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Zero Leads from 100 Clicks: Where Did Your Orthodontic Ad Campaign Go Wrong

Contextual and media advertising
May 28, 2024
10 mins

You’ve spent countless hours reading up on how online advertising works, even more hours planning your ads and setting up the campaign, only to end up buying a single lead with the money that vanished from your account so quickly. It’s extremely frustrating; we’ve been there. 

In this article, we will explore common mistakes in orthodontist advertising campaigns and provide insights on how to avoid them, ensuring your ads convert clicks into loyal patients.

Why Orthodontist Advertising Matters

Advertising is essential for dental services for several reasons. Firstly, it raises awareness of your practice, making it more visible to people searching for orthodontic services. This visibility helps potential patients remember you(and not your competitors) when they will need orthodontic services. Effective advertising also attracts new patients who might not have considered orthodontic treatment otherwise. It educates potential patients about the procedures you offer, addressing their concerns and showcasing the benefits of treatment. It will also be effective in addressing your past patients and informing them about some new services or special propositions you offer, encouraging them to return for follow-up treatments. 

Let’s review the main benefits of orthodontic PPC ads:

1. They Raise Awareness

In a world where consumers turn to search engines for everything from restaurant recommendations to healthcare providers, having a strong online presence is crucial. When potential patients search for orthodontic services, you want your practice to be among the first they see. Effective orthodontics ads ensure that your practice is visible in these searches, increasing the likelihood that potential patients will consider your services.

2. They Help You Stand Out

The orthodontic market can be highly competitive. With numerous practices vying for the same patients, standing out is essential. Advertising allows you to highlight what makes your practice unique, whether it's your state-of-the-art equipment, your patient-friendly approach, or your flexible payment plans. By clearly communicating your unique selling points, you can attract patients who are looking for exactly what you offer.

3. They Attract New Patients

Many people may not be actively considering orthodontic treatment, but effective advertising can change that. Showcase the benefits of orthodontic care, such as improved oral health, enhanced aesthetics, and increased confidence, and you will inspire potential patients to take the first step towards treatment. Advertising helps you reach people who might not have otherwise thought about orthodontics but could greatly benefit from it.

4. Educating Potential Patients

Orthodontic procedures can be complex, and potential patients often have many questions and concerns. Advertising provides an opportunity to educate your audience about the treatments you offer, how they work, and what benefits they provide. Informative ads can address common questions, alleviate concerns, and build trust with potential patients before they even step into your office. 

5. They Maintain Patient Loyalty

Advertising isn't just about attracting new patients; it's also about keeping your existing patients engaged and loyal. By staying in front of your patients through targeted ads, you remind them of your services and encourage them to return for follow-up treatments or refer their friends and family. Loyalty campaigns can highlight special offers, new services, or success stories from other patients, reinforcing the positive relationship between your practice and your patients.

5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Orthodontic Ads Campaign

In spite of all the effort, orthodontic ad campaigns can fail to deliver leads due to common pitfalls. Let's explore these frequent mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1. Vague Targeting

Targeted advertising can boost click-through rates by as much as 670% compared to non-targeted ads.

Targeting the right audience is fundamental. If your ads are reaching people who aren't interested in orthodontic services, your campaign will fail. Use demographic data to target specific age groups, locations, and interests relevant to orthodontic patients. For example, targeting parents of teenagers in your local area can be more effective than a broad audience. Additionally, consider using retargeting ads to reach people who have previously visited your website but didn't book an appointment.

Poor targeting can lead to wasted ad spend and low conversion rates. To improve targeting, start by analyzing your current patient base. Who are your most frequent patients? What age groups and locations do they belong to? What are their common concerns and interests? Use this information to create detailed buyer personas and tailor your ads to these specific groups.   

Mistake #2. Focusing on a Few Keywords

Relying on a narrow set of keywords limits your reach. Broadening your keyword strategy can capture a wider audience. Incorporating negative keywords helps prevent your ads from showing up in irrelevant searches. For instance, if you only target "orthodontist," you might miss people searching for "braces for teens" or "clear aligners." Conversely, if your ads appear for irrelevant searches like "orthodontist job openings," they waste budget and lower your ad relevance score.

Expanding your keyword list involves understanding the various terms potential patients might use when searching for orthodontic services. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to discover new keywords related to your practice. Additionally, pay attention to search trends and seasonal variations in search behavior to keep your keyword strategy relevant all-year-round.

To gain a clear understanding of your metrics it’s important to benchmark your marketing results effectively. Take advantage of our report featuring the latest market numbers:

Mistake #3. Poorly Designed User Path

A seamless user experience is crucial from the moment a potential patient clicks on your ad to the point they book an appointment. If your website is difficult to navigate or lacks clear calls-to-action, visitors will leave without converting. Ensure that your landing pages are optimized for conversions with straightforward forms, compelling offers, and clear instructions on the next steps. For example, a landing page with a simple appointment booking form is more effective than one cluttered with unnecessary information.

buying journey PPC

Consider the entire journey a potential patient takes from seeing your ad to booking an appointment. This journey should be as smooth and intuitive as possible. Each step should naturally lead to the next, minimizing friction and making it easy for users to complete the desired action.

You can draw the entire user path on a piece of paper, or create an online mind map tool, where you can see the entire picture in one screen. This will help you visualize the buying journey and highlight some mistakes in the logic. Also run a test by asking someone outside of your team to follow the user path and share their feedback.

Mistake #4. Unattractive Ads

Your ad's visual appeal significantly impacts its performance. Poorly designed ads with dull images or unclear messages fail to capture attention. Invest in high-quality visuals and engaging ad copy that clearly communicates the benefits of your services. For instance, before-and-after photos of successful treatments or testimonials from satisfied patients can make your ads more appealing and trustworthy.

Ensure your ad copy is concise and focused on the key benefits your practice offers. Testing different ad creatives can also help you identify which messages resonate best with your audience. 

Here is a short check-list for a contextual ad:

🦷The ad title is short and precise;

🦷The copy highlights your Unique Selling Proposition and current special offers;

🦷The text includes a straight-forward Call-to-Action.

Orthodonticsad examples

Mistake #5. Trying to Do It All By Yourself

Managing an effective ad campaign requires expertise and time. Trying to handle it on your own without proper knowledge can lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities. Consider hiring a professional marketing agency specializing in orthodontic advertising. They have the tools and experience to create, monitor, and optimize your campaigns for better results. For example, Promodo offers personalized solutions tailored to your practice, ensuring your ads reach the right audience and generate quality leads.

While it might seem cost-effective to manage your advertising in-house, the reality is that digital marketing is a complex and rapidly evolving field. Professional agencies have access to advanced tools and platforms that provide deeper insights and better optimization capabilities. They also stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, ensuring your campaigns are always performing at their best.

Boost Lead Generation with Orthodontic Campaign's Efficiency

Avoiding common mistakes in your advertising campaigns can significantly boost lead generation and optimize your spending. Seeking quick and impressive results? Promodo's advertising specialists are here to help. With a tailored approach to each client, Promodo ensures effective and personalized solutions for your unique situation, transforming your ad clicks into loyal patients and sustained growth for your orthodontic practice.

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May 28, 2024
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