The Latest Trend in Ecommerce — Online Product Design Software.

1Being aware of new trends in your trade is an essential thing that will help you to promote your business and be one step ahead of the rivals. If you are an advertising agency or the company making promotional items or selling custom products, you are struggling with the business opponents as this niche market is rather high. Something extraordinary can take your commerce to the next level and give you more money.

Latest trends in the custom product printing.

One of the latest trend here is a t-shirt. It’s a first thing we’ll speak about.

Custom T-Shirts printing is still trendy and can bring you a good income. But you should know what to print on your T-shirts.

Last years the most trendy t-shirts were: I love NY, Superman, Batman, Che Guevara, Bob Marley, Keep Calm and Carry on, Hello Kitty and some other popular t-shirt prints.

2Now you should keep the track of events and react immediately.

For example: The protest movement Occupy Wall Street in 2011 gives the world one of the hot seller item – famous t-shirt Occupy All Streets.

Or the date 3.14.2015 spurred to create the PI t-shirts. It is a flavor of the month at the moment.

3Any holidays can be an impulse to develop a new t-shirt print and sell it.

We should say thank you to ST. Patricks day for the latest trends as Kiss me I’m Irish, Shamrock, or Irish is here (t-shirts for pregnant women).

And of course you can not forget about the family pets. How do you think is it popular to buy the customized dog coats or dog collar? It is in demand last years. The dog owners spend a fortune on their pets wardrobe. They are happy to buy the clothes that shows the pet’s name or the contact data of its owner. In addition, you should remember that family pets have a great range of stuff that also can be customized: bowls, food storage, beds, collars and tags. The pets lovers will highly appreciate the wide choice of the personalized products in your store.

People tend to customize various things: pillows, shower curtains, sign plate, flags, wallpapers and even rose leaves. Everything depends on the customer’s imagination and your technical capability.

Latest trends in company promotional items.

4The latest trend is to think twice what your clients may look for. The most successful advertising companies always ready to offer customers the list of the promotional items that can boost their name on the market according to a current season or a current event. It is a major deficiency in marketing in case you do not have ones.

For example:

Annual autumn trends in promotional items:

  • Advertising long-sleeves t-shirts. These fashionable apparel things bring the advertised company the great benefit during a cool weather season.
  • Thermal coffee mugs or the usual coffee mugs also work with a high efficiency. Many people carry on this thermal mugs outside before the working day or during the lunch time.
  • Fleece blankets. Cheap and useful stuff that can be used in pavement cafes or outdoor corporate events.
  • Umbrellas. Irreplaceable thing in Autumn. It makes sense to sell high quality advertising umbrellas as the more umbrella’s lifetime the more target audience sees your promotional item.
  • Knit hats. This product will work with a high conversion among the plant/factory workers, delivery service or in small industrial firms. For example: pizza guys or paperboys can wear knit hats with advertising logo during the autumn, warehousemen will be glad to have such kind of apparel as they should often go outside for loading or discharge of goods.

So if you think over the list of the advertising gifts in every season and on every occasion, you will save the time for your customers and can sell more.

Also the list of promotional items for top types of companies wouldn’t go amiss. Try to make a ready-to-order set for the companies. For example:


What they need?

  • menu
  • uniform (t-shirts, blouses, aprons, chef’s hats and other garments)
  • fleece blankets (if the cafe has a pavement cafe, this blankets are actual if the weather is cool)
  • customized glasses, plates or other dishware
  • customized table cloths, waiter’s towels
  • pens, notebooks, advertising cards, discounts cards, promotion sheets with todays discounts that are placed on every table or on every tray on a food court, sugar, salt, pepper bags
  • pizza boxes, carton packing boxes in take away food selling.


What they need?

  • uniform (for hotel maids, for receptionists, for hotel workers)
  • pens, notebooks, key-cards, keyfobs, information papers that placed in every room near the phone
  • towels, bathrobes
  • small toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, miniature shampoo bottles, combs, slippers and other hotel free supplies
  • sewing kit, adapters and converters (it also can have a hotel logo)


What they need?

  • outfit (workwear), t-shirts with their logo,
  • pens, notebooks, business cards, umbrellas, bags, paper folders, flash cards, banners, posters, mugs, thermal cups, bracelets, phone gadgets (cases, airphones, hands free tools) and other advertising gifts.

Online product design software – the latest trends among online shops

There are plenty of online shops that offer printing on goods but their customers face with the poor-featured website soft. We mean, you need a business card. You choose a sample of your future advertising card and type the text in the comments to the sample. It is not so 5convenient as you do not see the final result how your advertising card will look like. Or you need a custom t-shirt, there is no ability to create custom t-shirt in a real time on some websites and it is a fat minus for a printing company.

The latest trend is to set up an online tool on your website – software, that gives the customers the ability to design the items according to their needs in a real time. So after the customizing the product, a client should have a function to add the final result in the cart and pay for it. During the last couple of years such kind of product design software has gained popularity on the Internet and has been known for having a really good impact on promotional business.

Just imagine, your customers can be designers and create the sketch with their hands. You need only send to a printer machine the file developed by your customers on the website. It takes less time and there is no need to guess the latest craze of the day. Your clients will be your free creators.

The main problem here is to find an extremely good solution among the online product designing tools.

Most of the product design software is based on Flash technology. But as you know Flash is slow and you can lose most of your clients on the tool loading stage. So the high bounce rate can affect your page ranking. HTML5 and JavaScript technologies are better. Ecommerce product design tools that are based on this contemporary languages are fast in loading so your online shop will not lose speed because of additional features.

The software should also have a user-friendly interface. If the customers get into difficulties in online designer tool, they will close your website and find another seller with a trouble-free designer software. Together with a simple interface it should be modern and stylish.

Rich-feature ecommerce product designer is a plus to your website, as the great range of options widens your target audience.

The impact on business.

As promotional and customized product printing is not a new way of getting the income, there are lots of commercial rivals in the market niche. Your offer and online store should be different from others as only in this case you will get a profit. Being aware of new trends in this market give you the tips how to boost your sales and attract more customers.

About the author

This post is contributed by Alt-team, ecommerce development company providing customization solutions for online stores, including ecommerce product designer software, which is compatible with Magento, Prestashop, Shopify systems. It can be also integrated with your custom written CMS without any problems. The main advantages of this online designing tool are its simple and modern interface, high speed in loading and lots of features that are run like a clockwork. The pricing is flexible so every client can find the best option.

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The Latest Trend in Ecommerce — Online Product Design Software.

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