SEMcamp 2013 review (part 2)

SEMCamp –  a seminar on trending issues of SEO and online marketing in the Western markets took place on May 11th, 2013. During the seminar participants brought up the topics on how to survive aggressive Google algorithms, measure SEO campaign results correctly and choose right business promotion strategy.

Kristjan Mar Hauksson from Nordic eMarketing told that to achieve outstanding results, a company should be epic, impressive, and memorable. The word EPIC Kristjan breaks down into:


  • Entrepreneurship – everything connected with goal implementation.
  • Entertainment  – joy you receive when working on your goal implementation. Company’s staff should be also enthusiastic about the company goals.
  • Enabling – delegate to employees important tasks in order to understand their potential and give the chance to apply it. It also involves employees’ participation in the conferences, training, ability to forgive their mistakes and have them learn on these mistakes.
  • Expectations –  expectations management. Customers also have their own expectations. Companies should talk to their customers, inform about company’s goals, and let them participant in these goals achievement.
  • Ethics – being ethic and honest with your clients and employees.


  • Personal – apply personal approach even in business, at work.
  • Patience – realize that success is not a matter of one day.
  • People – companies should respect their staff. Company’s success is determined by the talent of people working at it. It is necessary to appraise and encourage them.
  • Prospects – when companies work with customers, they should be able to learn not only from their own mistakes and from mistakes of their competitors.
  • (Processes) – be confident that everything will be as planned and will work smoothly.


  • Ideas – never ignore the first ideas which comes to mind. This is always a spark, which can hint on something important. Give such idea a chance; it could grow into great business decision. Sometimes projects become successful because the initial ideas were not thrown away.
  • Intelligence – investments in intelligence and education are necessary. Intellect and sense always come handy.
  • Insights –  education, reeducation, and then education again.
  • Innovation – a key to the progress and success. Think out of the box, consider the business from different angles.
  • Informative – it is essential for companies to share the information, retaining transparency.


  • Creative – less clichés, more fresh ideas.
  • Clients –  build up the excellent relationships with the customers and not be afraid to part with bad ones. Bad customers may bring you the money but spoil the microclimate in organization. If something goes wrong inside the company, it could be caused by bad clients.
  • Cooperation – searching for partnership opportunities.
  • Component – different components work well for different projects. Being more flexible and resourceful is the solution.
  • Chaotic – if chaos helps achieve better results at work – let employees work in the conditions they like.

Magdalena Sikora from New Look told about SEO mechanisms, methods and possible strategies by example of New Look.

For New Look SEO is the most significant and effective promotion channel. It is responsible for the majority of traffic and profit.

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As everybody knows, SEO becomes more and more challenging because of Google updates. It is especially true for the UK and USA markets.

SEO begins with the accumulation of information about the site, its SEO history. If the site has its own history, especially a long one, then you will have to deal with a number of strategies which worked before but not anymore. Any system needs constant modernization and improvement – that is the main task.

It is important to know the company’s product. In order to learn the product thoroughly, you will probably need to meet with the specialists. Such meetings will help you answer the question “What is a bestselling product?”, “Which one is the most important to the business?”, “What product has the highest profitability, conversion rate, and the biggest margin?”

Another essential moment is to organize meetings with the company’s customers, teams which have developed the product, and sales managers. They will give the best insight. Competitors are also a valuable resource of information.

The next step is to determine the keywords which will drive the quality traffic, also by exploring competitors’ websites. When evaluating the keywords pay attention to their search volume, level of competition, and websites which are ranked for these keywords already.

Make a plan. Most likely, it will be about keywords which you are going to use for promotion. Very often, it is impossible to focus on everything at once, because of the limited resources. That is why a smart decision in this case is to make a plan according to the keywords or categories. Under conditions of limited resources it is wise to focus on seasonal aspect.

If you have a plan, start thinking about its implementation.

Team work success is largely determined by the level of cooperation between different departments. Set goals and all the processes should be public and clear. Employees should have access to the company’s decisions which affect their work. This could be publication, internal newsletters, and tools for team work.

Every month companies should held meetings for SEO and SMM specialists, where they will discuss the ongoing campaign. Brain storm sessions are good at least once a quarter.

Coordinated work on SEO and PPC teams. Each part should admit they have strong and weak sides and that they are going to work together to achieve a common goal. This will lead to the maximum effect from SEO and PPC campaigns and will give better results than if you use SEO and PPC as separated channels.

Trainings inside the company should be held every six months, and separately for each team, because every team has its own direction.

In her second report Magdalena told the audience how to influence with the help of bloggers.

Bloggers are people who know what they like and what they don’t. They influence the field in which they are experts. It is very important to keep bloggers interested in your brand. The main task is to find right readers. You should build the links in the way it will be convenient for bloggers.

Companies need to understand that they have common goals with bloggers. This should become the basement for building relationships with them. It is important to understand what bloggers want: share their experience, boast about something, find like-minded people, get inspiration, promote the blog, gain exposure to the target audience, or make some money.

There many tools – free and paid – which help determine the blogger authority:  Klout, BlogDash, Traackr, mPact, SocialSnap,,, and others.

Many companies have realized this and work with bloggers. If you want to interest them, you should listen to what they say. Bloggers should become a part of the community.

Monitor popular bloggers in social networks and blogs. But don’t hurry to contact them. Firstly, explore the bloggers audience and who bloggers follow themselves. Only after that you can get in touch with them.

Open a blog and become a part of community. Pay attention to the blog name you choose, the blog content, and its main purpose; whether it is going to discover new trends, inspire the readers or manage them.

Bloggers seek for inspiration; they like to meet with the audience which understands them, share interests and make their blog more popular. So company’s task should be to help them popularize the blog. Publish several posts per day and discuss them in social networks, don’t forget about You Tube too.

It is necessary to organize events for bloggers – parties, shows, festivals. Any of such events should have Wi-Fi zone so people could instantly share what is going on. To save money, you can organize such events in cooperation with other companies. Bloggers like contests and readily tell the audience about them.  If you already have your brand followers, share them with the blog, grant them an opportunity to leave comments, write guest posts, discuss posts form their own blogs.

Craig Bradford from Distilled talked about online SEO tools.

If you observe a sharp decline in rankings, the first thing you should do is to gather as much information as possible. After that you can make decision as to the right SEO site tools to work on this problem.

Craig recommends using custom reports. Report should compare long periods of time, for example year to year data comparison, taking into account seasonal fluctuations.

In Google Webmaster Tools you can check several pages at once. One of the SEO software tools is NoFollow. It is used to check the “index” tags on the page. If there is no “index” tags on the page the message about it pops up immediately. The Canonical plugin works the same way.

Another SEO optimization tool is Link Research Tools has lots of instruments. Dtox tool puts the links into categories, where you can find normal, suspicious and harmful links.


Scrape Box allows checking the links safety.

Pro VPN is also among top SEO tools. The program is loaded to the computer – the subscription fee is $80. It is worth to buy it if you have foreign customers.

It is important that all your links work properly, so use Dofollow test tool in Scrape Box, which will check whether your links are alive.



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SEMcamp 2013 review (part 2)

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