What to write about when there is no news in the company

In every company may happen a period when there is not a single newsworthy occurrence to write about, and hardly any occurrence is going to happen in the nearest time. We are going to share some piece of advice with you concerning how to become a news maker. In other words, we will explore web content strategy.

Let’s imagine a fear of every PR expert when there is nothing to write about. This may be caused by low business activity, as well as inadequate reaction of the management to the news crisis. But the job must be done – we are about to explore social media content strategy and learn how to discover some newsbreaks, even when there is not a single one available.

Idea #1. Reanimate “rotten” news

One of the PR managers’ and journalistic precepts sounds like: “The news becomes a news when somebody becomes aware of it”. Indeed, this is how it works. It doesn’t matter how long ago it’s been since the event occurred or the contract has been signed. You are free to use this news if it is not at variance with the facts and doesn’t conflict with reality. For example, let your partners know that you would like to give coverage to a signing of a contract if for some reason you haven’t covered that yet. Get a new angle on this “overdue” news – is it ok in relation to the current economic and political situation? Then it is ok for you to write about it! Use some comments of known and trustful experts in your branch; refresh the news with the last economic data, figures, and statistics – it will necessarily hit the media.

Idea #2. See your company as others see it

You will need to check with your departments in case you ran out of news or if all the news have been already covered and no signed contracts to talk about were left. We suggest you to start with a human resources department. Ask HR manager about latest important key assignments, about trainings with challenging conceptions, about unusual prizes and awards that are handed over to new employees in your company. All this may become of use not only for internal and external corporate websites but for specialized media who write about human resources and business strategies. If nothing like that occurs in your company then you need to arrange and make it happen.

There are a lot of marketing content ideas to follow. As an example, a chain store of cell phones granted a box of oranges to the shop that made best sales. A good newsworthy event, isn’t it? And that event has actually attracted media attention in the end. Or, if you for example turned a team training into a real quest with orientation in a lonely wood this certainly worth covering by profile portals and magazines. You can also confer with your business partners and their public relations departments to find out what are their bonus plans. Write a round-up article for profile media and send it around – the result most likely will be immediate.

Are you in a process of negotiation with a big company? Make a media announcement (of course if your partner agrees). It doesn’t matter what will be the result of this negotiations, you just cannot lose a change for content marketing to acquire customers. Even if a contract will not be signed there is always something to answer the journalists about it.

Talk to a development director and analytical department. Let them share their vision of the situation in the industry and point out bright trends and make forecast. You have got a material to send around to the media. Do not be afraid of making forecast, even if you fail to make a successful one you are not going to be judged for it. Remember that even most eminent and trustful agencies and analysts couldn’t predict financial crisis.

Do not be afraid to be the first and let the journalists know your opinion regarding what is happening in your industry, not waiting till they make a request. Do you monitor legislation? Share your opinion concerning how the changes may influence different spheres of economy. Don’t be afraid to talk about global things and make forecasts, even if you run a small or medium business.

Idea #3. Charity

Even if there is nothing happening in your company there are always some active people around you. Today to talk about the company’s participation in charity is absolutely normal.There are special sections in newspapers and news agencies that write about helping people and animals all around the world. You can arrange a charity event that will come to light on a city or even country level. Certainly, there are pluses and minuses in promotion of an event like this on behalf of the company.

First of all, you need to think well while choosing funds and shelters you are going to cooperate with. If it happens that an organization like this will be accused of inappropriate expenditures this will negatively influence your company, no matter what were your intentions. Secondly, your help must be appropriate and well timed. Among the advantages of a charity event the building of brand awareness can be pointed out (if the event has been well announced among social media or if you have a media partner). Also your employees and your customers will consider you as a socially responsible company. Nowadays there is a great variety of combined charity forms, for example when a trip to the orphanage can be turned into a corporate training. So you are free to choose. The main thing is not to wait a large number of publications and stay discreet in releases quantity about charity.And this will certainly work for you!

And there is one more thing. Unfortunately there are a lot of disasters that happen in the world – fires, floods, man-caused disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes. Certainly these disasters are not good occasions for PR campaign. Nevertheless, if your company is able to provide any help or support (medicines, food, the products you produce, or even non-material values such as legal assistance) – give a helping hand. And after this don’t be shy to apply this in your content marketing strategies.

Idea #4. The news is on your doorstep

There are a lot of things happening around you every day. And you can participate. If every day you stumble on the same high curb in the street you should write an article about extremely high curbs to improve your SEO content strategy. This is certainly a joke. But still, it is not far from the truth.

Holidays. You can make a non-standard greeting for any of the public holidays. By the way, talking about calendars – think of the most scandalous ones presented to prime minister, governor, etc. Things like this implemented with humor and socially sharp satire become the information bomb in the Internet and social media. Most likely your company will rise to fame overnight. As a positive example we can think of a box of chocolates with a logo of a website “Rospil” on the blogger Navalny’s birthday from a manufacturer of chocolate in unusual packaging. This creative and, admit it, inexpensive idea has guaranteed a company good sales for many future months.

Concepts. It doesn’t matter what is your work sphere you always can create a concept of your product of the future. You don’t have to provide it right away. If you are a designer you can create a concept of social character, for example a bus stop.

Actions. Does something that touches you occur in the world? Turn it into an ambitious action. Attract your colleagues. Thus, MAD MEDIA social movement arranged the action in memory of Steve Jobs – 100kg of apples for Steve Jobs. The news was soon carried round in media. Thematic flash mobs that can be arranged by the means of social networks can be used as information events as well. The flash mob format will allow the promotion of your company and its products. Just remember not to overdo with events like this, your company must carry out more serious occasions and news.

Free seminars and trainings. Arrange a free seminar or training for your customers. Sure-fire way is to choose the topic connected with so-called myths about your activities of the services you offer. For example, 5 myths about real property purchase on credit or 10 great mistakes about promotion in the Internet. Believe or not this is what is always interesting for people and for media as well.

Communicate with the stars

Everything that used to be private became public. Media always keep an eye on twitters of famous actors, politicians, and public figures. Don’t be afraid to ask a star a question or to enter into a controversy. You are going to not only get more followers but there is also a chance to become an article character. Nowadays a lot of publications including printed ones quote bloggers in their articles.

So, the main rule is – there are no rules. Forget about the traditions and conventions in your company. Do not be afraid of writing an unusual material, adding into release not only the opinion of an adorable director, but also other newsmakers’ opinion. Providing some valuable information and following our advices will guarantee you the success.

By the way, have you noticed we’ve made a piece of news of this article?

Source: http://www.nfactory.ru

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What to write about when there is no news in the company

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