The 20 Israel startups worth your attention

Israeli call themselves a startup nation. Statistics show, that Israel become a home to 4 800 startups. Curiously, big companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Intel opened their first foreign development centers in Israel too. 

Check out the list of 20 hottest Israel startups according Business Insider.  The magazine stated that it wasn’t easy to select from a huge list of hot startups as “everywhere you turn there are young companies doing really cool things”. They spent a week meeting with companies’ founders, employees and entrepreneurs; gathering recommendations and opinions. As a result – they came up with the following startup list of Israel’s 20 hottest startup projects.

1. Waze: crowdsourced traffic reports

Waze is one of the most well-known and best startup business. The international maps and navigation application is for 30 million drivers. Drivers inform each other about traffic problems real-time.  App was rumored to had been bought by Apple. Although, the companies denied the acquisition. One of the Waze cofounders – Uri Levine – is actively investing in other Israel startups (for example, Pixtr – automatic portrait improvement app). Recently, Facebook has made a 1 billion offer for the app – it has been for the second time when the social network is going to buy the application.

2. Wix: beautiful websites you can build yourself

Wix is a 5-year-old company supported by venture companies Benchmark and Bessemer Venture Partners. The startup is a website builder which allows users without special tech knowledge create beautiful website pages. As for today, Wix hosts around 30 million websites. The company is also known for its stunning office buildings near the Mediterranean Sea.

3. BillGuard: innovation in fraud protection

BillGuard is a personal financial security service. You just need to register your bank card details on the website. Every day all the transactions will be checked for over 100 security matters. BillGuard detects hidden charges, mistakes in invoices and suspicious subscriptions.  The program immediately reports the problems by email and provides monthly report.   BillGuard has already raised 13 million dollars from such venture companies as Bessemer, Khosla, Founders Fund, and Innovation Endeavors.

4. Soluto: easy PC management

Soluto is a program created by Tomer Dvir. It reduces the software loading time, detects other software problems and optimizes PC performance. Soluto meticulously analyzes the problem and finds the processes which hinder PC smooth operation. In 2010 the company won 50 thousand dollars at the TechCrunch Desrupt conferences and raised 18 million dollars from Innovation Endeavors fund and other resources. 

5. Commerce Sciences: personalized shopping experience

The service studies the reasons why people buy online and then personalizes each visit to the site to an ecommerce site.  Commerce Sciences considers information about coupons, tweets, friends’ recommendations on Facebook. One of the service cofounders is Aviv Revach; the company raised around 1,8 million dollars from Innovation Endeavors as well as Israel’s Genesis Partners fund.

6. Conduit: your own toolbar creation

Conduit is a search system featuring toolbar which allows to access all the websites in one click.  The service user base is around 260 thousand from more than 120 countries; such big names as Groupon, Fox News, Time Warner Cable and Travelocity are also among them. Last year Conduit hit 1,8 billion dollars mark in value and was titled Israel’s first one-billion-dollar Internet company.

7. GetTaxi: pay for the taxi with the mobile

GetTaxi is the most popular taxi-hailing application in Tel Aviv, which has also found success in London and New York. It is available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. One of the app best feautures is the ability to pay for the taxi with the mobile. The company owner is Shahar Smirin – an Internet entrepreneur with Russian roots. Last year GetTaxi raised 20 million dollars and became popular on the Russian market.

8. Fiverr: 5-dollar transactions

Fiverr is an online store where people buy and sell things for 5 dollars. The store is being used in more than 200 countries and offers around 1,5 million services. Founded in 2010, the company has already raised 20 million dollars from Bessemer и Accel Partners. One of the Fiverr cofounders is Micha Kaufman.

9. IronSource: managing the software

IronSource is the software online distribution leader. It provides comprehensive solutions for downloaded apps, including monetization, analytics and optimization.  In other words, the service offers software to the software developers.   Product which is responsible for app installation is called InstallCore. The company claims that each third application is downloaded from the Interent InstallCore. InstallCore doesn’t reveal the information about its investors, but it mentions, Google Infospace as its strategic partners.

