How to Increase the Online Presence of a Well-known Offline Brand | PPC Case Study

Search Engine Land figured out that three-fourths of people (75%) say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they are searching for on a website or search engine. One-third of people (33%) click on a paid search ad because it directly answers their search query. 

Apart from that, there is another undeniable benefit PPC can provide to eCommerce brands that are building and want to increase the online their online presence. Below we share a case of our Turkish client growing their online presence on the Ukrainian market.


  • increase the brand’s online presence
  • ensure the growth of a new audience;
  • reach the set level of sales, maintaining a positive ROAS.

Initial Data

LC Waikiki is a well-known brand in Ukraine: the first offline stores appeared 7 years ago. In 2018, the brand decided to launch an online store in Ukraine. Featuring women’s, men’s, children’s clothes, accessories and shoes, as well as maternity clothes and household goods.


To increase the online presence of the LC Waikiki brand and ensure the growth of a new audience, the AIDA model was chosen. It corresponded to the tasks we faced at the initial stage.

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adia model

Increasing brand awareness on the Internet. Work with media and search campaigns

At the first stage it was necessary to declare that the brand has gone online. To that end, we launched a large media campaign on Google Ads and a new user campaign on Facebook Ads.

We used custom audiences by interests, audiences of involved buyers and created look-a-like audiences similar to website visitors in different segments (users who placed an order or added a product to the cart).

To collect the generated demand, we launched brand campaigns.

lc waikiki uk

To collect the generated demand, we launched brand campaigns.

Development of categories. Search campaigns and dynamic remarketing

At the first stage, it was decided to launch only advertising campaigns on keyword categories to acquaint the audience with the product and identify its needs. After the user came to the website through general queries, remarketing was set up for them.

The main ways to buy were as follows:

Reduce the cost of the transaction

We attracted a fairly wide audience and decided to focus on users with the intention of buying.

To optimise the budget and reduce the cost of transactions, we left DSA, Shopping, Smart Shopping campaigns. Dynamic remarketing on Facebook worked on a regular basis.

During the promotions, media campaigns were connected to Google Ads and Facebook.

In order to optimise our advertising campaigns, we have disabled search category campaigns and replaced them with RLSA campaigns.

RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) – use of remarketing lists for search ads. The tool allows you to change bids and advertisements based on the behaviour of the user who visits the site repeatedly.



CPA decreased by 62.3%.

General results

A well-developed promotion strategy and the selection of optimal tools for paid traffic channels in less than a year helped to increase brand awareness online and ensure constant growth of a new audience.

Transactions on LC Waikiki’s website grew by 10 times, in proportion to revenue.

Such a result was also achieved thanks to the wide online store assortment, its constant replenishment with new positions, and regular deliveries to the warehouse.

With the advent of quarantine, the brand had to close their offline stores and optimise all work processes shortly. Under the new conditions, the LC Waikiki team tried, first of all, to take care of their customers, therefore, reduced the minimum order amount available for free shipping from the online store and increased the time for returning any goods.

This approach, together with well-designed brand campaigns, has helped to retain users who already bought online and attract new customers who did not order products online before the quarantine period.

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How to Increase the Online Presence of a Well-known Offline Brand | PPC Case Study

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