The future of SEO: world brands give their survival tips

After Google has introduced its changes and updates, many marketers found themselves in difficult situation, they are forced to review their strategy as to the website development and search engine optimization. In this article you will find advices of the world’s brands giving tips on how to treat Google policy and how to react on it.  

Heraclitus once said, there is nothing permanent except change. This quote somehow describes the situation in which marketers are right now. SEO has changed forever as it acquired new ways of forms of development. When Google announced that keyword data will not be provided any more, marketers reaction was controversial: some of them didn’t know what to do now, others preferred to step aside to think over this piece of news, and only content marketers took this change as an inevitable part of search engine optimization development.

SEO: what has changed?

Starting from 2011 Google began by default provide search for registered users in the secured mode. Then Penguin and Panda algorithms appeared, and later Hummingbird. All this showed us that changes are ahead.  Google Carousel also demonstrated that search results consist of more than one search query and one result. SEO has transformed in marketing long time ago.

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Proactive marketers immediately took this into account and focused on social signals and marketing approaches which are based on content and are able to increase the relevancy, authority and impact on users. Less active marketers continued discussing the fact that SEO days are over, invested money and tried to change something. Proactive marketers were looking for the ways to change the course of their activity. Google policy is easy to understand – the company is looking for the ways to monetize trying at the same to preserve the confidentiality. Regardless of what we think about it, everything has changed already, so the only thing which remains is to focus on the future.

What do world’s companies say about secured search?

Search in the secured mode has imposed on us an additional responsibility and opened new possibilities at the same time. Officials representing well known around the globe brands have shared their advice with us.

1.Learn to make the use of Google changes.

Globa eTransformation vice-president says that Google transfer from search for keywords to search for keyword meaning is a great step forward. In the light of the latest changes, at the forefront of SEO-strategies come high quality content as well as improved structure of data and rich product description.

Everett Whitehead, SEO – manager at, thinks that despite the fact that many search engine optimization specialists will switch to page analysis, we shouldn’t give up the idea of keyword analysis at all. Marketers will still have access to the keywords from other search engines – for example, Bing. Apart from that, keyword data will be provided in Google Adwords accounts, so this information will help make right decisions on SEO.

Warren Lee, SEO Manager at Adobe sticks to such point of view that despite Google’s decision to not provide keyword data, we are still able to analyze the organic traffic effectiveness at the page level as well as at the level of keywords by combining signals from page with signals from other sources.

2.Focus on content quality

Ellen Mamedov from American Express confirms the fact that recent changes seriously influence the search engine optimization.  So now instead of analyzing paid search data, it is worth to focus on quality web content creation and social media as a method to supply the users the information they need.

Robin Francis, senior manager at Autodesk, is convinced that the most important thing right now is to learn to understand how to conform to Google policy, then it will be possible to give to the users what they would like to receive.

3.Make sure you are using the information and data to the fullest

Jason Tabeling from the Rosetta company advised to take the following steps to make sure that you make the most of the data you get:

link AdWords account to Webmaster Tools to increase the visibility;

  • continue collecting data about organic search and pay attention to certain keywords;
  • concentrate on page visits metrics  – it will show what kind of content is optimized and attracts most of the users’ attention;
  • use search results from other search engines.

4.Work on on-page SEO

Chris Keating, vice-president at Performics thinks, that such movement forward will allow to increase the number of methods and strategies, in particular focus attention on on-page seo optimization, SEO effectiveness at the page level – this should become the key metrics.


5.Pay attention to conversion on page

Bryson Meunier, Resolution Media director, supports the point of view mentioned above and adds that the main concern now is improving profit level from organic search.  He says that this is quite challenging, but interesting task for all SEO specialists, and we need to understand how to act in the new environment and make the most of it.

Finally, it is worth to say, that future of SEO is now based on 3 main pillars: relevancy, authority and users impact. At the moment the website content analysis  and optimization of the content which will comply with your target audience needs will allow you to develop the strategy of successful development and analysis of your content and web page.



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The future of SEO: world brands give their survival tips

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