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Want to know what difficulties a young site may face during search engine optimization and what website promotion ideas you may come up with? We have outlined the main issues, milestones, stages, and time schedule to promote your site in the search engines.


What is the difficulty of young site promotion?

We can distinguish the following main indicators of a young site:

  • Domain age – 1-6 months;
  • Traffic to the site – 50 visits per day;
  • Backlinks to the site – less than 100 links.

It is much easier to promote the site which has the old domain (over one year), huge traffic to the site, probably natural inbound links, and the most important is the trust level of search engines. So, why is this happening this way? A client has created good and quality website and it is quite naturally he wants his site to be highly ranked by search engines and the traffic to be driven to the website right now, not in 6 months.

For example, let’s imagine you have tooth ache. What are the main criteria you will be guided in choosing a specialist? First of all, you will certainly take into account the experience of a specialist and the level of customers’ confidence in him. It is unlikely you will consult a yesterday’s graduate of a medical school but will most probably choose an experienced specialist with good reputation.

The same common sense is applied by search engines when assessing the trustworthiness of sites. The “older” is the site, the higher is the trust level towards it.

If you want to increase the traffic to your website and sales volume right away you need to run contextual advertising campaign, because SEO for young sites requires developing individual strategy. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of money and time, but all these will be spent in vain.

The main stages of young site promotion

  • Performing comprehensive technical on-site SEO audit of a whole site (determining and remedying all the omissions that can be a barrier for the promotion of your site in search engines);
  • Formation of extensive semantic core for the entire site (only mid frequency and low frequency queries). It is not a good idea to complete the semantic core with high frequency keywords for promoting a young site;
  • Filling the site with unique content (texts with the use of MF and LF keywords that were selected when completing the semantic core);
  • Smooth link building campaign (no sharp increase to avoid violating Google’s quality guidelines).

 Technical on-site audit

For starters, it is necessary to check if there are any search engine penalties applied to your site and to perform comprehensive technical on-site SEO audit.

You may wonder what may be the reason for the penalties to be applied to your site. The site has just been created and starts building its Internet presence. However, well designed SEO friendly resources are rare. As a rule, clients are not ready to invest big money in the website development. They look for the company that will develop a nice site within the shortest time period and with the least money spent. But cheap and fast developed sites are very unlikely to be quality. Not the best CMS is used when developing such online resources and also lots of SEO mistakes are made: duplicate pages, duplicate products, incomprehensive site structure and architecture, menu, sort pages, filter pages, incorrectly configured CMS. Websites are launched without being even tested or SEO optimized.

After such websites are crawled by search engines and their value for the user has been determined as low, search engines penalties may be applied, and these penalties will depend on how far you went with neglecting search engines’ quality guidelines.

 Semantic core formation

We advise not to promote for high frequency queries from the very beginning but concentrate on mid- and low-frequency ones, because the chance of getting highly ranked for high frequency keywords is slim if to talk about new sites due to low level of search engines trust towards such sites, which haven’t gained enough link juice. It is better to work with high-frequency queries a year later when you will have the mid- and low-frequency traffic being delivered to your site and the site will receive enough backlinks from trusted resources of related niche and relevant to the subject, with high PR, etc. Use different keyword research tools available for efficient keyword research.

After that you need to form semantic groups and choose landing pages for each of them, or create them if necessary. To be highly ranked these pages must have corresponding queries in:

  • Tags and meta tags (title, description);
  • H1 heading tag (use the primary keywords);
  • Texts (texts must be easy to read and not overstuffed with keywords).

Filling the site with content

The main component of a high-quality Internet resource is unique content. To increase the trust level of search engines towards your site you need to fill it with the quality content. The more pages with high quality unique text content your site has, the quicker your site will get trustworthy.

  • Recommended number of characters (without spaces) in the texts:
  • For category pages – not less than 2000 characters;
  • For subcategories pages – not less than 1500 characters;
  • For product pages – about 250-500 characters.

 Link building

Particular attention should be paid to link purchasing. Basic requirements:

  •  It is not recommended to buy links immediately after your site has been indexed for the first time. Your site has just appeared in the index of search engine and it is most likely not optimized in accordance with search engine requirements. Few people know about this site yet and so there is no traffic. And suddenly numerous resources begin referring to it. Search engines may consider such sudden activity quite suspicious;
  • Avoid sharp growth in the number of links and try to increase the number of the links gradually;
  • Vary backlinks anchors.

It is better to start link building campaign after your site is completely optimized and begin being well ranked. Buy links gradually – according to the plan. Increase the backlinks number month by month and use a wide anchor list (various low and mid-frequency queries), and necessarily use brand queries as link anchors. The more various anchors are used, the more natural the backlink growth seems to search engines, and so you may not be afraid of search engine penalties being applied.


The example of gradual link building

An example of the anchors use

The share of primary high frequency queries as anchors is about 10%. We advise to form extensive anchor list for promotion, because this allows creating the most natural reference history.

It is necessary to make imitation of the most natural process of link building for successful website promotion.

The sources leading to your site should be selected carefully. To be highly ranked by the search engines the sites should have the following characteristics:

  • The age of a domain should be more than one year;
  • The site should be focused on users;
  • Be not overstuffed with ads;
  • Be popular in its niche (visited by not less than 100 users per day);
  • Be easily found by texts;
  • Have Google PR not less than 1 for a homepage.

 It is better to start link building campaign with noText anchor backlinks leading from the resources of related niche, catalogues, blogs. Select news resources for publishing unique selling posts about your products (services) with links to your site. In such a way you will receive natural incoming links from trusted resources and referral traffic.

Going forward, you may use general subject resources, news resources, and blogs for getting permanent backlinks.

Do not forget about social networks. Create the groups in social media. Advertise your site and services you provide (products you sell) by means of social networking sites. Get users interested to make them go to your site or tell about it to friends by sharing your posts and quoting you. As the popularity of your site will increase the number of natural links will increase as well. The more users will click the links, the quicker your site will become a trusted resource.

You also need to make it easy to share your site links in social networks. Put social buttons on product pages, news pages, and blog. The traffic to your site will grow month by month delivering target audience to your site. Each visitor will be able to share the product they liked and so to increase the number of natural backlinks.

Time period and young site promotion cost  

The growth of low-frequency traffic can be observed even in the 3rd month of promotion. When the site is completely search engine optimized, texts and tags placed on the pages and properly formatted – the first backlinks to your site will be indexed. Recommended promotion phases:

  •  First month – website search engine optimization;
  • First-second months – filling the site with unique texts; link building starting from the second month;
  • Third month – further link building and filling the site with content.

With each passing day, as the site is filled with the content and the backlink mass increases, the trust level and traffic to the site will increase as well, and so will increase the sales volume.

The budget for promotion is calculated individually for each site and it depends on a niche, initial optimization and quality of resource. The more competitive the niche is and the larger is the scope of work, the more it will cost you to promote the website.


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