The Friday Catch-Up: Nerds Get a New Playground

friday-catchup-nov“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we have walked our way to the castle beyond the goblin city” to bring you the latest and greatest that occurred this week in the land that is the internet. We went all out this week, looking through every nook and cranny in the internet and even checked under the proverbial rug so nothing slips by us. This week it seems that the internet bigwigs have been quite active with Google making changes to Glass and LinkedIn sprucing itself up a little.


The Google Glass Developer Kit has arrived!

In what is a revolutionary move in technology, Google just introduced the Google Glass google-glasswareDeveloper Kit (GDK) allowing developers to start building native applications also known as Glassware for the technology. Developers have been absolutely giddy with excitement and have already pounded out a few glass apps such as the ‘Allthecooks’, ‘Spellista’, ‘GolfSight’, and ‘Wordlens’. This exciting new development has us and many others on the edge of their seats as a new playground has been given to us. Read more at Marketing Land.

Linked In Introduce Showcase Pages

linked-in-showcasepagesGoogle Glass is not the only one getting spruced up before the holidays, as LinkedIn introduces some very interesting changes. LinkedIn introduced showcase pages which allow companies to create pages featuring specific brands or sub-brands of the company. Each user can create up to 10 pages for free, which seems like a very good deal to us. Read more at Hubspot.

Post Scheduling Made Easier

Perhaps the greatest gift that Facebook has given to marketers is that of post scheduling. The process so far was however so tedious that it required more than 12 steps to complete. In an effort to make it more efficient, Facebook recently made an update which dilutees that process down to 4 steps and can even be seen in the activity log. Read more at Marketing Land.

Double Click Advertising introduces Executive Search

In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent by advertisers in the creation of multiple campaigns with little modifications and changes, Double Click announced ‘Executive reporting’ which allows users to report and share campaign data, segment them and present them in a user-friendly visual format. Read all about this helpful software at Double Click Advertising.


The Landing Page Headline that Converts

Marketers are always working towards a reduction of bounce rates. Add to that the need for an increase in conversion rates and you can understand why marketers are so concerned with the structure and content of landing pages. What the bounce rate hinges on in fact is the headline of the landing page. It needs to be compelling and engaging and must entice the user to move on and read the rest of the page. Some features that make sure that a headline leads to an increased conversion rate are to make sure it’s focused relevant and talk about the benefits that the user can receive. Read more suggestions & view some great examples at Unbounce.

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Building your WMT Dashboard

wmt-dashboardIn an effort to recover from the blow received after Google eliminated keyword-level data, Benjamin Spiegel provides tips about how the WMT dashboard can be used in order to serve as a proxy. He suggested the use of granular data which is clean without special characters turning up illegible. He stressed on the need of quality of content with suggestions to make it much more interactive, categorizing it and using it to tell a story. Read more valuable suggestions at Marketing Land.

Segmentation of the Target Audience in a Passive Way

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator has long been preferred by marketers in order to segment their target audience. The amount of bias and lack of certainty in the assessment however makes it a somewhat unreliable source. Jack Holt of Online Behavior suggests that a more passive approach with the acronym OCEAN is adapted. The aspects of target customers that will be taken into consideration under this method will include, ‘openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and Neuroticism.’ Read an in-depth explanation at Online Behavior.

The need for Linkable content

There is a prevalent problem of bad linkbait on the internet where links that add no value linkable-contentor hold no utility for the user are forwarded by email. This often includes content which has simply been stolen from other sources and rehashed to form new content. These links unfortunately are characterized by spikes in linking followed by a swift decline. They are meant to stir up controversy, have irrelevant content and provide no information. Cyrus Shepard stresses on the need for linkable assets which deliver 10 times more value in this article at Moz.

Why marketers need to know HTML

With many software and CMS systems allowing marketers to create their own websites and online content, marketers are under the misconception that learning code is something that is not important to them. The problem is that in today’s technological world, if marketers want to stand apart from the crowds and deliver unique content, they need to have an adequate understanding of HTML. All marketers must understand the basics of the Hypertext Markup Language and learn the difference between it and CSS. Although it’s not necessary for marketers to be experts at code, they should know the basics of it’s inner workings. Read more at Hubspot.

