The Friday Catch-Up: Looking at the Future with A Different Lens!

Every Friday we provide you with the latest trends, and happenings of the internet. We have the inside track on all the major changes, along with the movers and shakers. Google seems to be changing something every week and this week was no different. We tapped, scratched, and unearthed all the headline making news on the internet this week.

Get the latest take on what Google is up to this week and the new facelift and redesign that Whatsapp may get with its partnership with Facebook.


Google Predicts Mobile Queries to Overtake PC Search

Google is great when it comes to making predictions. Just look at the high number of predictions they have gotten right. Oh, wait! Well, based on statistics alone, Google may just have some weight behind their latest prediction, since there are an estimated 5 billion mobile phones and only 2 billion PCs. This suggests that sheer numbers may just allow mobile queries to overtake PC search. There has been on official statement that backs this claim. Watch this space for now! Read more at Search Engine Land.

Google is on the Prowl Again and Hunts Down Blog Network!

You can expect Google to make headlines every week, regarding internet news and this week was no different. There has been a strict policy put into place by Google on search spam, and now action has been taken against guest blogging spam. We had expected Google to act action swiftly on the matter, due to previous warnings issued to the SEO community and webmaster, and now we know! You don’t mess with Google, who have promised that they will continue to take action on link and blog networks! Read more at Search Engine Land.

Whatsapp is Set to get a Makeover After Big Move?

Facebook recently bought Whatsapp for a whopping $19 billion! Forgive us but we are still feeling the effects of that mega move. Now we are hearing that Whatsapp may be set to get a makeover in the near future. We did expect Facebook to make its mark on Whatsapp, but there are some reservations about the concept designs for the mobile software. The overall design of the app has remained the same throughout the year and let’s be honest, this design ensured the makers of the app got $19 billion in the bank and millions of users. Why change a good thing? Well we will have to wait and see where this one goes. Read more at Tech Crunch.

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The Power of Twitter Cards for E-Commerce

If you thought Twitter was not going to make some waves in the industry this week, then you were wrong. The latest upgrade announced by Twitter allows you to insert videos, product descriptions, and images to the tweets in order to increase viewership ratings and retweets. This will result in more sales and clicks for ecommerce purposes. You can use Twitter cards for introducing new products, promoting new contests, sharing resources and videos. It allows more lead generation and ensures that you can analyze the performance of your content. Read more at Shopify.

Understanding the Power of Yoast Website Reviews

Yoast is now doing website reviews, helping different companies get more results in terms of rankings, and therefore generating more leads for them. This results in more business for them as interested customers prefer to read reviews online before purchasing anything. The website review and conversion review plays big role in helping numerous companies get more from business today. Read more at Yoast.

How And Why You Need to Build Your Brand

Are you wondering what it takes to build a brand and why you should be considering the enormous potential of brand power today? We know the numerous benefits you can acquire from building your brand, and therefore, we share why you need to build your brand, along with the benefits of having a powerful brand name. There are different elements that need to be set straight in order to achieve brand power, such as, graphic elements, customer experience and value proposition. Read more at Sujan Patel.

Get Your Fans to Share Visual Content Now!

Your fans are the people that will make your brand and here are some ways to encourage your fans to help you achieve brand power. There has been a massive shift in the way people now perceive different brands. This is why you need to get creative and encourage your fans to promote your image in new ways. You can only do this by interacting with your fans and getting them engaged with your products and ask for innovative ways to promote. One of the best ways to do that now is through visual content and real time sharing as well. Read more at Social Media Examiner.

You Will Never Look at Content Marketing the Same Way!

The internet is an ever-changing world and content marketing has improved come in leaps and bounds over the last few years. There are new tactics and new strategies, which have been implemented along the way that have helped content creators to achieve massive success along the way. Then there is the small matter of the Periodic Table of Content Marketing. What is that you ask? Well in essence, it is everything that you require to become a successful content marketer. You will never look at it the same way again! Read more at Econsultancy.

The Breakdown on Google’s Hummingbird

When Google first launched the Hummingbird, it changed the entire setup of the way SEO marketing was done. The latest algorithm introduced by Google, brought about a new way to market, and literally redeveloped the entire field of search engine optimization. If you have been struggling to find your way around this latest algorithm then you really need to brush up on the hummingbird and the way it works. Read more at Search Metrics.

Get to Know What The Leading Business Heads in America Read

Ever wondered what sort of literature the leading corporate heads of America read? Get the complete list of books that the leading figureheads of the biggest super power in the world read to kill time or to gain more knowledge. If you think Twilight and Harry Potter are going to be mentioned in the list then be prepared to be disappointed. The books that our leaders read are bound to be of interest, since it allows them to gain more insight into the way businesses and different industries are transforming. Read more at Briansolis.

Change the Way You Text Chat – No Internet Connection Needed!

Well the headline certainly got us interested. Who wouldn’t want to get an app that requires no internet connection, yet allows you to text chat from just about anywhere in the world. There are many apps, which provide this option, but FireChat has changed the dynamics of text chatting forever. You require no user account and can talk as an anonymous person to anyone. The app is really gaining force amongst the masses today, since it perfect for outdoor festivals, conventions, conferences, events and classroom chats. New updates for the FireChat are around the corner, which will provide even more incentives for users. You can now share pictures and chat with all your friends no matter where you are and without any internet connection. Read more at Tech Crunch.

Get an In-depth Analysis of the Latest Title Tag Guidelines

Google has changed the dynamics of content marketing and even the title tag line now has added significance attached to it. No everything, starting from the font size, to the number of characters in the title and even the spacing in the title is taken into account. Understanding how Google sees title tags now and how it ranks them will allow you to market your content better. There is even a preview tool, which helps you determine how high your title will rank higher on search engines! Read more at Moz.

The Latest From Bing Webmaster Tools

If you wanted to find out how the Bing webmaster tools work, then this overview will help you learn the secret about how the whole system is configured and what you need to do, in order to get the best out of the system. Find out the secret behind how to use these tools to your advantage and the overall reports and data analysis, including SEO reports and diagnostics. Read more at Search Engine Watch.


How to get over pages for products, which are not available?

So what do you do with pages that are made for products, which are now obsolete? It takes a lot of time and effort to make these pages on ecommerce sites and it costs money, time, and effort to get a successful page running for products these days. You never want your users to purchase something that is out of stock, which will cost you even more problems. So you should just market intelligently and try to market the products as temporarily unavailable or direct them to a separate landing page for similar products that you have available in your inventory. Find out more at YouTube.

Getting to Know the Importance of Tumblr

Contrary to popular belief, Tumblr has been growing and is evolving on a regular basis. Ever since Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013, there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of Tumblr accounts over the last few years and Tumblr is now considered the darling for media brands that want to market their products. Big names such as Coca Cola and Apple maintain their presence on Tumblr, simply because people find Tumblr to be highly entertaining, which is why it is still making headlines despite the presence of Facebook and Twitter. Read more at Social Fresh.

What is America’s Most Social Small Business?

Social media presence is incredibly important for all business who want to grow their brand names and then be there. The contest between what is currently the most social small business in America right now is a hotly contested one and there are only two contenders for the crown of America’s most social small business. Find out who won this heavy weight contest. Read more at Mashable.

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The Friday Catch-Up: Looking at the Future with A Different Lens!

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