Marketing Tips for Real Estate Websites

The estate agent market is a highly competitive niche which looks much like a battlefield, where companies are fighting to conquer every potential client. How to build an effective marketing strategy and what to start with, if you are only planning to enter this market – Kirill Dubinin, Overseas SEO Specialist from Promodo shares the tips.

Organic search remains one of the most important channels to attract traffic. In 2019, it was the channel that attracted most of the eCommerce visitors to websites. The largest real estate market players receive more than two million of visitors from organic search monthly.

traffic of a real estate website

Traffic data from SimilarWeb

SEO is one of the most effective channels to attract traffic to a real estate website. The results from the search engine promotion have a delayed effect, but the cost of conversion from this channel is several times lower than from PPC. Even if your efforts on the search engine promotion is temporarily suspended, the website will continue to receive traffic and conversions.

Promoting a real estate website in search, in terms of marketing, it’s very important to define the types of pages that are likely to bring organic traffic. Let’s take the niche of electronics. Here optimisation of flypages works well, but in the estate agent sector, most of the traffic comes from website categories created for queries like: “apartments in London”, “buy an apartment in Southampton”, “buy a cottage”, etc. Keep this in mind when you start your marketing campaign.

How to bring an estate agent website to the top positions in SERP

Marketing Tip №1. Perform keyword analysis

One of the basic SEO optimisation techniques. Search, collection, and analysis of requests in the real estate niche allows us to track results as well as create non-obvious pages for user requests. Each new page created on the basis of demand analysis is a new entry point to the website. More entry points mean more traffic. This is a good marketing tip. In addition, if the page exactly matches the user’s request, the conversion rate will increase as well.

Marketing Tip №2. Create a Google My Business page

Having an account with Google My Business is important among estate agents that have their offline presence in one or more regions. Thus, users can find a company not only in organic listings but also on Google maps. In addition, a GMB profile allows to display extended company information, including phone numbers, in response to branded searches.

Marketing Tip №3. Use schema markup

Schema markup is a special tool that helps to explain data to Google bots. If this is implemented well, it means that a search engine encourages the website with various visual blocks that will help an estate agent stand out in the search results and increase CTR.

One of the most effective types of schema markup is the FAQ entity. With its help, you can double or even triple a snippet. To do this, add frequently asked questions and answers to them on the category pages and mark them up.

google snippets

Estate agent marketing will benefit from SEO filters

Filtering the characteristics of real estate items, helping a consumer to choose a property with the right parameters, is an important option that is often overlooked.

SEO filters are optimised CNC pages (pages that have a URL consisting of clear words) with a filtered list of objects. They are available for indexing, linked with the parent category, contain breadcrumbs, optimised meta tags, and possibly SEO texts.

These pages collect additional traffic for the queries of low-frequency and, as a rule, are more conversational than parent categories.


Top SEO Companies

Marketing tip №4. Use link building on your estate agent website

Backlinks (external) links are another factor counted by Google ranking. But there are several nuances. Firstly, websites that refer to you need to receive traffic and be located within the domain zone of the country you are focused on. Secondly, this only works when the receipt of links is based on a preliminary analysis of the niche and competitors. Such an approach will bring the maximum effect from link building and be useful in terms of brand recognition.

Create and optimise a mobile version of an estate agent website

In September 2020, Google will move all websites to the mobile-first indexing. If you already have a mobile version of the website, then here are a few points that you should implement to optimise it and improve your Google ranking:

  • the same Robots meta tags should be implemented on both desktop and mobile versions of the website;
  • the mobile version of the website should contain the same materials as its desktop counterpart;
  • use the same, clear enough and informative headings;
  • check if the structured data on the desktop matches the mobile versions. Breadcrumb, Product, and VideoObject can be taken as examples;
  • implement the same metadata on both versions of the website.

 cpc data from ahrefs

CPC data from Ahrefs

Marketing tip №5. Add language versions to the real estate website

Moving forward in this direction is a good idea for real estate agencies with their target audiences located in several countries or bilingual regions. 

New language versions are likely to generate additional traffic on the website and will help increase user loyalty by offering content in their native languages.

Marketing tip №6 or the things to keep in mind when adding new language versions to the website

  • think how the language versions will be divided: into domains (.com, .uk, .pl, etc.) or into subfolders (domain.en/pl;;
  • link language versions of pages with hreflang tags
  • translate content and meta tags;
  • link language versions in Google Search Console.

Marketing tip №7. Regularly update blog content

Website sections that are not updated regularly are seen as a lower priority by visiting Google bots. Try to publish four articles per month. This way, you can publish a minimum of 52 new quality posts during a year. While Google will definitely notice that your website is constantly developing. 

What to write about: help your users find useful information about the region in which the property is for sale. Tell them about cultural background and places of interest, entertainment and restaurants. Such content will definitely become a new entry point to your website, increase brand awareness and affect the number of conversions.

Marketing tip №8. Aerial survey usage on real estate websites

Photos from a drone will show real estate objects from a different angle and let consumers to better examine it. In addition, these images pose unique content that is important to with any type of promotion.aerial survey

What else can be done to get more conversions on an estate agent website

Marketing tip №9. Add your estate agent website to large aggregators

Referral traffic shows excellent results in terms of the number of users attracted. This way, 41% of the total website traffic of a common real estate website comes from referral sources. At the same time, 96% of them are from the site-aggregator of real estate objects.

Traffic data from SimilarWeb

What are the benefits of placing the information about a real estate website on various aggregators:

  • traffic and conversions from the requests that are not yet in the top of a promoted website;
  • traffic and conversions from the frequent queries, which are difficult and expensive to move to the top.

Marketing tip №10. Set up contextual advertising

Large real estate websites do not use PPC that often, they usually focus on organic promotion. Local websites or estate agents focused on selling property in a particular residential complex can benefit from this opportunity and attract traffic through search advertising. Here the market is not yet overheated and the CPC is not very high.

Marketing tip №11. Add contact information to every page

Do not make the user search your contact details when they wish to make a call. Add contact information to the main menu, and make sure to implement the functionality that allows to perform the target action from any place on the website.

Marketing tip №12, the final one. Encourage the user to purchase while they are on the website

Usually information like “last item in stock etc” encourages the user to complete the conversion. In the niche of real estate rental, this method is actively used by 


If you want to quickly assess the situation, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your real estate website – contact our specialists for advice. We will conduct a full audit of the project and provide recommendations on improving commercial performance, increasing traffic and sales.

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Marketing Tips for Real Estate Websites

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