The new features of AdSense

Google analytics has recently reported two additional features to AdSense; Exit Reports and Revenue. In order to start implementing these features, you will be required to link your analytics and AdSense. Link brand accounts by accessing the Admin settings, clicking on AdSense linking and then Link accounts. 3 kinds of reports that can be generated currently include Pages, Referrers and Exits. Read a more detailed account over at Analytics.

Twitter Mistakes that the Experts Make

twitter-blundersWhen it comes to social marketing, small business owners may be wondering just how the larger companies do it. Not all companies however are running perfect social media campaigns and are not immune to blunders. Brands like IKEA, Whole foods and Intel have been caught making mistake alike starting tweets with a ‘@ mention’, going overboard while hashtagging on Instagram, neglecting to add a banner photo on LinkedIn and not adding descriptions to Pin boards. Read more at Hubspot.

Brands Failing at YouTube Marketing

A recent study revealed that out of the top 5000 channels on YouTube, only 74 of them belonged to brands. This deplorable number, when pitted against the fact that YouTube is the most visited social network, paints a pretty bleak picture for marketers. A study showed that not only do users visit it more often, they also spend more time on it. The problem behind this phenomenon has been attributed to marketers not viewing YouTube as a social network and simply dumping videos on it. Read a more detailed report on Econsultancy.

Email Subject Lines that Deliver

There is a lot of stress on creating compelling email subject lines which will entice the user to click on the email and read it. Ginny Soskey collected a list of compelling subject lines that really delivered. Some of her favorites included Barack Obama’s simple ‘Hey’, Buzzfeed’s cautionary lines and JetBlue’s offers and benefits. See more examples over at Hubspot.

Sensory Branding in Marketing

Highly effective marketing strategies being used by some of the biggest brands online include delivering to all five senses. Small businesses can add brand value to their campaigns if they cover the same bases. It is important however to not deviate from the brand strategy and invoke emotions that will help consumers connect with the brand on a personal level. Adding visual elements, sound, conducting taste tests, allowing trial and initiating touch and even using signature perfumes to trigger memory by fragrance are ways to add brand value. Read more at Search Engine People.

Understanding Schema

schema-cheetsheetMarketers have always had trouble understanding what this handy tool really does. Ann Smarty created a handy guide which answers any and every question that you may have about Schema including valuable information such as its functions and pitfalls. Currently supported by Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex, Schema has become the preferred method used to structure the content within a rich snippet. Read more at Internet Marketing Ninjas.


Disavow tool for Negative SEO

matt-cutts1In this week’s video by Matt Cutts, he answered the question regarding the use of the disavow tool even when no penalty has been applied. The disavow tool is used in order to correct the damage done by bad SEOs strategies in the future and clean up. Matt suggested that using the disavow tool is recommended for use in cases where spammy sites that did not take down links even after contact, negative SEO or bots generating links. View the video at YouTube.

Flashbacks: How technology progressed

A Kissmetrics infographic tracks the progress made by social media, OS’s and browsers over the past decade. They revealed that Chrome was currently the most popular browser with more than 750 million users while the most popular vendor in the US was Apple Inc. Regarding computers, it was found that Windows 7 was still the most used operating system while Android was dominating worldwide. Look at the infographic over at Kissmetrics.

Modern Marketing Automation

With a shift from traditional to modern marketing, the methods in which marketers marketing-automationinteract with their customers have changed. The 5 tenets that need to be followed today include ‘targeting, engagement, conversion, analysis and marketing technology’. It is important to understand just how consumers are using technology and the manner in which they are interacting with it. A study of internet behavior will reveal the steps that need to be taken by marketers in order to reach them effectively. Read more at SlideShare.

20 most shared videos of 2013

Christopher Ratcliff has compiled a list of 20 of the most shared YouTube videos this year. In first place was Dove’s real beauty sketches which contained an important message about having a positive body image followed by Hump Day by Geico and Baby and Me by Evian. Other contenders included Budweiser, Pepsi Max and Volvo. View the videos over at Econsultancy.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Nerds Get a New Playground

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