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Pet Industry Benchmarks 2023-2024

Digital Marketing
November 23, 2023
10 mins

Pet Care Industry Digital Marketing Benchmarks

In October 2023, eCommerce sales marked a year-over-year (YOY) increase of 6.10%. Among other industries, pet care is showing sustained growth, which marks splendid opportunities for new eCom entrants. 

Pet Care Marketing Metrics & Benchmarks by Promodo presents up-to-date pet care industry statistics and useful insights to edge competition and win greater traffic share.

Distribution by Device  

Sales through mobile channels continued their upward trend, constituting 59% of the revenue share, with variations observed across different markets and customer segments. 

As of November 2023, mobile 71.6% leads the sales breakdown in the global pet care eCommerce market followed by desktop 27.3%, and tablet 1.1%

The benchmarks across the U.S. pet market are nearly the same:

traffic distribution stats
U.S. Pet Industry by Device, June 2023


An average visit duration of 3.55 minutes and an average of 5.06 pages viewed per visit in the United States suggest that pet care-oriented visitors are reasonably engaged. Our pet industry market research indicates that the content on these websites is captivating and maintains user interest effectively. 

Site Visits 

A monthly increase in site visits and the continuous rise in unique visitors indicate a growing user interest and substantial potential for customer acquisition. From October 2022 to October 2023, the average cost per acquisition (CPA) across the global pet care eCommerce market fell from 9.56% to 8.69%.

Bounce Rate

According to IRP Commerce, in November 2023, the bounce rate in the global pet care eCommerce market was 39.30%. With an industry average bounce rate of 45.54%, almost half of the U.S. visitors exit the site after viewing one page only.

Pet care benchmarks

Top Traffic Sources in the Pet Care Industry

Global Benchmarks in Pet Care eCommerce

As of October 2023, the sales breakdown by traffic channel for the global pet care eCommerce is as follows: 

📊 Paid search marketing 67.9% 

📊 Direct search 28.3%

📊  Email marketing 3.6% 

📊 Paid social media marketing 0.2%

Traffic Channel Breakdown

Benchmarks in the U.S. Pet Care Industry

With 92.66 m. visits, there is substantial interest in pet care products and services. 38.83 m. represents the cumulative count of distinct website visitors which reflects the size of the audience reached by these websites.

Pet Care Benchmarks
High Interest in Pet Care Products and Services Online

Our pet industry analysis indicates a well-established pet market with a positive perspective for the new market entrants.

Most traffic across the US pet eCommerce circulates through:

📊 Direct visits (50.34%)

📊 Organic search (26.64%),

📊 Paid search (14.02%)

📊 Referrals (3.16%)

📊 Social media (2.18%)

📊 Email marketing (2.03%)

📊 Display ads (1.63%).

US traffic distribution
Sales Traffic Channels in the US Pet Care Industry. Source: SimilarWeb, 2023

Pet Care Industry PPC Benchmarks 

Google Ads 

In 2023, Google Ads registered an average conversion rate (CVR) of 4.40% on the Search network and 0.57% on the Display network, with respective average costs per conversion of $56.11 and $90.80.

With regard to mobile advertising on Google Ads, the average CVR stands at 3.48% on the Search network and 0.72% on the Display network. The associated average costs per conversion are $80.89 on the Search network and $148.68 on the Display network, respectively.

Facebook Ads Benchmarks in Pet Care

The overall click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ads stands at 0.89% across diverse industries. Within the pet care industry, the CTR is notably higher at 1.68%. 

When it comes to the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads, it registers at $1.68 industry-wide, whereas pets & animals incur a lower cost of $0.61 per click.

Facebook ads boast an average conversion rate of 9.21%, accompanied by an average cost per conversion of $18.68. The Facebook ads conversion rate in the pet care industry is 3.27%.

In terms of the average cost per acquisition (CPA) on Facebook ads, the general figure is $19.68, while within the pets & animals industry, the CPA is relatively lower at $15.29.

Google Shopping Pet Care Industry Benchmarks

The overall average conversion rate is 1.91%, with a corresponding average cost per conversion of $38.87. Within the pet care industry benchmarks, the average conversion rate in Google Shopping is 1.07%, with a distinct average cost per conversion (CPC) of $26.01.

pet care industry benchmarks

Click-through Rate in the Pet Care Industry

The average click-through rate (CTR) across the pet care industry is rather high 8.12% compared to the average CTR across industries of 3-5%

The average cost per click (CPC) in the pet care industry is nearly medium $3.13 compared to the average CPC across industries of $4-5. With that, the cost per visit (CPV) across the global pet market is $0.30.

Pet care industry benchmarks

Cost Per Acquisition across the Pet Care Niche

The cost per acquisition hit 7.93% in October 2023. Total sales from paid media reached 52.56%. The average CPA across the pet care industry is 14.16%, while the maximum rate is estimated at 38.26%.

In 2023, the CPA In Google & Microsoft Ads for the pet care industry is 23.57% with the lowest CPA showed by the automotive repair, services & parts at $21.12.

Retention Marketing in the Pet Care Industry

Open rate across the pet care industry is 37.14%. There is a more optimistic estimate of 45.84% across animal and vet niches. This indicates that the email open rate in 2023 of these two industries has been second to none after the highest open rate shown by the government 46.3%. This means that people trust proven sources, resonate with customized campaigns relevant to their pet care needs, and open their messages eagerly. 

Retention marketing

Click-through rate among the U.S. eComs that pursue e-mail marketing in the pet care niche is 1.52%.

email marketing benchmarks

Bounce rate reflects the percentage of unsuccessfully delivered emails based on the total number of emails sent. These are the sent emails that did not reach their intended destination compared to the total number of emails delivered. The average email marketing bounce rate for the U.S. pet care eComs is close to 10%.

Unsubscribe rate reflects the percentage of subscribers who have chosen to unsubscribe from your emails as per the total number of email recipients. The unsubscribe rate across the U.S. pet industry is about 0.50%.

Conversion Rate in the Pet Care Industry

Average order value (AOV) across the global pet care eCommerce is est. $100, with the average sale price of a pet care item being $45.

The average CVR for eCommerce stands at 3.65%. Approximately 4 out of every 100 visitors to eCommerce websites engage in the desired action. The global CVR across the pet care eComs is 2.32%, while the U.S. eCommerce website conversion rate is 2.57%. 

Conversion Rate
Average CVR for the Pet Care Industry

In 2023, the pet care industry has hit the highest conversion rate across the industries in Google & Microsoft Ads at 13.41%. Just to compare, the lowest CVR of 1.57% is in apparel, fashion & jewelry, followed by furniture at 2.57%, and real estate at 2.88% respectively.

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November 23, 2023
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