How to Make the ‘YouTube’ Magic Work for You

They say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ In this case, it will only be justified to say that a video, with the added elements of sound and motion, is worth a million words. Given the invincible popularity of social media, it should not come as a surprise that YouTube is an emerging internet sensation. Initially intended as a dating site, YouTube has evolved into a lot more.

The influence of social media cannot be denied. When YouTube is mentioned, it is only normal to conjure up images of fitness fanatics working out or silly videos of people sleepwalking, but there is more to it than meets the eye. YouTube, when used proficiently, can serve as an exceptionally effective marketing tool for businesses that promise to deliver dramatic results.

Internet, which is playing its part as a promising platform to achieve desired exposure, has too much competition, regardless of what product or service you are trying to sell. In order to survive the aggressive competition, going an extra mile is an inevitable ingredient to prepare the perfect recipe of success. This is where YouTube steps into the picture.

YouTube is, as the slogan signifies, all about broadcasting yourself. It is no longer only a video platform. Given the scope of its reach, YouTube now has its standing as a social network. With Twitter and Facebook being the social media giants, a shocking revelation is that despite all others, it is actually YouTube following closely behind.

  • One out of every 400 tweets on Twitter contains a YouTube Video.
  • YouTube has the second most popular search bar in the world of internet, second just to Google.
  • 2.9 billion hours are spent on YouTube in a month.

With such appealing statistics, if you are able to create an innovative and attention-grabbing video, then YouTube is definitely a good place to start. The best aspect associated with YouTube is that now since it is owned by Google, videos on YouTube are not only indexed by the search engine but they appear at the top of search results as well.

Unlike any other marketing tactics that often leave a hole in business owners’ pockets; since videos are   hosted and uploaded on the website for free, all you are achieving through it are millions and millions of viewers for little to no cost. This makes YouTube unbelievably the most cost-effective marketing solution ever. Industry giants, the likes of Levis and Coca Cola are using them and for good reason. Where else do you get to secure such global reach without making any huge investments?

With a clear and concise video worthy of viewing, if you are able to get your message across and are able to trigger the call-for-action, you know that you have certainly got the wheels going in the right direction.  Promoting business on YouTube is quite easy and a video useful to prospects and customers can benefit your business well beyond your imagination. While there are ways to make the magic work for you, some fool-proof tips to market your product while interacting with your customers at a more personal level are briefly listed below.

Do What Works

There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel as there is always the risk of it not striking a chord with the viewers. While one may find it hard to believe, a close observation of videos on the site will make you realize that the ones that are doing well are those that are either funny or useful. Take time to find out what is working with the audience and get inspiration from there. Find out a bunch of videos with the highest ratings, most subscribers, most comments or views and try to put a finger on what they are doing right.

Use Keywords Wherever Possible

One of the most common ways people will be directed to your video is by searching for something specific using keywords. Therefore, you have to make sure that keywords are incorporated organically into tags, titles and descriptions. You can use the Google Keyword Tool that helps you to find alternatives of the keywords for use in additional tags. For instance, if the keyword is ‘plant potatoes’, then

Title – How to Plant Potatoes

Description – Are You Looking For Effective Ways To Plant Potatoes? Watch This Tutorial Now.

Tags – Plant Potatoes, Planting Potatoes, How To Plant Potatoes, Grow Your Own Potatoes, Growing Potatoes At Home

Make Your Video Appear As a Suggestion to Relevant Videos

A great route you can take to increase your video viewership is to find the most viewed video with the same market as yours and copy the tags it has listed. This way you can make sure that you are listed as a suggestion at the end of that video.

Choosing an Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail Image

An important aspect that is often overlooked is the thumbnail image. Business owners assume that creating a powerful video is all there is to it. Sadly, they fail to acknowledge the importance of an attractive thumbnail image. Since the thumbnail image is the first thing that will encourage any viewer to click on your video, make sure it is something that makes the audience select your video over others.

Customize Channel for the Added Charm

Before you start uploading your videos, customize your profile to leave a strong first impression. List relevant information about yourself and make sure you add a link to your website.

Adding URL to the Description

Add URL in the “http://” version in the start of your video description as this will allow people to click on the link and eventually get to your website or blog.

Make Use of Multiple Calls-For-Action

With YouTube, you can overlay text in the video which can be used for the calls-for-action.  There are a variety of calls-for-action you can use on YouTube and the most popular ones are briefly listed below.

  • Follow me on twitter
  • Subscribe to my video.
  • Follow me on twitter.
  • Visit my blog for more exciting videos.
  • Check out my channel.
  • Post your comments.

In a nut-shell, using YouTube for your business promotion can offer all the assistance you can ask for to leverage your company’s image. Using it effectively can be a bit challenging but once you get hold of the things, you are going to stop at nothing short of success.

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How to Make the ‘YouTube’ Magic Work for You

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