Friday Catch-up: Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week (18)

This Friday brings with it some controversy, some good news and some really amazing innovations from internet giants Facebook and Google. So let’s read some news, procrastinate a little and enjoy the distant rhythms that remind us of the coming weekend.


Facebook Introduces Graph Search

In perhaps what is the most talked about new feature of Facebook, the Graph search is an answer to the prayers of those who were tired of creepers. After beta testing the feature for 6 months and obtaining feedback from selected users, Facebook finally implemented it across the social networking site. Graph search is a great way of searching on the site that allows you to narrow down your search in intricate ways. It allows you to enhance the social experience buy accepting searches such as ‘people in high school who liked music’. This is however still independent of web search which is kept available for open ended queries. Read more about this smashing new feature in Vaughan’s fantastic article on Hubspot.

Android Update for Google Maps

Google loves distressing its marketing and coding users but it is a biased mother when it comes to android users. Yet another update for android’s Google Maps has a cleaner interface and gives regular traffic updates to help you plan your route. It also provides news about incidents which may have occurred on the road. Other than safety it also focuses on entertainment by introducing a new way to browse for popular locations. A quick access feature can also make specific or regular routes to be saved as offline maps. Read more at Mashable.

Voice Calling for Hangouts: Mobile users left out in the cold

We might have to take back our claims as Google sidelined their android users when updating their Hangouts app with a new voice calling feature. Fans understandably were unhappy about this move. This feature isn’t new. The ability to call people from within Gmail existed some time ago but was removed. This puts users in a bit of a confused state. Hangouts was merged with Gtalk previously which used to be a chat only feature. The re-introduction of the calling feature makes us question the future of Google Voice which is a shaky program in need of an overhaul. Critics believe that this move was similar to Facebook’s and was made only to keep up. Facebook however being a social networking site adapted to the technology more easily. Read more at techcrunch.


Resources needed to make a logo

Ueland on Practical Ecommerce, provides insights on the resources needed to create the perfect logo for your product. A logo goes on every correspondence and activity done by the company. It is imperative that the logo projects the identity of the business and is memorable enough for people to identify with the corporation. Logo design has become a very intricate process. Smaller businesses need help when it comes to logo design. Ueland lists very useful resources that you must check out if you have a logo that needs to be designed or even need some inspiration. She lists 18 useful logo websites and galleries to surf through.

How the IOS7 will affect marketers

The IOS7 has the most dramatic change when it comes to user experience and interface as compared to previous versions of the phone. This makes marketing on the phone a little challenging since the game has been considerably changed. The development of Safari Web and the ability to open multiple table means that web browsing as opposed to local apps will be easier. Marketers should start entering the mobile well, with websites optimized for view by the Safari browser. Another great feature the file sharing app which allows users to swap files with other apple owners in the same vicinity. This is a breakthrough for marketers who can use this tool to send coupons and deals to users.

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Making Catchy E-mail Subject Lines

People receive a lot of spam these days. Subject lines are the only way the marketer can make sure that the user clicks on the email and reads it instead of lumping it with the other spam and deleting it. Unbounce suggests that you should be specific and tell them exactly what the email contains without beating around the bush. Personalizing emails by name or order number or any other feature information that is known makes the user more likely to read the email. Read further important tips on

Dominating the Entire First Page of Bing

Once you have conquered the mighty giant that is the first page of Google search, where do you go? To conquer the yonder land of Bing of course. Bing is only second to Google when it comes to search and is steadily rising. The announcement of Apple’s collaboration with Bing as its default search engine is a giant curveball. Now that Apple users will be searching via Bing, marketers are going to rush towards the website. Increase your paid search listings. Although not as developed as Google, Bing’s paid search will still be able to increase your visibility. Other methods may be image searching and ‘Places for Business’. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

Guest Posting Lowering the quality of Content

Websites have now begun to charge writers to have their work published. Not only is it appalling, but it is also a very dumb move. Instead of hiring able and talented writers, websites are now offering their web space to writers to pay for their work to be published. According to Morris, sites that encourage such practices will most likely fail. This is because they will never gain access to good quality content. She suggested that writers demand to be paid for their work and that marketers should be sensible about the situation and hire writers of their own. Read more at State of Search.

