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How to find expired domains: best places to buy expired domains with traffic

November 27, 2020
7 min

Imagine a perfect SEO world with traffic coming non-stop to a newly created eCommerce website or a related blog, with the backlinks placed right where you need them, relevant keywords carefully selected for your business and even with its name and the domain name known among the target audience. Making this real is possible with the domains, that were previously used by someone else but their shelf life has expired. These are called expired domains. Where to buy expired domains with traffic and backlinks, – Alex Zhytinskiy from Promodo gives an overview of the best places to find expired domains for sale.

How to find expired domains

There are various ways to find expired domains for building Private Blog Networks, satellite sites etc. Expired domains with traffic can be found at auctions, dedicated search sites and registrars.

Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of websites that place a number of links leading to another website. Its primary goal is promoting the main website.

Satellite Site is a supplementary website that is regularly and extensively updated with content used for promoting the main website.

When you buy expired domains you automatically receive:

  • Quality external links, that are already up and running;
  • Trust of search engines;
  • A unique link profile, i.e. your competitors won’t be able to place links on your satellites.

Follow this article to get a list of resources for finding international domains in the .com, .net, org, and other zones,  as well as various regional expired domains for sale.

Expired domains with traffic: best places to find


“expired domains godaddy” is one of the most popular queries when you search for expired domains, with the Godaddy website being a top-of-mind domain registrar that has an auction.

godaddy advanced search

What is good about this service is the selection of filters you can use in terms of the auction. You can select an expired domain filtering by:

  • Keywords;
  • domain zone (Extensions);
  • Type (Expiring Actions, Public Buy Now etc);
  • domain categories (Attributes);
  • Traffic;
  • Domain Age.

Benefits. The platform is a good fit for searching high-quality expired domains with traffic and positions. Along with that, such websites are still working and bring traffic, and when you buy an expired domain, you will not have to change the domain registrar. So there will be no downtime of your expired website either, which is an additional check on the Google’s checklist. In addition to buying expired domains, here you can register new ones if needed, as well as use various additional services provided by the domain registrar.


Another service for buying expired domains with yet another auction on it. Here you can also place a domain backorder and get ready to roll the dice of getting recent expired domains. There are lists with a number of expiring domains in popular international zones, which you are free to analyse if you expect to find something worthwhile.

dropcatch expired domains

The platform provides easy filtering options, and you can also filter out a number of expired domains that are not something of interest to you. But I would still recommend using the Downloads tab on the website – it helps to download expired domain lists to further analyse them using dedicated services.

Probably the most popular service, which is significantly different compared with the ones we mentioned above. This is a large-scale domain aggregator you can use for free. Here you can find a great number of domains of different domain zones, including both international and regional ones.

The domains are divided into 2 groups:

  1. Deleted domains. These are lists of domains that are already deleted or about to be deleted;
  2. Marketplace domains are domains from various platforms collected in one place. You can purchase those at the auction or at a higher price. By the way, Godaddy and Dropcatch we mentioned above can also be found here.

Once you open the expired domains list, you’ll see a number of columns with the following sorting options available:

  • by date when domain expires;
  • by referring domains and pages;
  • the size and the quality etc.
expired domains list

In addition, some columns displayed can be adjusted inside the account, so that you only see the necessary parameters.

There exist numerous filtering options: you can filter by indicators popular services like Majestic and SEMRush use, and other characteristics:

  • domain name contains a set of symbols or words;
  • domain name does not contain a set of symbols or words;
  • domain is available in site catalogues;
  • domain country;
  • time when the domain expires;
  • domain zones;
  • number of referring domains/pages;
  • website name.

The above list contains a small part of features, that are present on a dedicated website for expired domains search.

buy expired domains

Once the domains are filtered and sorted, you can see the expired domains list which is easy to analyse right on the website or download in the preferred format. Please note that new users will have the Download option only in 2 weeks after registration.


An excellent solution for those who search for expired domains with traffic on a regular basis. The service is paid and can help decrease the time you spend on expired domains analysis and selection. Its functionality pretty much resembles expireddomains but with much more options of filtering, sorting and analysis. Moreover, there is an integration with Ahrefs available. The Ahrefs API can be used to access the data directly on Spamzilla. You can also filter by the services like Majestic, MOZ, Semrush. What is also good about such integration is that you can select websites based not only on the language but the number of anchor links which refer to the website.

spamzilla expired links

Another benefit of the service is searching by links, namely:

  • by keyword in the anchor of a link;
  • including a specific domain, which refers to a potentially expired domain;
  • not including a specific domain, which refers to a potentially expired domain.
expired domains with traffic

The list of benefits this service provides to expired domain hunters. In my opinion, is the very best option and the possibility to gain more data about each domain without leaving the website.

Within the expired domains list, you can get lots of data grouped in sections:

  1. Archive contains screenshots of a website from Webarchive, which allows to quickly get the topic of the website and check if it has ever changed.
  2. Backlinks provides information on links, in the following format: referring page – anchor (the same way you see it in Ahrefs).
  3. Anchors. A list of anchors used to refer to the domain.
  4. Redirect shows available redirects of the website.
  5. Ahrefs/Majestic contain various information about the domain uploaded from the services in question.
  6. Drops contains information about the changes of NS address domain.
  7. Index shows the presence of domain pages in Google index.
  8. Ranking keywords are key phrases for website ranking in Google.
  9. Lang History is the history of language versions of the website.
  10. WHOIS History is the history of WHOIS changes.

The options available make the webmaster’s work on analysis and domain selection much easier.

In addition, having an expired domains list, you can also analyse it by all the parameters present in Spamzille – just upload your list and it’s done!

No matter if you are just considering buying an expired domain for your business or already searching for one, you can always request help from our team.

Written by
Alex Zhitinskiy

Senior SEO Specialist

November 27, 2020
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