Paid Advertisements on Facebook- Reach the Right Ones

Paid advertising is not something that needs introductions and when it is done in conjunction with platforms like Facebook, the results rendered leave business owners utterly delighted. Maintain an effective web presence, one that helps you to reap profits in the long run, is easier said than done. However, with a phenomenally popular website like Facebook, anyone can work up the social media magic.

Social media is known as the fool-proof strategy that is not only effectively used to engage prospects at a more personal level but is being used to successfully portray a positive brand image as well. Amid all the other perks, perhaps the most amazing is the way social media facilitates marketing. In many regards, it will be only justified to say that social media has redefined the way businesses do marketing and paid advertising is no exception.

Paid Advertising on Facebook- Perks to Ponder

The advantage of using Facebook for paid advertising is that in the digitally sound society we live in, it is for such platforms that an advertisement can be tracked easier than ever before. The best aspect associated with Facebook paid advertising is that success or failure can be much easily measured. You just don’t sit around waiting for things to work in your favor. If things are not going as planned, you can always use content to target more relevant traffic.

An effective strategy to market your business appropriately lies in finding out where your target demographic is. Since a vast majority of people use Facebook for one reason or the other, it is only practical to address them there.

Paid Advertising Options

When paid advertising on Facebook is in question, there are many routes a business can take namely promoted posts, sponsored stories and ads. The following will briefly define the three so keep reading.

  • Facebook Ads

The ones you see in the sidebar on the right of the page are Facebook ads. Appearing in your newsfeed, Facebook ads appear with tiny square images with the most attractive lines of copy next to it. They also include a link which will take you to the company’s website or Facebook fan page.

  • Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories have a format similar to those of Facebook ads and they are placed the same way. However, what differentiates them from the ads is that they highlight a certain post on the business’ fan page or the fact that one or more of your friends have liked it. Here it may come in handy to know that both sponsored stories and Facebook ads are launched via an ad manager dashboard which is a self-served utility.

  • Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are an altogether different story. They are posts on a business’ fan page that are seen by all those who have ‘liked’ that particular fan page. It can be used to reach a wider audience than is possible using other means. Here the Facebook algorithm plays a significant role as it is responsible for pushing these posts and hence populates your newsfeed. One thing to keep in mind is that promoted posts are only available for fan pages that have more than 400 fans. The feature can be launched by the page’s admin using a link on the post.

Paid Advertising on Facebook- How to Do It Right

We have seen how phenomenally paid advertising on Facebook can increase sales. On the other end of the spectrum, we have seen how all efforts to create band awareness have backfired. The difference in the two scenarios is that of the ad creation process. When done appropriately, one right move will elevate you to the heights of success.

Here it is important to realize that the team handling the ad creation process should be patient and thoughtful. The copy and featured images should be compelling enough to make the audience stick around. Everything should be structured with the targeted audience in mind.

It is of grave importance that you go about the process of defining your audience creatively. One area where Facebook scores is that this social media platform allows targeting using a variety of variables that includes location, interest, gender, age and many others.

This kind of targeting ensures that you get exposure to only those pages you are most likely to have an interest in. If you are a woman and have liked several pages offering woman accessories, you will find only similar pages or advertisement in your newsfeed. Similarly, a guy is most like to see advertisement of pages selling boy toys.

In addition, what further earns this platform an edge above others is that it also targets audience according to information users have provided in their profile. The information that can be used is family status, likes and interests, apps or pages they like or use.

For instance, you are a wedding photographer. Using the variables Facebook has provided for targeting, you can make sure that you ad appear on the profile of all those men and women who live within 25 miles of New York city and are engaged. You can also target people who have liked fan pages of businesses with offerings similar to yours.

There are a variety of options you can use in the ad creation process in terms of payment. You can pay Facebook according to the number of times your ad got clicked (CPC) or the number of times it appeared on a user’s newsfeed (CPC).

Facebook takes flexibility a step ahead by allowing users to specify the starting and end dates for the ad as well as the maximum amount they have stipulated. This way they can choose to display their ads during the peak season and the maximum budget will help Facebook evaluate how many times your ad will be displayed so that it is posted on newsfeed at regular intervals.

With the help of ad manager dashboard, you will be able to see results in real time such as how many times your ad was displayed and how many clicks it got by whom.

In short, one can say that Facebook is, indeed, a blessing for savvy marketers. Using this social media platform, business owners are not only empowered to easily check how well their marketing campaign is going but can also tweak it whenever and wherever desired. Invest your time and business on Facebook paid advertising and you won’t regret it.


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Paid Advertisements on Facebook- Reach the Right Ones

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