The Friday Catch-Up: Google + to Show Post Views

Hello our absolutely gorgeous people. Every Friday is built a little differently. Some Fridays are quick and some Fridays are slow. This one is one of the slow ones but that doesn’t make it any lesser than the others. In fact, we kind of embrace the change after the crazy pace of the week. Today, we just want to head to the beach and feel the sand between our toes. Until we can do that we’ll have to make do with news from around the internet. This week we are admiring the persistence of Bing that just refuses to give up. We also have Waze making the news again after a long hiatus.


 Bing Joins the Race

Well I suppose if you can’t beat’em you join’em. Bing, like Google, is showing results from alternative search engines in their results, thanks to the EU Antitrust Settlement. This means that other than the Bing delivered organic search results, the search engine will also be delivering results from other search engines. You’ve got to admit that Bing’s refusal to give up is impressive. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Waze in Israel

Waze had us all fooled for a while when they announced the Waze Date update. According to them the acquisition of the Israeli Start-up Single Spotter would lead them down another road where they would successfully play cupid. The prank was in fact rather in-depth where they claimed a 57% success rate of matching couples by spying on their cell phone use behaviors and the kind of device that they used. This is perhaps not too surprising when you consider that the king of internet pranks on April fool’s recently acquired Waze. Read more at the Waze Blog.

Google Pulled a Twitter

Almost one week after Twitter announced views on posts; Google does the same on its Social Network. Looks like for the first time, someone beat Google to their own trick. What is even more astonishing is the one feature that was the premise of its name. The plus 1 button on user posts has been removed in lieu of the number of views on posts. This is perhaps because of the redundancy of the button as the follow and plus 1 were interchangeable for pages. Read more at Google plus Daily.

align=”center”>TIPS & TRICKS

Social media monitoring with Boolean Search

Although most marketers are unaware of this, they can actually use Boolean search to improve the kind of information that is being retrieved. Boolean search can be used on social networks to determine what is being said about their product by is users. You can use the feature to filter out Twitter posts according to topics, find specific matches on faces and track reputation on Google +. Read more at Social Media Examiner.

Optimizing Landing Pages as Per Business Model

Everyone knows that a landing page is the most important page of your site. It’s what’s going to determine whether or not your customer will stay or leave. Unfortunately, landing pages don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ policy. Since the nature and model of each business is different, you need to have a unique approach to each landing page. Miriam Ellis tells us about different business models and how their respective landing pages should be approached. According to her, services such as plumbing catering to multiple cities, should focus on their most important cities when creating landing pages. Brick and mortar businesses on the other hand should focus on optimizing of their location. Read more at Moz.

Choosing the Perfect Image for Your Social Media Advertisement

Chances are if you upload a pretty and captivating picture, you will have the attention of the user. Not every image, however, can have the desired effect. This is why when posting on social media; you need to take some factors into consideration. Simplicity is key when choosing an image. Go for one that is simple but striking. When searching for an image on Facebook’s ad create tool, you’ll have access to more than 30 million images by Shutterstock. Make sure you pick the right one. Choose one that will work on multiple formats and devices. Read more at Shutter Stock.

The Best Social Campaigns of March 2014

Social campaigns can be tricky to pull off but sometimes there are brand that make it look like a piece of cake. These are the ones that all marketers need to keep an eye on and follow. March 2014 saw the introduction of some of the best campaigns on social media. The #nomakeupselfie tag was seen trending on twitter, where women shared seflies without makeup while simultaneously donating to cancer research. The campaign managed to gather 15000 new followers in 15 days. Suzuki Cars was also a great promotion where the company asked users to nominate someone else to win a Suzuki car. View some more great campaigns at Econsultancy.

UX Design Resources for the Aspiring Designer

UX Design has now been acknowledged as one of the most important developments of last year and will not go away. As more and more stress is put on the importance of UX design, those of us who don’t quite know where to start have been looking for ways to learn it. Luckily, Barry Adams has just brought to us the definitive guide for learning UX design. Starting off with the basics of what User Experience is, he continues with telling us about the different places on the internet where we can find the best resources to learn UX Design. Read more at State of Digital.

Finding Text within Excel

No matter where we go, Excel will be there to haunt us. An understanding of excel is extremely important for every business but it is still easy to forget some of the basics. Since Excel doesn’t quite work like Ms Word, it becomes difficult to locate specific text within the document. Annie Cushing provides us with some great tricks that can help us locate text within that confusing mess. Read how at Annielytics.

Google Celebrates April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is a proud tradition for Google now. The internet giant had us fooled last year when they announced the Google Nose. This year we were already anticipating its arrival. With our eyes set firmly on April 1st, Google saw through our plans and pranked us earlier on March 31st. The very first prank was the Pokémon challenge on Google Maps followed by the Japanese magic hand. Another prank was that of Gmail Selfies where you could take your picture and set it as the theme for your Gmail account. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Creative Examples of Online Movie Marketing

What started off the trend of online movie marketing was the Blair Witch Project which effectively had us all fooled thinking it was a truly authentic video. Recently, however, many have followed in the same vein. Similar campaigns were run by Prometheus and then Toy Story 3. The trick is to make the audience believe that what they’re watching is a real life event and then disclose the truth later. Read more at Econsultancy.

Behavioral Targeting for Ecommerce

Organizations all over the world have already spent millions of dollars to get a glimpse of what goes on in the customers head. They have managed to divide their customers into classes and target them based on demographics and other defined specifics. These classifications, however, are becoming more and more complex by the day. As behavioral statistics are coming into play with the advent of the internet and social media, businesses have started focusing on targeting the right audience based on their habits. The data which is collected includes the geographic location of the customer, the time of the first visit and the return visits if any. It displays the products preferred by the user and offer customized discounts and promotions. Read more at Smart Insights.

Tools to Get More Retweets

The Twitter Conundrum rages on and the marketers have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at it. Aaron lee brings us some of the most effective tools that ensure that you get a retweet on that awesome post you made. His list includes Word press Plug-ins, a conveniently located tweet button on third party locations and enabling social shares. Read more at Social Media Examiner.



Do you Approve of Your CEO?

Glassdoor just releases a list of the most popular CEOs in the world based on reviews by their employees. This year’s list featured the LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner at the top with an approval rating of 100%. This was followed by Alan Mullally of Ford Motors with a 97% approval rating and Richard Edelman of Edelman. For anyone who’s interested, Mark Zuckerberg was on 10 with a 93% approval rating. Read the entire list at Glassdoor.

The Happiest States in the USA

After taking multiple factors related to well being in a survey, Gallup just released a list of the happiest states in the USA. The survey was based on several aspects of life including the work environment, emotional health, life evaluation, health, and access to basic needs. Provo-Orem, Utah is currently the happiest state while Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH got last place. See the entire list at Business Insider.

Separating Popularity and Reputation

We have Matt Cutts back in our Friday Catch up after a very long time. Blind Five Year Old asked Matt Cutts about how Google managed to separate authority for popularity based on the constant addition of social signals. Matt Cutts stated that page rank was not a correct indicator of popularity but rather of reputation. He said that it was more likely for the users to link to sites that are the authority on a particular subject. Watch the video on YouTube.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Google + to Show Post Views

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