10. PrimeSense: Microsoft Kinect technology

The product is used in Microsoft Kinect sensing technology.  In fact, Microsoft didn’t buy the company, it just licensed the technology. Other companies did the same to apply the product in numerous fields – from medicine to interactive billboards. As a result – over 20 million devices used the PrimeSense technology.  By the end of 2011 the company was reported to raise 20 million dollars from venture funds.

11. Outbrain: smart content recommendations

Outbrain is a service recommending articles, mobile and video content, based on such resources as CNN, Fox News, Mashable, MSNBC and Slate. Founded in 2006, the company raised over 64 million dollars, mainly from venture funds such as Gemini Israel Funds, Lightspeed and Index Ventures. Outbrain also acquired several startups, including Visual Revenue which raised 2 million dollars.

12. Bizzabo: conference meetings social network

Business meetings, forums, conferences – they are all could be hold online these days. Though, we still can meet people who exchange visit cards. Service inventors decided to improve the situation and created a social network, which connects events participants through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and address book. Event managers each participant’s name to Bizzaro database so when you meet someone you can easily get in touch with them afterwards. The company raised around 1,5 million dollars from investors.

13. creating family tree is the most popular genealogy startup websites with over 72 million users. It contains more than 1,5 billion names, 27 million family trees and 70 million photos. has also bought smaller genealogy websites recently. The company raised 49 million dollars from Bessemer, Index, Accel as well as famous Israel investor Yuval Rakavy.

14. UiU: great mobile experience for non-technies

UiU offers Android app, which will turn telephone into simple device which could be managed from PC. The main purpose is to create specialized mobiles for certain customer groups, like religious communities for example, where some applications will be open and other disallowed.   UiU can also help not tech savvy people manage their mobile. Currently, UiU is a member of Jerusalem Venture Partners program.

 15. CrossReader: content recommendation via network

Instead of application loading, CrossReader passes its knowledge to Flipboard browser (Flipboard is program which allows to read texts, news, friends posts in one colorful resource). So when you read the article it will be recommended to other Internet users. Right now CrossReader is available as a part of Chrome. The company doesn’t reveal the information about service creators, but it is known that the company is a member of Jerusalem Venture Partners program.

16. Correlor: human personality identification

Correlor Technologies works with Big Data, which helps define personality type: hipster, freak, artist, and so on. “Bioinformatics” is really interesting these days and suggests many startup tips, so service creators decided to implement the idea of personality identification with the help of Big Data. Right now Correlor is at the early development stage and is a part of Jerusalem Venture Partners.

17. Wishi: dressing room from social network

We can find many clothes discussion and selection social media applications these days. But Wishi has some new internet startup ideas to offer: you can actually load your real clothes images and ask your friends for an opinion. If they don’t find anything from your dressing room, they can advise you clothes from stores. Wishi has been at the early development stage so far and is a part of Jerusalem Venture Partners. At the moment only Wishi beta version is available.

18. Moolta: not for pushovers

Moolta is something between Kickstarter, Vine and reality show. People give the challenge and if you feel you can cope with it, you make video showing how you complete the task. You can also make donation to support the challenge.  For example, you can raise money for charity by running a marathon; or you can earn money by going to McDonald’s naked to buy a glass of cola. In any case, the main point is video. Moolta has not raised big money so far, but it can boast large audience of users doing crazy things.

19. Mobli: Instagram alternative backed by DiCaprio support

Mobli allows people to experience the same event through the eyes of other users, who exchange photos real-time. For example, you post pictures from celebrity concert and instantly see photos made by other people from the same event. Leonardo DiCaprio invested 4 million dollars in Mobli. Among other investors are Lance Armstrong and famous Kazakhstan entrepreneur Kenges Rakishev (around 22 million dollars invested).

20. Newvem:Amazon cloud watcher

Newvem is perceived to be the leader in cloud operations analytics. Seniors, managers and operators use the system every day to receive more information from Amazon Web Services at fair price.  It has been a year since service came out of beta version, and currently Newvem analyzes around 125 Amazon users every day. The company raised 4 million dollars from  Greylock Partners, Innovation Endeavors and Index Ventures.

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The 20 Israel startups worth your attention

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