The Friday Catch-Up: A New Power Couple is On the Rise

The internet is a vast and confusing place and it takes quite a while to really understand what happens behind the scenes. We make sure to upturn every leaf and sneak into every flower to get to the root of the situation. This week, we hopped, skipped, and jumped to our favorite haunts to find that our beloved Google might just be going senile. While Google sorts out its difficulties, Facebook just dropped a bomb big enough to shake us up for at least two weeks. Forgive us if we do not seem like ourselves today.


Google States Then Retracts Advice on Blocking Landing Pages

Google never ceases to amaze us. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, it comes up with something new just to keep us on our toes. It might just be the biggest troll out there on the internet. Recently, Google updated its webmaster guidelines to include a suggestion of not locking destination URLS for ad products by Google. Within 24 hours, this little tidbit was removed from the guidelines like nothing ever happened. This led to a flurry of questions. Why did Google make the addition? Why did they remove it? What advice do we follow? Where’s Waldo?

Read more at Search Engine Land.

Facebook & Whatsapp: A Match made in Heaven?

We may have never taken a double take in our entire lives but our dramatic triple take was definitely warranted when we heard the news. Facebook the social network of the decade is taking over Whatsapp that is the social app of the decade. We don’t really know what caused this new development but we like to believe that it was love at first sight. The startup will be purchased by Facebook for $19 billion in cash and stocks. This shows that Facebook is adamant to get ahead when it comes to social connectivity on all platforms. What remains to be seen are what changes Facebook will make once the deal has been sealed. We just hope it was worth the price tag. Read more at Reuters.

LinkedIn Opens the Doors to the Influencers Blog

In an attempt to become more social, LinkedIn just opened its influencer’s blog to all its users. After Twitter’s makeover and LinkedIn’s update, it seems everyone wants to be more like Facebook nowadays. The move was made in order to increase user interest in the site. The blog that was previously only available to invited businesspersons was exclusive to influential people who would participate in discussions. Opening the blog to all its users will increase traffic and engagement as the barriers in communication will be removed. Read more at Reuters.


Using Place Pins for Local Businesses on Pinterest

Pinterest is the new kid on the block and he sure is making some noise. As Pinterest advertising is on the rise, marketers are coming up with new tips and tricks to help master the social networking site. The latest in marketing developments is the use of Place Pins for local businesses. Place Pins is a feature by Pinterest that allows users to see pins in the form of a map. This means good news for local businesses that can use these Place Pins by adding details such as addresses, contact information, and other data on it. This will help users find places to explore in their own city, leading them to local businesses that have been on the site. Read more at Sprout Social.

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Making Sharable Content on Google+

Google+ continues to trail behind Facebook by miles when it comes to social networking. Marketers however cannot ignore the presence of Google+ due to integrated services of Google across the web. This makes it imperative to make shareable content on Google + and make sure that your followers interact with it. The first step would be to look for candidates that are most likely to share your content. To make sure that all your ducks are in a row, you will need to create three separate circles for your followers according to their habits. One good tip is to frequent your competitors pages and targeting their users. Read more at Social Media Examiner.

The Best Travel Startups on the Web

Samantha Shankman brings us the definitive list of new travel startups that have been gaining popularity on the internet. Some of the mentioned travel startups included Kid & Coe that is a family oriented website mentioning children friendly hotels and locations. Another suggestion was the Backpackr which is a mobile app used to search for travel companions and keep track of destinations. Other startups in the list included Twisfer, Lodgify, and Yamsafer. Read more at Mashable.

Stealing from the Competition

Sometimes it’s important to get your hands dirty in order to succeed. Luckily, on the internet, stealing followers from your competitor is not frowned upon but rather encouraged. Your competitor’s pages can be a gold mine when it comes to followers because your target market is already collected in a singular place. Neil Patel suggests responding to competitor tweets, analyzing their progress and getting a hold of their user lists for focused targeting. Read more at Quick Sprout.

