Promoting Your Real Estate Site- How To Stand Out From The Crowd!

If you are an experienced real estate agent, chances are you have realized the significance of maintaining an online presence and have a website already in place. However, having an online presence is not all there is to it.

In the fast paced world that we live in, internet has provided a marketing edge with business owners, regardless of the nature of their business, hopping the technology train to make the most of the available options. In this regard, real estate agents are no exception.

While it is imperative to ensure that your website supports your business, when real estate is in question, success is vastly dependent on how easily and effortlessly you are able to create mass awareness. In order to survive the fierce competition today’s real estate market has to offer, a passive internet presence is not enough to get the wheels going in the right direction. You have to market your presence to bring about the desired results.

There are always conventional ways to promote your presence like adding your website’s URL or email address to flyers, listing presentations or business cards, hiring the services of an SEO expert for the right keyword placement in your Meta tags or banner ads and so on.

While all the above-mentioned approaches do help bring relevant traffic to a website, they cannot be relied on if one wishes to excel in terms of increased productivity and effective marketing. With millions of other real estate website owners doing the same, if you wish to truly shine out, you should not shy away from going the extra mile. Some things you can do that can prove to be the strongest weapons in your arsenal against the aggressive competition is as follows.

Own a Domain

Real estate is a business where career of an agent is vastly influenced by marketing and the name he makes for himself. While you may think that things will be much easier with a franchise or company supporting you, it is vital to realize that any repeated clients you will get will be because of you only and not the franchise.

The methods you will employ to gain footing in any community will build your brand and it is for this reason that the importance of owning a domain cannot be stressed enough. It is of paramount importance that you maintain a permanent email and website address. The popularity of your domain will translate into more traffic. After all, at the end of the day, your job is to spread word about your name and owning a domain will help you accomplish just that.

Making the Most of Your Online Presence

Find out where your services and listings are being marketed and then think of what you can do to improve your exposure. Is your website offering any newsletter that the visitors can sign up for? Are your listings on a website that is the primary choice for most buyers? is one such website where most of the properties for sale are marketed.

The reason people go for websites like is that it includes photos of your listings. People are saved the inconvenience of having to drive all the way to a property only to find out it was not actually what they had in mind. Pictures give buyers a fair idea of whether or not a listing caters to their needs. Get a camera and upload as many pictures of your property as allowed. When you will establish convenience for your buyers, there is no reason they will choose others over you.

Web tours are also gaining popularity and are as effective as being at a property physically without ever having to leave the confines of one’s home.

Transform Your Website into a Web Portal

Consumers today are information-hungry and you can be their resource. This information
need not be necessarily about real estate. It could be anything your visitors might need on regular basis. The idea is to develop a website that people will return to every now and then, even when they are not interested in the buying or selling of properties.

For example, you can provide a link on your website that allows visitors to find out about flight timings. People might forget the URL address you have incorporated in your website’s content but the next time they want to look for flight timings, they are most likely to come to your website knowing that the information is available there. Also, you can compile other useful information such as address of churches, restaurants, or famous clubs. You can also offer free visual tours of nearby scenic sites in your area.

Align Marketing Efforts with Internet Efforts

A successful and result-driven marketing strategy can be devised only when mainstream promotional strategies are used in parallel with marketing opportunities that are available on the internet. It is important to realize that search engines can help direct traffic to your website but it is only your efforts that will bring the dramatic results.

Industry giants are spending hundreds and millions of dollars to market their URL and for good reason. Keeping that in mind, it is strongly recommended that you personally market your URL with every single individual you communicate with. Your marketing pieces, irrespective of whether they are sign riders or pamphlets, should all bear your email address.

Make Your Website Work Wonders

Creating a website with catchy content is not sufficient. You have to design a website that customers are not only able to find easily but are drawn to it. Also, your website should give your readers some reason to keep on coming back to you.

Continue to use conventional advertising strategies to build brand online. Make sure you get a permanent website address and incorporate all of your advertisements into it. Search for the best places to position links to your website and make use of any features that are available such as picture postings or visual tours.

Help your customers realize the full potential of what the internet can do for them. Internet offers virtually endless opportunities for your real estate business and only by doing it right, you can make things work for you the way you want.

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Promoting Your Real Estate Site- How To Stand Out From The Crowd!

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