The Friday Catch-Up: Google Lets You Walk Down Memory Lane

Oh Friday, you wily temptress! We have been spurned by you a million times but we just keep coming back. As soon as we think we’re over you, there you are, right at the corner like you were never gone. This weekend is more than welcome to overstay this time but we are well aware of its inherent hastiness.

This week was all about experimenting for Yahoo! And is that the Tardis sound we hear? Please give us a minute; we are freaking out over here. Google is up to some shenanigans again and this time, we’re strangely on its side.


Schema Describes Its Actions

After 3 years of its inception, Schema just announced new actions on its blog. The new vocabulary was announced after much debate and it is anticipated that the introduction will open new doors for categories in applications. The introduction of the new actions vocabulary was done after 2 years of hard work. Read more at the Schema Blog.

Yahoo! Looking like Google

Younger brothers are known to imitate their older ones and this seems to be the case with Yahoo! and Google. Yahoo! Is currently testing search results which look an awful lot like Google’s Knowledge Graph. Shots have been fired. It’s your move now Google. *Grabs bag of popcorn*. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Time Machine Feature in Google Street View

We didn’t know The Doctor was working at Google. This seems to be the closest we’ll ever come to time travel but we’ll take it. The time machine feature in Google Street view is delightfully nostalgic and allows you to go back in time and see how places have changed since 2007. If you want to take this literal trip down to memory lane you should be prepared because we lost five hours of our life on this one. Read more at The Guardian.


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Scrub that Inbox Clean

We’ve heard tell of Inbox Zeros in far off lands. This rare and elusive creature comes out very rarely out of its natural habitat. Having a clean inbox seems to be impossible with marketers bombarding you with millions of emails every day. Unfortunately, your flooded inbox may just cause you to overlook important mails. This is where filters come in. Get hold of a service such as that allows you to unsubscribe from mailing lists. You can always roll up your sleeves and start doing the difficult task of creating folders and filters. This may seem tedious but we assure you, it is completely worth it. Read more at Kikolani.

Crowd Funding Success Stories

Is it weird that we like crowd funding stories much more than love stories? We love it when someone’s entrepreneurial dream comes true. These companies and start-ups which were offering equity managed to raise quite the amount through crowd funding sites. Some great examples are Twotap and Goldbely. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Long-Form or Short-Form; that is the Question

When creating a content strategy you need to understand whether your site demands long or short articles. The length of the content however is not indicator of its quality. Long-form content if well written has the ability to hold on to readers for a longer time and increases user engagement. In addition it also allows you to relay a lot of information at one point. Not all of us are patient though. There have been way too many times when we’ve opted to read internet lists or even stare at cat gifs rather than read a long-form. After all we live in a world where ‘tl;dr’ is a real thing. When deciding on a content strategy, make sure to know your audience. Read more at Search Engine Watch.

Curating Twitter Testimonials

We’ve given everything we have to the Twitter Monster and it’s still hungry. Marketers know the importance of generating Twitter buzz, responding to tweets and creating a positive sentiment around your brand. One would think that’s almost enough. Not in the Twitter world though. Now would be the time for you to suit up and start curating this positive sentiment. This can be done by using some of these genius tools including, and Rebel Mouse. Read more at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

The Endowment Effect for Conversion

Marketers have been playing with our heads since forever and the Endowment effect is no different. This means that when we get used to a certain product and claim ownership with it, we get used to it. Once that product is taken away, we have the urge to obtain it again. While marketers cannot physically take away the treadmill you bought, they certainly can get a little creative. A perfect example is that of the free limited subscription from Spotify which expires after the trial period asking for a purchase. Read more at Conversioner.

Understanding Google Shopping

It was only recently that Google announced their shopping feature and many ecommerce site owners have started to optimize in order to reach the top. Matthew Umbro provides us with some tips to help deal with this new feature. He suggested that the very first thing to do would be to split products into categories as they were done before. Negative keywords and the use of new impression share data were also suggested. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

Where Should You Share Your Content

Content is everything on the internet and you need to know where to go if you want it to reach the right people. Matthew Capala tells us about the 3 ideal blogger community sites that can help your content take over the internet. His suggestions included Kingged, Triberr and Blog Engage. Read more at Search Decoder.

Using Polyvore to Drive Ecommerce traffic

Polyvore is slowly rising as one of the most effective social media sites for Ecommerce websites. This social network which focuses exclusively on home décor and fashion has been gaining momentum since 2007. In terms of social commerce, results showed that it exceed those of facebook, instagram, and twitter with an average order value of $67. This is why marketers need to get on the site ASAP. Read more at Shopify.

Where Should You Be Listed?

Gone are the days of the yellow pages. Nothing more than footrests and paper weights today, these lists have gone virtual. With a spectrum of listing sites online, you need to understand just which ones will work best with your brand. The top 4 spots were taken by Google, Bing, Yahoo! And yelp! Other notable mentions included White Pages and Yellow Book. Read the entire list at Vertical Response.

New Methods of Promoting Content

We have already tried every method of promoting content under the sun and now it’s time to start bringing fresher ideas to the table. Aaron Agius brings us just that and suggests asking an influencer for a quote. Mentioning sources and creating rich snippets for share were also included in his suggestions. Turning content into video has also always been a success. Read more at Kissmetrics.


Unmasking the Truth on the Internet

On the internet there can only be two states. No one knows who you are or everyone knows who you are. Similar to real life however, we are prone to dropping a few fibs here and there. In an extremely amusing Infographic it was revealed that LoL is the biggest lie on the internet followed by “I have read the terms and conditions.” The general consensus on hash tags whoever seems to be “#stop #it #now”. Go view all of them at Mashable.

What the Marketing Geniuses Have in Common

An Infographic by Column Five revealed that 95% of content marketing was being done by B2B professionals. 53% also plan on increasing the amount of content that they produce and seem to prefer LinkedIn over any other when distributing it. This is followed by Twitter and then Facebook. Read more at Inc.

How Can Small Sites Gain popularity

In a question that has been on many a marketer’s mind, a user asked Matt Cutts about how smaller sites can compete online with larger brands that would definitely have a high rank due to their physical presences. Matt Cutts however disagreed and cited multiple examples of where smaller sites had overtaken larger ones similar to MySpace and facebook. He emphasized that this can only be done through constant efforts towards quality and innovation. He stressed the need for agility and to keep rolling out fresher more dynamic ideas to keep users engaged. View the video at You Tube.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google Lets You Walk Down Memory Lane

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