Geeks and Fashion: An Oddly Successful Combo

While analytics and insights are terms that other industries have embraced the fashion industry still runs on the discretion of the designer. Instead of looking for customer insights, trends and clothing designs are selected by designers who deliver styles according to season. Goncalo Reis and Andrew Wolf however beg to differ. Their retail brand Lift12 has been making waves due to its unique style. Currently running as an internet company, they are deriving and analyzing data from the internet to understand customer preferences and deliver what is in demand. Read their story at Tech in Asia.

YouTube Marketing Optimization

Marketing on YouTube has become increasingly important as the internet keeps leaning towards visuals. Marketing on YouTube however has certain requirements which cannot be fulfilled by traditional online marketing methods. This is why Matthew Woodward presents some must try suggestions for YouTube Link Building and Google Rankings. According to him, videos should be optimized for title, descriptions, tags, transcripts, and other factors. Read more at Matthew Woodard.

Converse is winning at the Internet

Converse, the popular footwear brand has become increasingly popular on the internet. Currently, their presence on Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and Google + has made them the third most popular brand on the internet. The reason behind their success can be termed the encouragement of artistic expression by users and tips on how to customize Chucks. Read more on Econsultancy.

The Economist and Starbucks make some startling Admissions

The coffee giant and the Economist recently accepted that they only use their Google+ account for SEO purposes rather than social. According to them, they post on their Google+ account by keeping their ranking efforts in mind. While Google+ does have the potential to drive social efforts, there are more chances of posts to show up within search results. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Generate Leads through ‘Pay with a Tweet’

Many sites restrict complete entry to their landing pages in order to collect user data. This leads to a higher bounce rate as users are not willing to fill out an entire form to have access to content they may be able to find on other parts of the internet. The solution to this problem is the ‘pay with a Tweet’ button that can make sure that you gather social information and increase leads without any hassle on the part of the user. Read more at Hubspot.

Using Social Media to Improve Mailing Lists

Email is one of the most profitable channels of online marketing. The success of email newsletters however depends on the customers that you’re reaching. Social media on the other hand is simply a platform to increase popularity rather than generate sales. It can however also serve as a tool to drive people towards email subscriptions. This can be done by providing relevant promotions, sharing valuable content and holding question & Answer Sessions. Read more at the Next Web.

Keyword Planner Alternatives Do Exist

Keyword tool has gone, Keyword Planner doesn’t give all the possibilities to find the exactly what you need. How to act then? There are plenty of search tools out there, actually. Brian Lang from Smallbusinessideasblog gives a thorough round-up of all keyword research tools on the Internet. Probably, this is the biggest compilation of keyword tools as for today.


Anonymous Review Websites for Fussy Users

Privacy is a sensitive issue when it comes to the internet and the option of private reviews sees to appeal to more and more customers. This may be because of the nature of the product or the kind of problem they experienced. Regardless of the reason, people are looking for review sites other than Yelp and Google + for some anonymity. This includes sites such as Dealer rater, Avvo and Angies List. Read more at Local Visibility System.

Social Bakers provides stats for the best Facebook brands at the end of January 2014

With an average of 14,442,075 likes on facebook, the top 20 brand on facebook included FMCGs and other consumer goods. While Wal-Mart was still the top brand in the industry, T Mobile made a notable appearance. Amazon, Target, Samsung Mobile, and Subway were other leaders on the Social Media Site. Read more at All Facebook.

Twitter Lists to Keep an Eye On

Twitter lists are great ways of following certain people and content. Finding you niche with valuable content and individuals can however become a little complicated. Luckily, Aaron Lee just posted a list of 1012 best twitter Lists. Categorized according to Social Media, Venture Capital, Startups, Women, journalism, Businesses, and many more, the list is imperative for people looking to gain a foothold in the twitterverse. Read more at Post Planner.

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The Friday Catch-Up: A New Power Couple is On the Rise

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