The Friday Catch-Up: Google Thinks about the Children

If you don’t like Fridays then we just can’t be friends. The minute the clock strikes 5, we are going to be out of the doors faster than The Flash and live it up like there’s no tomorrow. You know you always have an open invitation to party with us Promodians.

We don’t know about you but we just know this Friday has something extraordinary in store for us. While each Friday has its own charms, there’s a little more magic in the air than last time. Twitter joins the race by telling you just how popular you are (or aren’t). The news we like best is Google’s newfound empathy towards moms and dads all over the world. So let’s hop into our dirigible (yes we still have one of those. We keep them next to our penny farthings) and make our way through the internet in 15 minutes.


Twitter Is On A Roll

Very few of our Friday Catch-ups are going by without Twitter’s name in it. It seems that the Social Sharing site is determined to remain in the news. We love the constant subtle changes that twitter is making. We feel like we’re moving towards the Theseus Paradox. If every component of twitter changes, does it continue to be the twitter we know or an entirely different entity? Let’s leave the existentialist theories for Monday Mornings. Today we talk about the new update to Twitter showing people just how many views you have on your updates. This change is made in order to encourage people to tweet a little more and we think it just might work. Read more at The Verge.

Google Is Your New Math Teacher

Looks like there are a few mommies and daddies at the Google HQ as well. Who else would think up such a great update? We are not the quick young minds that we once were, and 7th grade math still has us completely stumped. Instead of looking like a fool in front of your kid, you can discreetly ask Google for the answer and become Dad of the Year again. Ask math questions ranging from the volume of cylinder to the circumference of a circle and Professor Google is there to help you out. Read more at Google.

Oculus Partners with Facebook

Oculus, which is a firm working towards the delivery of consumer virtual reality to the rest of the world, recently partnered with Facebook. This move is done in order to create a more connected virtual reality through which it can become affordable and ubiquitous. Once this happens, the gaming world will have completely transformed. Read more at


Writing the Perfect Headline

Headlines are extremely important. They are what determine whether the user is going to stay and read the rest of your piece or just going to overlook it. Kevan Lee brings us some of the most effective words when it comes to writing gripping headlines. Studies show (quite surprisingly) that instead of dynamic keywords, the ones that seem most effective include ‘you’ and ‘yours’. Addressing the reader seems to have a positive effect. Other words that are noteworthy include ‘This’, ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’. Read more at Buffer App.

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2013 Internet Milestones

While the rest of us were focusing on the next year, Ryan Cohn was creating a list of the highlights of the previous year. It’s very easy to overlook the changes that we saw in 2013 in an effort to keep moving forward. His list includes everything from the birth of Short video apps, to Pinterest advertisement and facebook redesigns and updates. Read more at Social Fresh.

Stealing Your Competitor’s Best Content

We are currently in the mood for some infamy as we twirl our menacing moustache and cackle maniacally. Dave Schneider tells us how we can take our competitor’s content and use it to get back links. Content has always been an elusive art and sometimes you just need to take a look at your competitor and see what they’re up to. Using some ingenious tools on the internet find out what is making their content popular, and kick it up a notch by writing your own version. We aim to misbehave in our bid for internet dominance with these new schemes at Matthew Woodward.

Building an Email List for Ecommerce Sales

Emails are like the dinosaurs that refused to die and opted to evolve instead. Their importance, however, has not diminished one bit. In fact, they are some of the most effective tools when it comes to marketing for ecommerce sites in order to increase sales. One way to build an effective email list is through placing ads redirecting to a landing page. The page must have a sign-up for or an offer that compels them to register and provide an email address. Another way is to offer discounts in lieu of email addresses or hold giveaways. Read more at Shopify.

Avoiding the Spam Folder

It is extremely disappointed to spend hours upon hours on creating an email newsletter only to have it fall into the spam folder never to be seen. Luckily, there are some measures that you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Make sure to clean out your email list every 12 months to target unsubscribed or unused email addresses. Keep an eye on the rules of writing subject lines and test for problems in deliverability. Read more at Practical Ecommerce.

