What Google Shopping Has In Store for You

Google today is undoubtedly the hub for all internet needs, whether it is entertainment, marketing or shopping. Buyers and sellers alike use Google’s numerous features for solutions, and Google Shopping has been another welcomed feature. Google Shopping, previously known as Google Product Search, has seen substantial growth since its official inception as a shopping portal in October 2012.

When Google Product Search Was Free

Before October 2012, Google Shopping was a free portal and provided listings of products from different vendors. Any company could easily submit product information through Google Base and end up on the lists. Although Google did sell advertising via AdWords which displayed products, it did not charge merchandisers for submitting their products, and did not offer features like the price comparison services that Google Shopping offers now.

Google Shopping

Merchandisers were quite skeptical when Google announced that they will need to pay for something which was already offered to them for free, and many thought that these changes will hardly be welcomed. However, those skepticisms were soon put to rest when only within a few months Google shopping showed substantial profits and benefits for sellers and buyers alike.

How Marketers Benefit From Google Shopping

Google Shopping is well integrated and better equipped to cater to the increasing demands of consumers looking for online shopping solutions. It not only offers great deals and product search results for Google local shopping but also for consumers across the globe, hence marketers are catering to a vast clientele by simply making their products readily available online. Following are some of the many ways marketers in particular have benefited from Google Shopping:

  • Search Engine Results Page is less cluttered with only related products showing up.
  • Merchants are no longer able to redirect landing pages, switch prices or other unethical practices which in turn will gain more consumer trust and thus more business.
  • Better features like comparing prices, and Google Promotions. 

Important Statistics

Although Google Shopping is relatively new, statistics show that merchants have yielded substantial profits in such a limited time. Following statistics have been taken from Google’s report and show the early returns for marketers soon after its makeover. 

As you can see, Google Shopping has only benefitted merchandisers by providing a filtered system which leaves very little room for spammers or unprofessional sellers to make it into the Google Shopping search results.

What You Need to Do

Google Shopping is taking suppliers places and more and more merchandisers are joining in, and with the changing Google settings, there are hardly any loopholes to get ahead of the competition. However, with the following tips and tricks you can to improve your position on Google Shopping and make it to the top of the search lists:

  • Make sure that your inventory management is well integrated, providing fast and updated items only.
  • Make sure that your tracking parameters are accurate and set up properly.
  • Check what the competitors are doing and observe the strategies they are using to get ahead in the listings. Also compare your own ratings, prices, reviews etc to see what you can be doing wrong.
  • Focus on SEO and SEM strategies and coordinate between the two, see what is working and what needs to be revised. If you are hiring professionals to help with Search Engine Marketing, then make sure that they are not using malicious practices which in turn can harm your business and rankings.

Google Shopping VS Amazon Product Ads

For many years, Amazon Product Ads have been the go to place for merchandisers and consumers alike. However, the cost effectiveness, simpler interface and more productivity have made Google Shopping the ultimate hub. According to a report by the CPC Strategy, Google Shopping sent 120 percent more traffic than Amazon Product Ads to merchants. Google Shopping’s CPC turned out to be 32.5 percent lower than that of Amazon Product Ads in the fourth quarter. Hence, it is safe to say that although Google Shopping now charges for its services, they are still profitable and result inducing for merchandisers.

Google Shopping for Suppliers

At the start of the year 2013, Google introduced the Google Shopping for Suppliers. The option primarily only showed in Google Shopping USA, and then moved on to the rest of the world. Google Shopping for Suppliers provides convenient and hassle free solutions for businesses or individuals wishing to purchase bulk products.

Google Shopping for Suppliers has a different date feed system and requirements as compared to Google Shopping. This initiative is meant to primarily target B2B businesses, which were quite limited on Google Shopping.

Google Verified Suppliers

Google Shopping for Suppliers offers a verification system which requires merchandisers to pay a security deposit in order to provide reliable services to the buyers. Suppliers in the United States and Taiwan pay $1,000 as a verification fee, suppliers in China have to pay ¥6,000 plus VAT and suppliers in Hong Kong will need to pay HK$7,500. This is a one-time fee which provides those suppliers with an exclusive badge and the products are shown ahead of the unverified suppliers on Google Shopping results. Verified Suppliers will also have a better ranking in sponsored results on Google.

Although the service is relatively new, with many features and technicalities unclear, experts are predicting great benefits for buyers and sellers alike. Products required by B2B businesses are at times only available across borders, and being able to purchase them conveniently via reliable sources has a lot of potential and scope. Google Shopping for Suppliers already has a wide range of listings with numerous options ranging from products like fans, batteries, bottled water, clothing and a lot more.

Google Shopping has something in store for everyone and its easy to use procedures and punctual services have gained the trust of consumers from all over the world. The changes are relatively new, but if current statistics are anything to go by, then experts predict, that just like Google’s other ventures, Google Shopping too will become the ultimate portal for its customers across the globe.

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What Google Shopping Has In Store for You

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