The Friday Catch-Up: Google+ Post Ads rolled out for all advertisers

Another Friday stands as the only thing between us and the weekend and a reminder of the impending doom of the day that is Monday. As Fridays go, this one has been agonizingly slow so far and we cannot wait to burst out of the doors as soon as the clocks strike five.

Looks like the season of acquisitions has begun again, but it isn’t our notorious Google that’s been making the news. After dabbling in some virtual coin for its games like Farmville and Candy Crush, Facebook seems to be taking the game into the big leagues as they begin an E-money service.


Facebook’s E-Money Service

Facebook, which is one of the number one social networks on the internet, has long been dabbling in other avenues of investment but this one seems just a little bit different. The E-money service will allow them to set up their own currency with monetary value, which can be used throughout Europe. Looks like the Ecommerce game is about to get much more interesting. Read more at TNV.

+Post Ads rolled out for all advertisers

A unique new way to post advertisements and generate interesting conversations was tested by Google recently. This month, however, they have finally rolled it out for use by all advertisers. But much like a high school clique you must be popular enough to join. If you met the requirement of a particular threshold of followers, then you’re in! Post ads allow advertisers to pick up public content such as an image or a video and turn it into and engaging advertisement. Read more at AdWords BlogSpot.

Twitter Acquires Gnip

The Social analytics firm known as Gnip has been acquired by Social Media giant Twitter. This is after a very tumultuous relationship where they announced a partnership in 2010 and haven’t been able to let each other out of their sight since. This acquisition is actually one of the more powerful ones as Twitter takes the power of data into their own hands making it much more valuable to marketers. Read more at Mashable.


Giveaways Galore!

We all know just how effective giveaways are when it comes to marketing. There is perhaps no other method that drives up conversions more than them. If, however, you want to drive up conversions by a whopping $15k, then there are some steps that you should start writing down. Make sure to plan out your giveaway from the beginning and the methods in which people will be participating. Avoid long sign-up forms and entice people using colorful and well-composed imagery. Sending a consolation email to participants that do not win is also a good idea. Read more at Unbounce.

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Using Google+ for increased web traffic

Once everyone around the globe stopped pouting their lips for being forced into Google’s integrated approach, marketers have begun to see its potential for advertising. Cyrus Shepard suggests that we pay attention to the use of catchy headlines and make use of striking images. Formatting content to guide the reader is also a great way of increasing engagement. Read more at Moz.

StumbleUpon Marketing

Using Stumbleupon correctly is an art that many marketers are yet to master. Before you start marketing, it’s important to have the statistics in mind. Keep an eye on the demographics that you’re going to target along with their locations and the devices that they use. Targeting users based on their interests is also another great way of reaching customers. Make sure to add social buttons to encourage sharing and set apart at least $20 for content promotion over a span of two days. Read more at Siege Media.

Sending Cold Emails the Right Way

Writing a cold email can be tricky and most can go straight to the trash if not composed correctly. Luckily, Noah Kagan dissected an entire email in order to tell us what the anatomy of an excellent cold email is. His first suggestions were to use flattery, tell the user what they will gain from the exchange, and use a great call to action that they simply cannot say no to. Read more at OK Dork.

Boosting Email Click-Through Rates

As most users are swamped with emails every day, it is more likely that your amazingly composed email will find its way to the trash regardless of how well written it is. Some good ways of ensuring that people read through your email and follow the links provided within include using lists, focusing on the interests of the buyer, asking questions, and using clever subject lines. Read more at Crazy Egg.

SEO to Boost Page Speed

Page speed is one of the primary factors that determine whether a user is going to stay on your site. Too slow and they’re gone. The very first way to increase page speed is to start organizing your database and making sure that content has a load time that takes less than 10 seconds. If you have the option, then make sure to use cache and make use of Google’s Page Speed Insights, which provide tips on how to improve the page’s load speed. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Oversight by Marketers

When developing marketing strategies, it is very easy for marketers to get tunnel vision and neglect to take the buyers’ perspective into consideration. The very first way of determining this is to take the purchasing life cycle into consideration and mime the steps that a buyer goes through. The four main stages of a purchasing decision include awareness, consideration, decision, and delight. Read more at Marketing Profs.

Learning from the Greats

Twitter’s new profiles, which are focusing on visual content, are a new toy for marketers to play with but not many of us have gotten the hang of it yet. Some brands, however, have been acing it already. Ford and Starbucks have been making good use of pinned tweets at the top of the page and asking users to engage with it. Visa and Samsung, on the other hand, have started using hashtags for the same purpose. Read more at Sprout Social.

Measuring Content

Everyone knows the importance of content in increasing user engagement but its measurement has always been tricky in terms of conversion and ROI. This has led to disparity among marketers looking to determine a specific way to succeed at measurement. Sam Petula reveals that native ads aren’t getting any love from users and shares and clicks may not be such a great indicator of content effectiveness after all. Read more at Contently.

Ecommerce plug-ins for WordPress

Product pages are what make an ecommerce site go round and it’s important to optimize them as much as possible. Some of the best ones include a 360 degree viewer which shows all aspects of a product. Other plug-ins that can help product pages are embedded video plug ins along with related products. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.


404 and 410

In this week’s question to Matt Cutts, we found out about the way in which Google Bots treat 404 and 410 status codes. Cutts revealed that the two are treated a little differently where 404 is secured for 24 hours until an alternative is found. 410 which means that the page has been eliminated isn’t saved and is removed. This safety net is usually provided because webmasters tend to lose links or block bots. View the video at YouTube.

SEO in 2014

It is becoming increasingly important to understand the link between search rankings and social sharing. Studies reveal that SEO professionals are considering universal Google results as extremely important with 57% stating that 2014 will demand more SEO. 46% on the other hand stated that anomaly discovery in keyword rank will also be of more importance. Read more at Marketing Profs.

 Producing Better Content Ideas

There is much more to finding a content idea than just a light bulb moment. Mark Johnstone reveals that in order to end up with an amazing concept, you need to know the elements and how they are connected. In addition, you will need to know the nature of these elements and gauge what they will finally look like. Read more at Slideshare.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google+ Post Ads rolled out for all advertisers

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