Search engine marketing conference SEMcamp 2013 review

Last Friday October 4th, 2013 SEMcamp took place – the 3rd annual conference on the topical issues of SEO and online-marketing on Western markets. We are thankful to all who managed to join us at this event and of course we are grateful to our speakers and presenters who helped make this conference so informative and pleasant. Below is the conference review published by one company which was among our SEMcamp visitors. Thank you guys for such feedback, hope to see you all next time too!

That morning Kiev met its guests with the grey sky and a cold autumn wind. However, a light conference hall, the venue of the event, hot coffee, delicious cookies and smiling Internet marketing managers made a pleasant contrast with the weather, unusually cold for October.

The organizers of the conference made sure nobody was bored between the registration and the beginning of the event. After registration one could get acquainted with the exhibition arranged by the SEMcamp partners, taste various goodies, play on the console, fight in mental combat on ball pushing or just have a talk with old friends and make new ones.

After the registration finished the chairpersons announced the beginning and everybody started taking their seats in the main hall.

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After Promodo CEO Alexander Kolb made a keynote speech, the audience saw before them an amazingly charismatic speaker –  Bas van den Beld.

Bas van den Beld (, The Hague Area): “Online consumer psychology”

He spoke about the psychology of online consumers incredibly lively and positively, giving examples from his own life. It turns out that his first lesson in marketing was taught to him by his grandmother, who asked a correct question about her grandson’s success at school.  And one of the most influential people in his life is his eight-year-old son, for a sake of whose smile he spent a lot of money on the things the kid didn’t in fact need. Thus, Bas proved that in order to attract and satisfy customers you need to understand your target audience as much as possible. In conclusion he gave some tips on how to put yourself in the customers’ shoes, understand what they need and gain their trust.

Workshop by Roman Viliavin (Promodo, Kharkov): “Integrated B2B marketing strategies: how to get, educate and grow leads to customers”

Roman shared his experience of integrated marketing strategy implementation. According to his words, more than 60% of efforts in B2B marketing must be directed to training the customer, while the rest 40% – equally to the general PR and getting new requests. Roman also told about the tools and methods that can be used to train the leads and attract new customers. In particular, he advised to analyze customers and their models of behavior more individually, using the other tools apart from Google Analytics.

Simon Dance (, London): “High Growth SEO when time and money are not on your side”

Simon Dance spoke on how to make SEO as effective as possible. His tips dealt with the fundamental aspects of promotion strategy development, monitoring the results, time-management, current working issues, particular technical details as well as the issues of interaction inside the company and different teams in particular. In a nutshell, everybody was able to make something useful of this report.

Kevin Gibbons (BlueGlass Interactive, London): “The Integration of Search, Social and Content”

After analyzing current situation in online marketing and the information Google has, Kevin announced that SEO is itself is not relevant so much: brand building is what should replace it. He also urged the audience to pay attention to the fact than from now on the strategy of the online company would be more important than ever before. As for the content, it should be the one people would like to share. Then Kevin Gibbons gave a number of practical tips on how to follow this idea. In the conclusion he spoke about the features of various European markets and key elements of successful content marketing.

After Kevin Gibbons finished his presentation, there was a short coffee-break, after which workshops and presentations were divided into two sections.

The First Section:

Ruslan Savchishin (MagneticOne, Ternopol): “SEO alternatives — other ways of product promotion”

Based on the fact that the only stable feature of SEO is instability, Ruslan offered the alternative tools of promoting internet sources. At first the standard ways of promotion were considered like paid advertising, paid placement, possibility to purchase traffic directly. Also Ruslan touched on the topic of inviting partners to participate in various events. In conclusion the speaker enumerated the additional channels of product promotion.

Workshop by Roman Dobronovsky (Promodo, Kharkov): “Mobile Conversation Rate Optimization: how to convert visitors into customers. Promotion in highly competitive niches – methods, tools, cases”

Roman started his report with key differences between “desktop” and “mobile”, and then answered an eternal question: what is better “a mobile version” or “a responsive design”? The speaker gave a number of useful tips on development and promotion of the sites for a mobile segment of traffic.

Second Section:

Workshop by Kate Sudarkina (Promodo, Kharkov): “Google Adwords for overseas online stores”

Kate spoke about the different formats of search results and optimal structure of Adwords account. Besides, during the workshop she reviewed the Google Adword extensions available overseas, possibility of using automated rules, features of  report customization and adjustment of rates in Google Analytics.

Workshop by Aleksey Vasyutkin (Promodo, Kharkov): “Google Display Network for online stores”

Within his workshop Aleksey reviewed Google Display Network tool: its possibilities, and types of targeting, account structure and use of remarketing.

Workshop by Viktor Karpenko (SeoProfy, Kiev): “Promotion of an online store in the USA”

Viktor spoke very emotionally about promotion of online stores in the USA. He started with the niche analysis: he reviewed the services helping in this and an exact to-do-list. Then Viktor made some tips on “how to do SEO”! After another coffee break the reports again took place in a single section:

Adam Crawford (Cheapflights, Momondo Group, London): “Technical on-site SEO tips and tricks for large multilingual sites”

In his presentation Adam touched on a topic of internal optimization of really large multilingual sites. In particular, the following aspects were highlighted: GooglePanda and large sites, monitoring and optimization of site indexation, storing data and working with it, multinational and multilingual sites. Adam discussed every issue in detail, gave theoretical considerations substantiated by the examples, and pointed out at the issues that needed clarification.

Alexandra Tachalova (SEMRush, St. Petersburg): “Peculiarities of competitors’ analysis in different countries”

On the example of competitors’ analysis in the niche of mobile phones Alexandra compared several services and offered an effective algorithm of their usage. The possibilities and limitations of each tool were considered.

Jose L.Truchado (Expedia, London): “Really efficient Integrated Marketing teams”

Jose shared his experience in creating a really efficient team in a bright and expressive manner. According to him, the key aspects are: understanding the necessity of working in team, as well as right delegation of the tasks to those who can be the most efficient in solving them. Gaining full attention of the audience, Jose proved the importance of a correctly built team.

Kirill Kliushkin (Alconost Video, Minsk): “Marketing with video, how to make it work?”

At first, Kirill determined the use you can make of video content and answered a couple of hot questions: where the video should be “hosted”, how it must be presented. Then he spoke on the usefulness of video sitemap and promotion of video in You Tube. In conclusion, after some practical tips on promotion, he gave a specific list of services helping to promote the video.

After very informative reports and workshops it was the time for a round table. All the international speakers were seated on white leather sofas and answered the questions of the audience offering with surprising ease the elegant solutions for promoting various services and products.

After the round table the organizers invited all the participants in the lounge-hall for a banquet where they could take a sip of wine, taste delicious snacks and talk.

On the whole, the event appeared very interesting and fertile: internet marketing gurus, useful topical presentations, comfortable environment … Thanks to the organizers!


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Search engine marketing conference SEMcamp 2013 review

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