsher by the minute and the complexity of the situation is getting worse as Google keeps rolling out updates. It’s time for SEOs to make like Circus Charlie and jump through those fiery hoops to make it through. Read more at Isoosi.

Learning from the CEOs: Interview with Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird who recently took over Moz as the CEO was recently interviewed by Andrew Warner. She answered several crucial questions that have been plaguing entrepreneurs and addressed the challenges that most of them face after they have managed to set themselves up. The very first challenge she addressed was that if titles where newer smaller companies are eager to name themselves VP or Chiefs of departments that don’t yet exist. A lack of foresight in this regard can cause problems as more experienced professionals are brought in at the later stages. She also suggested the need for someone in the company who provides diverse ideas and challenges those that have been presented. This will help both think out of the box and remove the lens that restricts current entrepreneurial vision. View the entire interview at Mixergy.

How to Rank Well on Amazon

How to rank well in Amazon
The Buyers Search Engine is a crucial tool for those selling on the site and in order to reach your customers, y
ou need to be on that front page. All those working in commerce know that this s when you start putting your eggs in Amazon’s basket rather than Google’s. With three times the search volume when it comes to products, those in commerce need to understand the differences in approaching marketing on Amazon. The metrics used on the website are very different from Google focusing more on engagement rather than uniqueness. Special attention should be put on the format of the ad, the kind of image you are providing and the title of the ad. Read more at Moz.

Socially Shared PPC Content

Top socially shared PPC contentNo one has to tell marketers about the importance of Pay per Click marketing as part of your campaign. The strategies everyone implements to climb this mountain however differ dramatically. To find out which strategies work best in this rugged terrain, Boyd Norwood, Nelson Scoville, and Andy Eliason teamed up to find who was doing best and what strategies they were implementing. Their study revealed that the most prevalent strategies being effectively used included tips and Lists in content marketing, releasing How To guides and discussing the ever present question; Google vs. Bing. Read more atSEO.

What to Ask Yourself When Creating a Website

top questions to ask yourself when designing a siteThe creation of a website is central to your online marketing efforts. While optimization and other marketing efforts are crucial, they will all suffer if your website is poorly designed. While you may overlook this point, but marketing is actually the preceding step to website design and begins with what you start displaying on the page. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself for a successful website include describing your target audience, determining the purpose o your site, defining your core values and much more. These questions will ultimately help you reach a solution that will help you gain more understanding of your businesses and built a site that can easily market online. Read more at Marketing Land.

Finding the Best Online Form Creation Services

best online form creation servicesForms are crucial parts of websites and are a great way of collecting useful information from a client. In addition, you can use these amazing tools to gather crucial data for a survey if you’re planning to roll out something big in the future. Google Forms is perhaps the most well known free form service. Another great one is Wufoo which provide some great additional features such as the creation of customized charts. It does have some limitations on use and a minimal payment. Read about more great services at Zapier.

Using Facebook Groups to Market Your Business

With so much focus on the creation of business pages, it’s no surprise that Facebook Groups often go overlooked. This amazing little tool is great for you to get in touch on a more personal level with your customers. While it won’t provide you with the analytics and statistics to see how your posts do, you will be able to engage in more meaningful conversations and create an important community. Read more about them at Post Planner.

Critiquing Landing Pages

landing page critiqueOli Gardner did what not too many of us have the guts to do. He took a katana and just hacked through landing pages pointing out all the errors that web creators often make and how they suffer from them. Rest assured, he only used his powers for good. The very first victim on his list was the Annuity store. He was especially averse to their use of large, All Caps headlines which didn’t deliver information on their product. The repetitive blue theme also met the wrath of his angry blade. The Weddingful Party too was not safe as he challenged the effectiveness of the tagline and even the name of the site itself. Grab a bag of popcorn and read through this one at Unbounce.The best part is when he critiques a children’s hospital with no remorse in his cold cold heart.


Blogs about Content Marketing

30 best blogs about content marketingThere is a lot of information out there regarding the best practices of content marketing. Not all of them however deliver the right kind of info0rmation. On the other and there may be some which focus on a few correct aspects but fail to be a definitive guide for the new marketer. This is why Catherine Pham compiled here favorites into one slideshow. Her picks include Convince and Convert if reading on social media, Top Rank Blog if you want to know more about online marketing and Brian Solis for Social Media and Public relations. Read more at SlideShare.

Managing People and Content

The above two challenges are perhaps the primary concerns of entrepreneurs. Even if you’re online and you’re sharing content to engage with your customers, it won’t do much if you don’t have an effective strategy in place. Strategies need to be developed based on target audiences and the people that will be interacting with your product and content. With regards to people management, Hilary Marsh suggests creating a plan where special importance should be put on governance structures to manage the people in your company. Another factor she focused on was the presence of empathy based personas to interact with in the workplace. Read more at Slide Share.

Consumer Search Behavior

Consumer search behaviorWhen researching for keywords, there’s a need to understand how searches vary according to consumer behavior. If you have been searching for keywords to promote your brand then you will already be aware of the various tools available to make it happen. The first source of such information for marketers is that of Search Queries in Webmaster tools. Site Search in analytics is typically the next venue whereas Search metrics is a paid tool that delivers crucial information. Read more at Built Visible.


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The Friday Catch-Up: YouTube Set to Launch Music Service

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