What types of selling videos you can create for your business

By the persuasion degree video content leaves texts and images far behind. Text tells a story, video visually demonstrates and is very good at it. Picture is a matter of second while video is the whole process. To clearly see the difference compare newspaper text ad about house for sale and video giving a tour through the whole house. Which variant is likely to have more chances for conversion? The answer is obvious.  This is why marketers often use video when creating selling pages. 

Video is created to reach many different goals – it could be used in b2b video marketing, B2C video marketing, etc. – however, there is one task they all have in common. This task is to get the user involved into information consumption process. When online user can see for himself what he is offered, it is much easier to make a positive decision.  In this article you will see selling video classification, based on video types which are used these days. Hope, this information will be useful for you.

Welcome video greeting! 

It suits the best to personal websites, where the key role is performed by one person.

Typically, such video is placed on the website main page so to catch visitor attention at once. Watching video is more interesting than reading a text. Moreover, it will help you avoid this impersonal effect. You are not hiding from the users and greet them. In brief, these are principles you should stick to if you choose this video type.

  • say hello to the visitor and thank him for the visit
  • introduce yourself
  • tell the visitor what you do
  • give a quick overview of what can be found here
  • give the reasons why the user should stay on your website
  • wish him have a great time

An incredible power of video-invitation 

This video type works well if you need to invite the website visitors to event — seminar, workshop, exhibition, film premier, etc.

If you invite to the training you hold, the users will be pleased to receive your personal invitation and hear from you their city name.

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If you are going to invite to new car model presentation, users will be definitely interested in seeing at least car photo, hear brief information about improvements.

In case you invite to the conference, make sure to mention the main point of event, key speakers and highlight the topics of the most interesting speeches.

Educational video not only teaches but sells too 

Let’s imagine that your business is to sell information via Internet. The information you are going to offer is not really tangible so to give the customer an idea of what he will get you can create an educational video.

Here are some examples:

  1. You are selling the course about focuses – then you may post the video telling about one interesting focus and talk in detail about all secrets it has. In this video you will also mention which focuses the customer will get if buys the full products pack.
  2. You sell fishing classes and offer a video where you show how to catch a carp. In such video you show your expertise and knowledge so that viewer could evaluate how useful this information will be for him and whether it is worth to buy it.
  3. You run home improvement workshop, so you share a video where you explain how to repair something at home.

In fact info-business is not the only case. Educational video is applied in many other cases as it helps to create customer loyalty.

Why is product presentation important? 

Let’s consider a real life example. Our object is computer game “Diablo III”.

In YouTube you can find not only trailer but a gameplay for each character.

Video “Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter Trailer” has been viewed 4.5 million users where almost everyone was a potential buyer wanting to have a look at what to expect from the game.

It seems like everybody is waiting for the game anyway, but such YouTube video promotion heats the expectations and desire to buy despite the fact that the price is still unknown.

With the help of video presentation game developers foster in the users necessary impressions and associations so they don’t pay attention to high price.

Virtually, there is no reason why you would not be able to make a product video presentation to stimulate the demand for the new product launch.

Show you product in action 

Such promotional video ideas come from telemarketing TV shows, in which people demonstrate various functions of kitchen appliances – magical knife that cuts everything, even butter, super mincing machine, etc.

Text can also tell about the product, but video is a completely another thing thanks to its visual ability. Users get impressed by seeing the awesomeness of product in action.

This video format is also great for software and online services, which are aimed to facilitate and improve the work. The main task here is not to tell but to demonstrate so the customer could see the result and imagine how he himself will be using it.

Show how you work 

Very important video type if you are selling services which could be seen only with eyes. For example, company which does high-rise works provides services including: window washing, pipe repairing, house exterior painting, etc.  Website pages selling each service type will feature a video thanks to which users will be able to judge about service quality. The video will not be pushing customers to buy, it will simply give them a choice and let make the decision.

Another benefit is that availability of such video makes the company stand out from the rest of companies which ignore marketing with video.  But when you choose a business partner every detail is important, right?

What types of video do you use in your video marketing strategy?



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What types of selling videos you can create for your business

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