Predictions for Facebook in 2014

While Facebook has managed to hang on beyond the seven year mark that many others have not been able to surpass. Still, there’s a good chance that they may not be around much longer, especially when you look at some of our predictions for Facebook below. Once you read them, you’re going to understand why some people are quickly and quietly selling their Facebook stock.

What You Need to Know About the Social Media Giant’s Future

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Facebook is now a member of an exclusive club – Internet companies that have skyrocketed since first being founded. They’ve been around for years now, and even though some people are saying they will go away soon – much like MySpace fell from grace – but others see a bright future for the social media giant.

The thing to keep in mind about social media networks is that it can be very hard for them to maintain dominance over the years. As soon as they lose their “cool factor,” the younger members begin to leave. And at that point, it can be difficult to maintain the high numbers needed to make tons of revenue.

2014 Facebook Predictions

Here are some general predictions for Facebook in 2014 and beyond. Whether or not they survive as a superpower in the web world remains to be seen, but things are looking bright for them in many ways.

  • Facebook Video Ads – Some reports are saying that Facebook Video ads may be responsible for around $1 Billion in revenue in 2014. Yes, that’s billion with a B. That’s a lot of money, but Facebook is currently the hot spot for users around the world and that traffic can be monetized. Of course, this depends on people still uploading their videos to the Facebook platform. Google’s YouTube offers revenue share with publishers, something that Facebook isn’t talking much about yet, and that could affect where and how people upload their videos.
  • 2 Billion Users – Another prediction for Facebook in 2014 is that they will reach 2 billion users sometime during the year. That being said, there are others who think that Facebook has jumped the shark and will start to get smaller as their younger audience leaves. This is hard to predict, of course, but many signs are pointing to them losing their younger audience. And if that happens, it’s going to eventually affect their total number of users.
  • Growing Pains – As Facebook continues to grow, they’re going to likely experience growing pains in 2014 – perhaps more than they have so far. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing if Zuckerberg is able to handle the growth. Because he’s not very experienced, this may become a problem for him and his company. Then again, he’s hired a lot of really smart people. While his sister Randi Zuckerberg no longer works for him, there are many others that are in the trenches working hard to make sure Facebook continues growing and doesn’t have any problems or hiccups while they do.
  • The Great Exodus – This may or may not happen, but some reports are already showing that a large number of younger members are leaving Facebook in droves. The reasons for this vary, but Facebook has become “uncool” for the younger generation. This could result in a mass exodus from the social network in 2014 – eerily similar to what happened to MySpace. Whether this happens or not remains to be seen, but Facebook wouldn’t be the first social media network to face this problem. In the future it may be found out that social media sites have a relatively short lifespan online.
  • Back to Basics – Others are predicting that Facebook is going to attempt to go “back to basics” – and that means treat their users better. While Facebook hasn’t always had a good track record when it comes to privacy concerns, at one point in time (before they got huge) they were a lot more concerned with their individual users. This becomes difficult when you have billions of users, but it’s something they’re going to try to attempt in 2014 – especially if they want to stay relevant.
  • Privacy Concerns – Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that a lot more privacy concerns are going to be raised in 2014. Facebook has faced (no pun) many privacy lawsuits over the years, and this is likely something that will continue. Because Facebook changes their privacy policy a lot and usually tends to default to information being public, this is confusing for a lot of people. This is good for Facebook, however, because the more people share content (photos and more) publicly, the more money Facebook can make from them.
  • More Money – No list of predictions for Facebook would be complete without mentioning all the extra money they’re likely to bring in next year. This depends on whether they’re able to keep people from leaving the website, of course, but with their performance in the last few quarters as a guide, it’s easy to see them growing even more revenue. They just need to make sure they don’t upset too many users by constantly grabbing more and more money. People understand the need for advertising – most of the time – but when companies like Facebook put profits above people, bad things can happen quickly – even to giant companies.

Looking at the predictions for Facebook in 2014 listed above, one thing is certain – the social media company is a powerhouse in many ways. If they’re able to control their growth in a responsible way, they may have a bright future. Then again, the Internet is a fickle place sometimes. Facebook may push the wrong privacy button and cause their own downfall.

If you have any thoughts about Facebook and what they’ll be doing in 2014, please leave a comment below and let us know what you’re thinking. Additionally, if you know of any good alternatives to Facebook that are growing quickly, we’d love to hear about it. The successor to Facebook is being coded in a basement or garage out there somewhere in the world.

Author Bio:

Adam  Prattler: Adam has a small flower shop @ 001 flower flower and does quite a bit if writing in his passtime. He also does a bit of painting and works in the art  industry  as an infographic artist. Apart from work he does his fair share of kiting and takes acting classes.

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Predictions for Facebook in 2014

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