April Fool’s Day Campaigns

As April is coming near, it’s time to tart setting up campaigns. Every holiday is a great excuse to start setting up campaigns and the day of the jester is no different. What we love about April Fools’ Day is that it allows people to reset boundaries and go for fun and unusual ideas, which may not be applicable the rest of the year. Think up something quirky like Vimeo which is taken over by cats on that day or the Google Nose announcement. Read more at our very own Promodo.

Blog Comments for Backlinks

Blog Comments are one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet, and you need to learn the art of this old and traditional weapon if you want to get ahead in the marketing game. Statistics show that out of all readers, viewers, or users, 90% don’t contribute their opinions on the content. This means that being one of the 10% will make sure that you are seen. You need to get the attention of the content creators and try to generate links. Commenting on blogs is the equivalent of wildly waving your arms until someone catches your attention. It may not be entirely graceful but damn is it effective! Read more at Blind Five Year old.

Learning From the Insta Pros

Instagram is an entirely visual application and you need to learn the art of composition design and aesthetics in order to excel at it. While many may know the specifics of pulling off such a feat, you can try and do the same by having a good eye and trying to use the same practices as the pros. Some of the best instagram brands include Roots Canada which focuses on posting images of picturesque landscapes according to their adventurous brand identity. Another good example is that of Tretorn shoes and footwear. View more examples at Nitrogram.

Event App Dos and Don’ts

Event applications are all the rage this year and many developers have jumped on the bandwagon and with good cause. With the amount of planning and thought that goes into an event, a great app can be a lifesaver. Julius Solaris shares some insight into what the right way to approach app development for events would be. He suggests not going off on a tangent in order to look unique. Most times, the specifics demand for you to take care of the same issues as other developers. Take a look at your audience and try to solve the problems that they might be facing. Read more of his suggestions at Event Manager Blog.

The Knowledge Graph Is Changing

A little while ago, Google discreetly introduced the knowledge graph which is poised to completely change the way in which organic search is used. As Google’s search engine becomes smarter, it has the ability to understand queries in a more natural manner and deliver answers like a human. The only problem is that the answers that it delivers include data taken from the rest of the internet. This information which is created by individuals is prone to human error. This is where the accuracy of the delivered information comes into debate. While statistics, number, and factual questions are easily dealt with, there may be trouble with vague queries such as hair color. Read more at Moz.


A Deeper look at the Hummingbird Update

The recent hummingbird update has already ruffled quite a few feathers and many marketers are looking for ways to get back in the ranks and on the first page. In order to succeed at Hummingbird; however, one needs to have a fundamental understanding of its predecessors Panda and Penguin. The hummingbird has eliminated long search queries and attempts to answer them in a more natural way. What it does is take synonyms in order to try and deliver answers. While synonyms were effective, they failed to see the context in which the query was asked and how they were used. This problem was solved by the Hummingbird. Read more at SlideShare.

The Best Spring Reads on Ecommerce for 2014

While we don’t need an excuse to read more books, Spring seems to have brought with itself a harvest of SEO knowledge which just has to be reaped. Sig Euland has created a definitive list of some of the best Spring Reads on Ecommerce. These include “Inbound” by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, “Click.ology: What Works in Online Shopping and How Your Business Can Use Consumer Psychology to Succeed” by Graham Jones and “The Frugal Innovator” by Charles Leadbeater. Read the entire list for your pick at Practical Ecommerce.

Understanding Consumer Psychology

Every marketer has a dream of camping out in their customers head and whispering in their ear to buy their products. Since marketers cannot quite pull this off, they have to look for other alternatives when it comes to understanding consumer psychology. Marketers need to understand that today’s consumer is smarter and is prone to do thorough research before purchasing a product. In addition, they respond almost immediately to emotional triggers and the effective use of color in campaigns. Read more at Quick Sprout.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google Thinks about the Children

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