What Marketing Channels Were Effective For Different eCommerce Niches In 2018 (Part 2)

Although all marketing channels are aimed to help businesses attract new customers and retain existing buyers, the specifics of each particular niche effect the efficiency of each channel.

Our findings in the CEE Ecommerce report can make it easier for retailers to understand how to allocate their marketing budget to receive better results within their niches. In our article, we will summarise what channels generated the most traffic and revenue for the beauty and health industry, bookstores, food delivery services, and online retailers who sell car parts last year.

Beauty and Health

Almost all beauty stores have their social media accounts with large numbers of followers, but this marketing channel didn’t generate the revenue for them at all. In turn, email marketing performed well within this niche. It generated twice more income than attracted traffic. However, organic search was the leader; it drew almost half of the site’s sessions.

It is worth pointing out that users prefer to visit cosmetics websites directly, which indicates strong brand loyalty.

Market average indicators, Beauty and Health stores:

Av. order value — $57

Conversion rate — 0.98%

Bounce rate — 43%

Av. page load speed — 7.9 sec

Marketing channels health and beauty

Tip for business:  Beauty and health stores have the slowest page load speed among all analysed categories — 7.9 seconds. Improving loading time can reduce the bounce rate.

Check your load speed with Google service.


Proceeding from the fact that books are cheap and in most cases are found by title or the name of the author, we see the highest bounce rate (60%) on the websites and excellent performance of the organic and paid search.  Besides, we noticed the low indicator of brand queries which demonstrates users to be likely to find an attractive offer in an unfamiliar store than to give precedence to a well-known store.

It’s worth bookstore owners to enhance email marketing since the revenue it generated in 2018 almost twice exceeded attracted traffic, according to the CEE Ecommerce Report.

Market average indicators, Bookstores:

Av. order value — $15

Conversion rate — 2.6%

Bounce rate — 60%

Av. page load speed — 5.5 sec

Marketing channels for bookstore

Tip for business: If your shop has competitive prices on the market, do not neglect Google product listing ads to have a higher chance of being noticed. This type of online promotion is a doubtless trend in 2019 since it attracts more clicks than CPC, saves budget, and allows you to rank even higher than your main competitors in the search results.

Car Parts

Contextual advertising is the king of digital marketing channels within this niche. This surprised us slightly because car parts stores have a massive assortment of different products with ever-changing prices and availability. This drastically influences on the keywords used in ad campaigns, which in turn increases the chance to misspend your ad budget.
Organic traffic sources demonstrated the weakest performance on the market since most websites have a specific architecture which is quite difficult to optimise to search engines.
We should also pay attention to the fact that social networks do not work well within the category. Email marketing was another “weak” digital channel in terms of attracting traffic in 2018, according to the CEE Ecommerce Report.

Market average indicators, Car parts stores:

Av. order value — $166

Conversion rate — 0.68%

Bounce rate — 40%

Av. page load speed — 6.8 sec

Marketing channels for car parts stores

Tip for business: If you decided to update the design of your website, try to involve an SEO specialist right at the stage of UX-design development. It would simplify the search engines optimisation in the future.
We will also recommend you to use automated bids when creating a CPC ad campaign to optimise your ad budget.

Food Delivery

This niche is distinguished with the highest conversion rate within all analysed ecommerce categories — 3.04%. Among other things, it has the lowest average order value  — $13.
No wonder, organic search delivered almost 65% of all online revenue, attracting over 36% of all traffic. This results from the continually changing human wishes and tastes.
However, the paid search channel drew almost 38% of all sessions last year. Evidently, this is related users search takeaway food with similar permanent queries such as “Pizza Delivery Bronx,” and services are always forced to compete by bids.

In 2018, direct traffic, as well as referral, didn’t show excellent results, indicated weak brand loyalty.

Market average indicators, Food Delivery services:

Av. order value — $13

Conversion rate — 3.04%

Bounce rate — 38%

Av. page load speed — 7.3 sec

Marketing channels for food delivery

Tip for business: Email and social internet marketing channels haven’t brought fruits, despite the fact that these tools allow businesses to be in touch with clients. Try to revise your content marketing strategies to create ways which can help you with customer retention, and of course, analyse your consumers’ behaviour. Create special offers, bonuses, let your clients know how your menu is changing and do not be intrusive to avoid being added to spam.
For instance, one of the social media strategy solutions is avoiding promotional content and creating a kind of community with polls, recipes, or videos with your kitchen in the process. The primary goal – to grab your user attention and make them remember your service when looking for food delivery.


In the CEE Ecommerce Report, we revealed the results within these niches to be significantly different. Being in the top positions in the organic search results is essential for beauty and health stores and food delivery services — while the efficiency of CPC ads was more or less equal within all ecommerce verticals. Email marketing produced the most traffic for cosmetics stores when in the food delivery niche this marketing channel delivered less than 2% of total traffic and revenue. Social media networks didn’t demonstrate excellent results for all analysed retail categories. On average, the SMM channel generated less than 1% of all website traffic and 0% of revenue.


Check out what digital marketing channels were efficient for electronics, fashion, home and garden, and children’s stores in our previous article to improve your digital marketing strategy.


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What Marketing Channels Were Effective For Different eCommerce Niches In 2018 (Part 2)

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