When to Start Doing Content Marketing in Ecommerce

Ecommerce websites are the key clients for digital marketing agencies. Their online promotion activities usually include using different tools for sales increase, conversion growth, and loyal target audience acquiring. This presupposes careful tracking of latest digital marketing trends and profound analytics. To do that, marketers should not only swim with the stream but also need to often contend with the tide and seek the shore.

What content-marketing is

Basically, content marketing is a creation of unique content by a company for publishing on its website and external platforms. The tricky part is to keep a balance and present the target audience with valuable, relevant material without providing a straightforward call to action and insisting on purchasing a product or a service.

A variety of marketing tools allows publishers to give up traditional advertising paid methods and get a much more effective promotion. Just imagine that content marketing can help to attract 3.5 times more visitors than Google paid search, according to the Eloqua platform’s report.

Most popular content advertising channels are

  • Infographics,
  • Corporate blog,
  • Webinars and online conferences,
  • Podcasts,
  • Vlogs,
  • Whitepapers, and so on.

No matter what type of content you create, it should follow your marketing goals, e.g. strengthen a brand on the market and communicate with the end customer.

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When you need content marketing

  1. Your conversion rate drops.

A decrease in conversion rate is one of the indicators of ineffective use of your tools, regardless of how big your marketing budget is. In other words, don’t use a steam-hammer to crack nuts – you can come up with another, simpler way to get out the nut kernels, right? Content marketing in your project will also help you reach a higher conversion rate with ease compared to many other options. However, don’t hurry to write endless pieces of text stuffed with keywords, at least before you read the next paragraph.

  1. Your website search engine ranking decreases.

Оne of the key factors of search engine ranking is a quality of content. Google applies filters to the sites with non-unique, uninformative, and duplicate content. when you publish high-quality and popular content, you give a positive signal to search engines. They start to consider your website as a trustworthy resource and give it higher positions on a search results list.

After Yandex has been banned in Ukraine, Google became a monopolist among search engines. The data says that 40% of Ukranian companies consider moving their marketing budgets from Yandex.Direct to Google AdWords and 25% of them are going to try other options as well.

  1. The engagement of your audience is low.

Your digital marketing strategy should take into account the whole customer journey. This includes subscribing to your corporate blog and newsletter, reading articles, reacting to press releases and posts on social media, and more.

High-quality, thoroughly written content attracts the attention of the target audience and improves communication between your brand and the target audience. An interesting, timely content meets the readers’ demands and, therefore, gets a wider distribution. If you do everything right, your clients will share your content with their friends and are likely to purchase your products. Thus, considering interests of your target audience will help you turn your customers into brand attorneys.

What to begin with

The main problem of working with content is not its quality nor related expenses; rather, it is a lack of clear understanding why it is important. That is why, before starting writing texts, making illustrations, and launching a video promotion, you have to compose a content marketing strategy. This will help you choose an appropriate approach, set interim goals, and build internal business processes.

While developing a content marketing strategy, pay close attention to the following suggestions.

Never forget about the marketing goals

Define the KPI’s that you want to reach beforehand. Your content strategy effectiveness should be evaluated as well as lead generation, branding, and direct sales.

Choose the tools carefully

You may need a special software to implement your strategy realization. We talk about standard text and image processors and also the channels for content promotion. Think about creating an editorial calendar, using a task management system, and employing Web analytics useful for the results assessment.

Decide who will actually do the job

Someone should be in charge of content marketing. Companies, unwilling to focus on content marketing, usually hire digital marketing agencies or freelance marketers. The former has a wide expertise, so they can indeed help obtain the desired results. The latter option can work out for smaller projects.

Create unique content

Make sure that your contractor does not plagiarize. By using borrowed content, you may get under search engine filters, not to mention the potential problems with copyright.

After answering these questions, you can define what resources you already have and how you can use them in your digital marketing strategy. For example, having the ads, press releases, and the results of a marketing research are a good bonus at the start.

Also, you may reach your goals faster if you have a corporate blog or a YouTube channel. The research of 2017 proves that visual content and blogging have become more and more popular with social media audience.

People always appreciate the useful content which is not only unique but interesting and engaging. Feel free to offer new ideas, original points of view, and exciting stories. In the first place, this will help you promote your brand and in a broader sense, you will find your ideal customer and strengthen your brand by tuning away from your competitors.

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When to Start Doing Content Marketing in Ecommerce

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