Using Location Based Apps to their Full Potential

Marketers have not realized just how perfect location based apps can be for marketing. Marketers can use the information they received upon installation of their app to know the location of the user all the way up till the particular shop that they’re in. This makes targeted marketer so much more accurate than before. A popular shoe company made sure their app users didn’t visit competitors stores by sending a discount coupon or offer every time a user stepped into a competitors store. Read more at Econsultancy.

Google Dynamic Remarketing: A Test Run

In one of our previously posted Friday Catch-ups we told you about Google’s new remarketing feature and how it would target users and show them content based on previously viewed items. Practical Ecommerce went ahead and tested Google’s claims with surprising results. They found that the rate of conversion at cart abandonment increased. Cart abandonment refers to users who clicked on preferred items but failed to go through with the transaction. They even found that non-viewers of the product were not as profitable as viewers. Read more about their experiment and fascinating derivations at Practical Ecommerce.

The Quest for Better Content by

The World Wide Web has spread at a great and uncontrollable rate. This means that there is a lot of content floating around the interwebs which is simply useless and hinders our ability to reach content that really matters. In order to solve this problem, 3 Door Digital and Lindex have collaborated to create The idea was to provide a platform where digital designers, content creators and marketers could come together to share their ideas. This resulted in some stunning content that was not only interesting but visually attractive. Read more at State of Search.

High Returns Rates on Online Shopping

When it comes to online shopping, there are many factors which have been removed from the user experience. They are unable to try on their clothes and determine their size which leads to very high return rates when it comes to online shopping. Although many shopping sites provide size charts and measurements, problems still arise mostly because all humans weren’t made in the same moulds and a lack of understanding and explanation both on the part of the customer and the retailer. This can be solved by more in-depth sizing charts, explainer videos and product imagery. Read more on Econsultancy.

20 Years of Web Design

Is it too early to be nostalgic about web design? Kelly takes us back through 20 years of website designs that show just how far we’ve come from 1993, when the first ever website was published. Showcasing the signature style and vibrant colors of 90s web design and the transition to cleaner interface in the 21st century the post is a sweet walk down memory lane and a must-see. Go view them at Hubspot.


Six Fold Increase in Affiliate Marketing on Mobile Devices

Affiliate marketing on Mobile phones has seen a six-fold increase within the previous two years. A study by Affiliate Marketing shows that 18% of sales are derived from mobiles and tablets. Results also showed that although the use of mobiles and tablets is increasing, users still prefer the desktop when it comes to online purchasing. View the informative infographic over at Econsultancy.

Purchasing Behaviors on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

A study by “From Social to Sale” analyses the purchasing behaviors of various users across the 3 popular social networking sites; which are Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. The results showed that Pinterest users are the most likely to do impulse buying when they view a product whereas users on Facebook and Twitter mostly make purchases of products that they might have been previously considering. Look at the visually appealing infographic and gain some fascinating insights regarding social behavior at MarketingProfs.

How Marketers Should React to Google Changes

Google’s recent algorithmic and ranking changes have caused Moz to make it an exclusive topic for their Whit Board Friday. Apart from the customary freak-out, they advise marketers to assess the situation and try to understand the changes that were made. If you see yourself falling down in the rankings make sure to look at how others around you were affected. This might just be a reordering. They advise against immediate dramatic steps which may backfire on the marketer. Wait until you’ve understood the changes and then take an informed deliberate step. Watch the video or read the transcript over at Moz.

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Friday Catch-up: Most Important News and Posts about SEO and Online Marketing this Week (18)

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